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FoundersPlace.Co Podcast

“If you build it, they will come — if they can find you.”

Founders, entrepreneurs, and big idea people quickly realize that creating a great product is only a small part of their newly discovered challenges to building a company. You quickly move from “visionary” to the company Swiss Army Knife, solving an array of problems – from office furniture to partnership agreements, from hiring the best talent to finding your customers. The challenges are never ending, the answers typically expose another problem.

We can’t solve everything, but how turning your idea into a product and then taking the product to the right market – and even growing that market – are right in the sweet spot of this podcast. Founders, and those who support them, weigh-in on how to solve these problems and where to turn for answers. Household names and those that aspire to be share insights, strategies, and some occasional hair pulling frustrations on what it means to be a founder — and why almost all of them will do it again!