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EXECUTIVE COACH + GLOBAL BUSINESS LEADER ADVISOR. SPEAKER. AUTHOR. GUIDING SMART PEOPLE TO GROW INFLUENCE & CREATE OPPORTUNITIES Over 30 years, I have had the opportunity to work with fantastic organizations, impressive individuals and key industry leaders across six continents. Sitting in the corner office in both corporate and non-profit environments, I’ve attained, delivered and coached success in both the C-Suite and international board rooms. My diverse experience has provided cross-cultural insights into the talents, skills and measures required by individuals not only to get to the top, but to THRIVE at the pinnacle of business… And now I am happy to share that knowledge and support you in your quest for influence, empowerment, and ultimately success.

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    In this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation, we speak with Rebecca Liebman, co-founder of LearnLux, a fast-scaling startup that empowers modern workplaces to offer financial wellness tools and education as an employee benefit. Rebecca shares the story of how she lived in Kenya and studied microfinance in an informal economy and completed research in Germany, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Then, along with her brother Michael Liebman, she became determined to democratize access to financial guidance and make expert resources available to all. Starting their company while they were still in college, Rebecca provides insights into the journey to build an impactful and profitable organization, including how they secured the company's last round of funding which was led by Ashton Kutcher's Sound Ventures and Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff.

    LearnLux scales and goes to market by partnering with the world’s best companies to offer valuable benefits that help employees do their best work every day because they feel confident in their finances. LearnLux offers lessons and resources that are built to be engaging, interactive and jargon-free, and approved by Certified Financial Planners Ⓡ.

    Rebecca has been honored with accolades such as Business Insider’s One of 7 Women Business Leaders Under 40 to Watch in 2019 and the 2016 Forbes "30 Under 30" list for education. She worked at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence and founded Take Back the Tap at Clark University to reduce half a million plastic water bottles from landfills. She has spoken around the country at events related to the future of work, HRTech, Fintech, Women in business, impacts of financial stress in the workplace, and innovation in financial wellness.

    Discover more about LearnLux by visiting www.learnlux.com or follow on Twitter @LearnLux and @BestofBecca. Connect with Rebecca at https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebeccaliebman/

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    In this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation, we speak with Skyler Ditchfield, co-founder and CEO of GeoLinks. Skyler is an award winning, lifelong risk taker and entrepreneur delivering innovative telecom solutions. He shares how GeoLinks was started in 2011 with $550 in startup capital and a bold vision and now stands as a highly recognized change maker in the network connectivity marketplace. Our conversation covers his founder’s journey, company growth, culture, team building, taking on the big guys, the value of serving on boards, keeping money in the company, the decision for outside funding and his passion for closing the digital divide by reaching underserved communities and offering price competitive services.

    GeoLinks has revolutionized the way data is transferred from global data centers to its final delivery destination. GeoLinks builds custom solar powered and wind turbine relays as part of their mission of providing a green network footprint and as solar relays don’t require connection to the electric grid it has allowed them to be recognized for emergency connectivity service during severe wildfires. GeoLinks has been ranked on Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America three-years running and they have also been recognized as one of the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America by Entrepreneur Magazine 2018 and 2019. GeoLinks delivers Enterprise-Grade Internet, Digital Voice, SD_WAN, Cloud On-ramping, Layer 2 Transport, and both Public and Private Turnkey Network Construction.

    Skyler dove into the world of technology at the age of 13 when he set up a bulletin board system (BBS) to service 200 members of his local community with dial-up Internet. Directly after high school, he accepted a Network Engineer II job at the Private Network Management Center (PNMC) of MCI Worldcom in Silicon Valley where he was the youngest technician at the maximum-security PNMC and then quickly promoted to Network Engineer III. From there he started, sold and bought companies and has become highly recognized receiving honors such as 40 under 40 2019 – Pacific Coast Business Times; Most Influential Leaders 2018 and 2019 – San Fernando Valley Business Journal; 30 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs of 2019 – Insights Success; and Top 100 Innovator in Diversity and Inclusion - Inc. 5000 2017, 2018, 2019.

    Discover more by visiting www.geolinks.com or follow on Twitter @GeoLinks_usa or @SkylerJesseD. Connect with Skyler at https://www.linkedin.com/in/skyler-ditchfield-9aa7b946/.

    #GEOLINKS #5G #clearfiber #DisruptiveCEONation #Industry40 #business #businessowners #founder #entrepreneur #CEO #network #wifi #connectivity #podcast #interview 

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  • In this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation, we speak with...
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    In this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation, we speak with Dr. Maximilian ‘Max’ Pinker, founder and CEO of HiveNet.cloud. Max shares insights on his startup journey and the vision for HiveNet which is building an advanced distributed cloud computing network whose goal is to be a powerful future force in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency by allowing everyone with a computer to be able to rent out their idle machines and thus disrupt the billion dollar big cloud computing organizations.

    HiveNet is currently at its halfway mark on its roadmap to an anticipated public launch and Max excitedly shares insights into building the company, core development team and why they want to make a positive impact on the environment and society. Max firmly believes that as HiveNet increases the usage of available computers it can directly decrease the need for more new computers thus less electronic garbage will be created.

    Dr. Pinker is a scientist, polymath, and blockchain expert who is happy to make new connections and share the story of HiveNet. Discover more about HiveNet by visiting www.hivenet.cloud or follow on Twitter @HiveNetCloud. Connect with Max at https://www.linkedin.com/in/maxpinker/ or https://www.linkedin.com/company/hivenetcloud/.

    #HiveNetCloud #blockchain #DisruptiveCEONation #business #businessowners #founder #entrepreneur #CEO #cloudcomputing #BusinessinGermany #machinelearning #blockrocket #cryptocurrency #podcast #interview 

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  • In this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation, we speak with...
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    The phrase ‘purpose driven business’ can all too often be thrown around as a marketing strategy, however, Saddleback Leather was born out of purpose. It is a brand with a presence, a personality, good people and a passion for outstanding quality. 

    This episode of Disruptive CEO Nation enjoys a conversation with company founder Dave Munson. He tells of the unlikely journey of how an appreciation for a well-made bag led to years of figuring out how to make it work, selling products out of his truck, selling on eBay, and ultimately building a robust ecommerce platform. This episode also covers the challenges that can come when building a factory and production line in Mexico and operating an operations and sales team out of the US all while trying to maintain as much of a virtual workforce as possible. 

    Dave Munson leads with the belief that ‘competing on price is a race to the bottom’. Saddleback focuses on nothing less than top quality and products have a 100-year warranty – it’s why their tagline is whose tagline is,“They’ll fight over it when you’re dead”. But Dave is always quick to say, they are a people business cleverly disguised as leather bag business. Today, Saddleback is a wonderful success story where true brand fans, word of mouth marketing and some interesting videos allow Saddleback to support over 200 workers at their factory in Mexico (where daycare is free and a school has been started). 

    Find out why Saddleback Leather is one of the Newsweek Best Online Shops of 2020 at www.saddlebackleather.com or follow on Twitter @Saddlebackbags. Connect with Dave at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dave-munson-736600141/

    #Saddlebackleather #leather #quality #fashion #DisruptiveCEONation #business #businessowners #founder #entrepreneur #CEO #leather #BusinessinMexico #ecommerce #leatherbag #ecofriendly #corporategifts #somethingdifferent #backpack #leatherpackback #Texasbusiness #Fortworth #Fortworthbusiness #100yearwarrenty 

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  • The phrase ‘purpose driven business’ can all too often be...
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    What does it take to build a business driven by 1.5M+ design, development and data science experts from every country in the world? In this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation, we feature the business story of Mike Morris and how his team developed the world’s largest technology network and on-demand digital talent platform. Transparent about key learnings over seventeen years of preparation, scaling, acquisition and dedication to measurement, Mike provides honest insight into his world and that of the talented individuals who are a part of Topcoder’s global community.

    A gig economy expert, Mike speaks worldwide about cultivating a passionate workforce to drive the transformative nature of digital innovation across every industry imaginable. He believes that when workers have better experiences that businesses have better results and he is an advocate for women in STEM. An active Boston College alumnus; guest lecturer at institutions like Harvard University, MIT, New York University and University of California Berkeley; and an engineer at heart, Mike continues to lead the open workforce revolution by empowering organizations with limitless software development possibilities and unprecedented access to Topcoder’s talented multinational technologists.

    Mike Morris is the CEO of www.Topcoder.com and Global Head of Crowdsourcing for IT-services leader Wipro. Second only to his commitment to family—and perhaps waterskiing—Mike has served in leadership roles at Topcoder since 2002. Previously a GM|SVP at Appiro, Mike led its crowdsource offering (Cloudspokes) through the acquisition of Topcoder, and then managed customer, sales and services teams to solidify the Topcoder brand as the largest open workforce provider in the world. He was an integral part of Topcoder becoming a Wipro company through the acquisition of Appirio in 2016. Connect to Mike on Twitter @topcoder @mpmorris36 and via #LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/topcodermike/

    Disruptive CEO Nation is searching the globe to introduce you to cutting-edge thinkers and entrepreneurs whose stories will inspire you to innovate in your own business life. Your host is Allison K. Summers. Having worked with and coached CEO’s and senior leaders from over 90 countries, Allison is taking her experiences to help today's CEO's and professionals meet the ever-changing demands of the future of work. Connect with Allison on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/allisonsummerschicago/. If you would like to be a guest or recommend a great company founder or business influencer write Connect@AllisonKSummers.com  

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  • What does it take to build a business driven by...
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    The future of business will not only demand that professionals keep up with technology, it will require leaders to operate at the top levels of human performance as the environment accelerates. Our brains will be faced with ever increasing choices and challenges and that is where the science of NeuroSource steps in.

    Dr. Dale Foster and his wife, Lee Ann, founded NeuroSource in 2004, and together they have successfully helped clients who have struggled with many challenges, such as ADD, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Sleep struggles, Stroke Recovery, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), but they have also aided executives in their quest to optimize the full potential of their brain. In this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation learn more about the field of Neurofeedback, QEEG Brain Mapping and how you can train your brain for improved health and performance. Hear from founders who share what it is like to grow a business where you must educate your customers, gain their trust and demonstrate scientific results.

    Dr. Dale is a Clinical Neuropsychologist who holds the highest certifications possible in QEEG and Neurofeedback who manages NeuroSource alongside his wife Lee Ann who holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and training in biofeedback, Wellness & Epigenetic coaching. To learn more about their company visit www.neurosource.net. To connect with the Fosters, you can find them on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dale-foster-4361288 and https://www.linkedin.com/in/leeannfosterneurosource.

    #DisruptiveCEONation #business #businessowners #founder #entrepreneur #Memphisbusiness #CEO ##neurofeedback #epigenetic #brainhealth #QEEG #humanperformance 

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  • The future of business will not only demand that professionals...
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    Tobi Deckert – Engineer, Environmentalist & Extreme Sports Enthusiast = Shredrack Tobi Deckert is a man writing his own story in business. As the founder of Shredrack GmbH (www.shredrack.com), Tobi and his team are focused on building the most useful inflatable roof rack system in the world.  In this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation, Tobi provides heartfelt honesty about his founder’s experience. As an industrial engineer by profession, Tobi shares how he went about educating himself as an entrepreneur and then embarking on a journey that included navigating prototypes, patents, production and distribution. He provides tips on validating your patent (a method using blockchain technology), dealing with challenges in production quality, using project management tools like #Asana, and how videos have become one of their most valuable marketing tools. Tobi is a forward thinker and Shredrack has received a green product award and stands as an organization that values employing people with disabilities. Take a few minutes to get to know Tobi at www.tobideckert.de. Toby is a unique business personality who has combined the mindset of an engineer with key life learnings gained as a stuntman, extreme sports athlete/model, DJ and videographer. Connect with Tobi on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tobideckert/, Instagram https://www.instagram.com/shredrack/, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SHREDRACK/, and Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/user/Deckardinhostuff.#DisruptiveCEONation #startup #entrepreneur #Germanbusiness #extremesports #outdoors #cars #patent #projectmanagement #sustainablebusiness #greenbusiness #founder #businessowner #business #videomarketing #productlaunch

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/df4b88b0-ea20-11e9-9781-bb45cafc1e88/stripped_f4261b16344b6a6e971bdf551377c743.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1329868681.mp3 [size] => 44477544 [duration] => 1853.23 [uid] => CSN1329868681 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/df4b88b0-ea20-11e9-9781-bb45cafc1e88/id3/d684c888e9f83d079c7b10ee6101d841.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 398526 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Eastern Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => DisruptiveCEONation_TobiDeckert.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Tobi Deckert – Engineer, Environmentalist & Extreme Sports Enthusiast =...
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    Sue Baumgaertner-Bartsch is a woman who knows how to get things done. As a serial entrepreneur she has demonstrated that she can set a course, scale fast and make a bold impact. As the VP and Co-Founder of “Business Booster Today” magazine (together with her husband Christian Bartsch) she is on path to reach her goal of empowering 20 million professionals to grow and explode their businesses.

    In this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation, Sue shares insights into her journey and how with extreme focus, Business Booster Today has risen to be the number one Germany based magazine for the global entrepreneur and has global readership with subscriptions and placement in seat pockets of major international airlines and on the bedside tables of five-star hotels. She also shares how she moved from a ‘no’ perspective to a ‘yes’ mindset which led her to live and work on three continents and move from a life of a corporate financial auditor to become a powerful business builder.

    Sue is someone you should add to your professional network and you can find her at www.businessboostertoday.com and on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/sue-baumgaertner-bartsch-114131/. Follow her business on Twitter @mybbtmagazine and Instagram @businessboostertoday.

    Sue is an international speaker, business coach, wife and mother whohelps people to boost their life and business and increase visibility and credibility in niche areas on a global scale. Her biggest superpowers are connecting with others, building valuable relationships, and empowering others to invest in themselves and their business so they can live their purpose, get results and be happier! She has been interviewed on radio and TV talk shows in Germany, London, France, USA and Canada and in magazines in order to share her story and to inspire others on their entrepreneurial journey. As an international speaker, she has been invited to business events and functions, and has shared the stage in Los Angeles with celebrities, such as Brooke Shields,Mark Wahlberg, Steve Wozniak, Mel Gibson, Christie Brinkley, where she had the opportunity to interview American rapper, actor, and real estate investor “Vanilla Ice” in front of over 2,500 business enthusiasts from over 71 countries. #Entrepreneur #Founder #Femalefounder #Womeninbusiness #Business #Businesstips

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/662e530a-df8e-11e9-a5ce-3fbf4f75294e/stripped_bd245660616743c4fe97964b909ee40d.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2953301980.mp3 [size] => 48614713 [duration] => 2025.61 [uid] => CSN2953301980 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/662e530a-df8e-11e9-a5ce-3fbf4f75294e/id3/d3b7b3370d066b0be41458a90674d74a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 399524 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Eastern Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => DisruptiveCEONation_SueBaumgaertnerBartsch.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Sue Baumgaertner-Bartsch is a woman who knows how to get...
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    What can you learn from Gordon Tredgold? A hell of a lot as he is one of the top leadership experts in the world and highly sought motivational speaker and executive coach. Often heard saying, “People are not afraid of hard work, they are afraid of failure,” Gordon inspires entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to keep it simple and follow the four key principles of his FAST leadership methodology: Focus, Accountability, Simplicity and Transparency.  In this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation, Gordon provides keen insight into leadership, achieving results and how to leverage LinkedIn (he averages 2,500 views per post), the formula for becoming an influencer (he has half a million followers worldwide), and tips on how to get into publications and media as an industry expert (he’s been translated into 21 languages).

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/fa01b958-d491-11e9-a532-5fc8d5695e23/stripped_f42db9739819e0c7c6df75a25c75f697.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9929220361.mp3 [size] => 59849456 [duration] => 2493.73 [uid] => CSN9929220361 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/fa01b958-d491-11e9-a532-5fc8d5695e23/id3/f4cbaefa6797c68e1d2534ebe730782f.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 396094 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Eastern Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => DisruptiveCEONation_GordonTredgold.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • What can you learn from Gordon Tredgold? A hell of...
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    Monica Weintraub – Down to Donate, Turning #Slacktivists into #Philanthropists

    Monica Weintraub wants to teach people to do good the easy way. As the founder and CEO of Down to Donate, Monica has delivered into the nonprofit space a charity subscription service whose goal is to redefine what it means to donate and stand up for causes. Her long-term vision is to create the world’s most extensive network of philanthropists, while helping each of Down to Donate’s vetted nonprofit partner organizations receive monthly gifts from the community.

    In this episode of Disruptive CEO Nation, Monica will share the story of her seven years in China where she founded her first company at the age of 23 in the ESL industry. Monica reflects on some of the challenges in the nonprofit space and how Down to Donate seeks to engage the slacktivist generation in a model that they are comfortable with while simultaneously educating donors about the world’s pressing issues through a crowdfunding-meets-subscription based platform. She believes that micro-donations and the set-it-and-forget-it method can lead to big impact.

    Take a few minutes to get to know Monica Weintraub at www.DowntoDonate.com. Monica’s writings and photographs have been featured in various outlets such as CNN, Elite Daily, Inc.com, and SheKnows. You can also check out her Good Work podcast which features social impact stories about good people doing good sh*t. https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/good-work-good-work-F1feLBrn59v/Connect to Monica on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/monica-weintraub-437703a8/Instagram: @downtodonate Twitter: @downtodonate

    Disruptive CEO Nation is searching the globe to introduce you to cutting-edge thinkers and entrepreneurs whose stories will inspire you to innovate in your own business life. Your host is Allison K. Summers. Having worked with and coached CEO’s and senior leaders from over 90 countries, Allison is taking her experiences to help today's CEO's and professionals meet the ever-changing demands of the future of work. Connect with Allison on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/allisonsummerschicago/.  If you would like to be a guest or recommend a great company founder or business influencer write Connect@AllisonKSummers.com.  #Entrepreneur #Founder #Business #girlboss #femalefounder #Success #Leadership #Influence #Passport #DisruptiveCEONation #podcast #businesspodcast #startup #startuplife #startupstory #getpublished #businessstory #dreambig #nonprofit #charity #philanthropy #Downtodonate #slackivist 

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/8e19bfbe-c9e3-11e9-8c21-fbac98823af7/stripped_517b7de576e547022f653a4c2cec29bf.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1803271335.mp3 [size] => 31825920 [duration] => 1326.08 [uid] => CSN1803271335 [originalUrl] => [bitrate] => 192 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/8e19bfbe-c9e3-11e9-8c21-fbac98823af7/id3/5e6c61d5875f7cb23caf27e0416db91c.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 400406 [parentId] => [guid] => [pubdateTimezone] => Eastern Time (US & Canada) [originalFilename] => Monica Weintraub With Intro - 8_28_19, 3.47 PM.mp3 [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Monica Weintraub – Down to Donate, Turning #Slacktivists into #PhilanthropistsMonica...
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    Sukhi Jutla is an award-winning entrepreneur and author of 3 books. She is the co-founder of MarketOrders, an online B2B platform for the gold and diamond jewelry industry. She is a leading international speaker, influencer and thought leader in tech and a qualified IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer. She is recognized by a number of industry awards including the Asian Women of Achievement Awards, Management Todays ’35 Women Under 35′ and named a Top 100 European Digital Pioneer by The Financial Times and Google. In April 2018 Sukhi made global headlines when she became the World’s First #1 Bestselling ‘Blockchain’ Author.

    About MarketOrders

    MarketOrders is an online marketplace helping independent retail jewelers to source the products they need faster, cheaper and direct from suppliers. Find out more at https://www.marketorders.net/

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/dcee423c-aee9-11e9-9b92-6fc864d0f2cc/stripped_9236a3e5f9ffdaf022e281b0d57ae3f3.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9379230546.mp3 [size] => 27036943 [duration] => 1689.81 [uid] => CSN9379230546 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/06/2019/4043501e059650a2919549acbaea521b%20%281%29.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/dcee423c-aee9-11e9-9b92-6fc864d0f2cc/id3/79030a6b106a6ddb24536a69cffa1465.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 398099 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/market-orders/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Sukhi Jutla is an award-winning entrepreneur and author of 3...
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    Martin is a pure-bred engineer. He has had the interest from a very early age. All the preferred toys let him tinker with something. The only logical step was to study engineering at university. After his second year, he started working as a mechanical engineer for Estanc, a company specialised in pressure vessels.

    After that, he went on to work at Nordic Gas Solutions. There he continued with pressure vessels and constructions as a mechanical engineer but also climber the industry ladder by taking care of production management and client/supplier communications.

    It was there when it became very clear for Martin that some things are quite skewed in the industry. The ordering process was very clumsy and time-consuming. This planted the first seeds for making a change in the industry. After sharing some early thoughts with friends a family, the overall outline of Fractory started hatching.

    From there, a team of 3 co-founders was established, some startup competitions won and the journey got started.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/dd57928c-aee9-11e9-9b92-8b44b45363a0/stripped_d1eaec0b499b32eba28a7376d85e9060.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5158100242.mp3 [size] => 17235383 [duration] => 1231.1 [uid] => CSN5158100242 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/05/2019/aa5ef9743ffd4338a01cade1d80b3592.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/dd57928c-aee9-11e9-9b92-8b44b45363a0/id3/1275fd9c74cff6d984706e3cc52c760a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 398461 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=143954 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Martin is a pure-bred engineer. He has had the interest...
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    TJ Hoffman is Chief Operating Officer at Sibme, a Houston, TX based SaaS and Professional Services company. Prior to joining Sibme, TJ spent 10 years working in public education as a teacher, school, and district administrator. He is passionate about the future of work and the specific challenge of eliminating the institutional barriers that get between people and the skills they need to advance professionally. TJ is a proud graduate of the Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business and a proud Houstonian. Sibme's mission is to change the way people learn at work by combining innovative, user-friendly technology solutions, implementation expertise, and ongoing support and partnership to connect people and transform the way they learn and grow professionally.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/ddc9cdf2-aee9-11e9-9b92-43bad9cec1a7/stripped_8d0ec6db9790707b3504026e69951915.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3934730962.mp3 [size] => 20103680 [duration] => 1435.98 [uid] => CSN3934730962 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/05/2019/653f004e22c1e75fab610fe420362f66.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/ddc9cdf2-aee9-11e9-9b92-43bad9cec1a7/id3/98a93048125f0f4e22ff945c1a87edb2.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 397899 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/sibme/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • TJ Hoffman is Chief Operating Officer at Sibme, a Houston,...
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    Paul A. Dillon is a Certified Management Consultant with more than 45 years of experience in the professional services industry. He is the president and CEO of Dillon Consulting Services LLC, a U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs certified Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, based in Durham, NC and Chicago, IL. Paul is the creator of the concept for a veteran startup incubator in Chicago, called Bunker Labs, as well as the creator of the concept for a veteran entrepreneur support organization in North Carolina, called VetStart, which was recently rebranded as Bunker RDU.

    Mr. Dillon created and teaches a course on veterans' issues, entitled “PubPol 830.05. Special Topics in Management: Public Policy and Veterans: Policy Challenges and Best Practices” at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University.

    Paul represents the nation's veteran community on the Kennedy Forum on Mental Health, and is a member of the Leadership Council of the Kennedy Forum Illinois.

    His articles and quotes on veterans' issues have appeared in Forbes, HuffPost, Chicago Tribune, Crain's Chicago Business, the National Federation of Independent Businesses newsletter, Authority Magazine, Arianna Huffington's ThriveGlobal, We Are The Mighty, and USAA Magazine. He is a sought after commentator on national veteran matters on numerous radio programs and podcasts, including a recent appearance on CBS Radio's “Eye on Veterans” program on the work of the Kennedy Forum, as it pertains to veterans’ mental health.

    Paul was the organizer and moderator for the Veterans Workshop and Symposium at the Sanford School of Public Policy at Duke University in March, 2018.

    He is a former trustee of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and a former Public Member and Commissioner of the national Commission for Case Manager Certification.

    An avid distance lap swimmer, Mr. Dillon's interests range from veterans to business ethics and governance to the media, the last of which stems his 14 years as the supervisor of elections to both the National Radio Hall of Fame and for the Chicago/Midwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for the Emmy Awards.

    Paul holds an A.B. degree from John Carroll University (Cleveland, OH), a M.S in Ed.. from Northern Illinois University (DeKalb, IL), and has served as an adjunct professor or visiting lecturer at Governors State University (University Park, IL), the University of Illinois at Chicago, and at the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago.

    A U.S. Army Reserve veteran, he served in Vietnam as a 1st Lieutenant, and was awarded 2 Bronze Star Medals.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/de240902-aee9-11e9-9b92-8f207a4eb3ea/stripped_cb9661159cc8e86a0fc04c98bfe7bb4b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7335679690.mp3 [size] => 26119105 [duration] => 1632.44 [uid] => CSN7335679690 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/05/2019/29ae2dcc118ec56511c7a525c368e27b.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/de240902-aee9-11e9-9b92-8f207a4eb3ea/id3/2a27bc78037e109c6d62c28fe8161d3a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 401879 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=141550 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Paul A. Dillon is a Certified Management Consultant with more...
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    Phil Shawe co-founded TransPerfect in 1992. Today, TransPerfect is a global family of companies and the world’s largest privately held provider of language and business services. Shawe oversees the day-to-day operations of the company, headquartered in New York City.

    Under Shawe’s leadership, TransPerfect has received numerous awards and distinctions. The company is a three-time honoree of the Inc. 5000 Award, a six-time honoree of the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, and has earned multiple Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. Crain's New York Business has ranked TransPerfect as one of the largest privately held companies, as well as one of the largest women-owned companies, six years in a row. TransPerfect was also three times named one of the fastest-growing women-owned/led businesses in North America by Entrepreneur and the Women Presidents' Organization.

    In 2008, Shawe was named to the prestigious “40 Under 40 list” by Crain’s New York Business. He sits on the Board of Directors for Girls Who Code, an organization with a single mission: to close the gender gap in technology. Shawe has spoken at New York University and Columbia University, and is a member of the Association for a Better New York (ABNY).

    Prior to his career in the language services industry, Shawe was a Financial Analyst at Chemical Bank and a Global Custody Consultant at Merrill Lynch. Shawe holds an MBA in Finance and International Business from New York University's Stern School of Business, and he received his BS from the University of Florida where he triple majored in Finance, Marketing, and Risk Management.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/debec690-aee9-11e9-9b92-6bd790a4a087/stripped_fcf3eb4252b3d661bf105964799ccc8f.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4130724631.mp3 [size] => 20949211 [duration] => 1496.37 [uid] => CSN4130724631 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/04/2019/e1ea4addc4379b9fca77572f82e7670a.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/debec690-aee9-11e9-9b92-6bd790a4a087/id3/3e9fd5d59480fdc7a46d618563d3f2c5.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 399679 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=139984 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Phil Shawe co-founded TransPerfect in 1992. Today, TransPerfect is a...
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    Karn is responsible for operations, business development, and growth at Cover. Karn is also responsible for investor relationships on behalf of the company. Prior to Cover, Karn led Stylekick--a large mobile e-commerce marketplace that was acquired by Shopify. Before entrepreneurship, Karn was a management consultant with the financial services advisory practice, Oliver Wyman.

    Karn holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s University where he graduated with Distinction, and a Master of Finance from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he attended as a Fulbright Scholar. Karn completed the Chartered Financial Analyst (“CFA”) program in the minimum possible time. He is also a Y Combinator Fellow, and YC Alumnus.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/df4d2610-aee9-11e9-9b92-cb4459fc95c6/stripped_f21d024026900ad035dab46b65aa92a8.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3069631189.mp3 [size] => 17586468 [duration] => 1256.18 [uid] => CSN3069631189 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/04/2019/70393b1e369a6d2a00eb1ddc8ebeac17.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/df4d2610-aee9-11e9-9b92-cb4459fc95c6/id3/c992d6128ed5ec0bb0f4a02380a6595b.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 397839 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/cover/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Karn is responsible for operations, business development, and growth at...
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    Jeffrey Hayzlett is a primetime television host of C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett and Executive Perspectives on C-Suite TV, and business podcast host of All Business with Jeffrey Hayzletton C-Suite Radio. He is a global business celebrity, speaker, best-selling author, and Chairman and CEO of C-Suite Network, home of the world’s most trusted network of C-Suite leaders. Hayzlett is a well-traveled public speaker, former Fortune 100 CMO, and author of four best-selling business books: Think Big, Act Bigger: The Rewards of Being Relentless, Running the Gauntlet, The Mirror Testand The Hero Factor: How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures. Hayzlett is one of the most compelling figures in business today and an inductee into the National Speakers Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame.

    As a leading business expert, Hayzlett is frequently cited in Forbes, SUCCESS, Mashable, Marketing Week and Chief Executive, among many others. He shares his executive insight and commentary on television networks like Bloomberg, MSNBC, Fox Business, and C-Suite TV. Hayzlett is a former Bloomberg contributing editor and primetime host, and has appeared as a guest celebrity judge on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump for three seasons. He is a turnaround architect of the highest order, a maverick marketer and c-suite executive who delivers scalable campaigns, embraces traditional modes of customer engagement, and possesses a remarkable cachet of mentorship, corporate governance, and brand building.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/dfd46300-aee9-11e9-9b92-378886475e15/stripped_e7858e4bf869385ff0b7bf4103ab34ec.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3365489058.mp3 [size] => 19537084 [duration] => 1221.07 [uid] => CSN3365489058 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/04/2019/77f21b8664b9b7cc53d19d2b9836d87e.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/dfd46300-aee9-11e9-9b92-378886475e15/id3/0d2a691c3b610b19092ecf0bd5ac6b88.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 399459 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/c-suite/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Jeffrey Hayzlett is a primetime television host of C-Suite with...
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    Mr. Dean Grey has over 20 years of experience in The Science of Engagement. He is recognized globally as one of the leading experts in community-building for lifestyle brands.

    Throughout his career, he has kept his finger on the pulse of the future – Because of this, he created several technology-focused organizations that facilitate change on a global scale.

    Dean's sense of humor, pattern recognition, and ability to connect on a personal level with global audiences opened some large and rare doors at a young age as a futurist.

    After a decade of flying around the world developing , and leading communities 3-4 times a week, Mr. Grey developed a global community of 35 million followers.

    Dean documented 300-plus interviews with world influencers, coaches, military, pastors, and game designers in search of a solution to the rise of third party platforms who were Gamifying, Monetizing, and Owning their global communities.

    Dean recognized platforms would become the massive disruptors in today's world, and set out on a mission to humanize technology through the application of The Science of Engagement – making the shift from the age of information into the age of transformation.

    Dean launched Skylab, a game changing platform that serves as a living ecosystem that creates the conditions that engage users to take inspired actions. This results in sustainable engagement for brands, influencers, and communities.

    In addition to being the Founder and CEO of Skylab Apps, Mr. Grey founded and exited successfully three other entrepreneur enabling technology based companies. He has traveled and presented to massive audiences in over 18 different countries!

    However for those who truly know Mr. Grey ... he is an artist and entertainer at heart who is masquerading as a entrepreneur

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e0561288-aee9-11e9-9b92-77b57d15bc88/stripped_21018803002fc73d817852fde2e707ec.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8052173764.mp3 [size] => 19231817 [duration] => 1373.7 [uid] => CSN8052173764 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/04/2019/5d18af863a0b5ed6f05e459bf9ac5bc7.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e0561288-aee9-11e9-9b92-77b57d15bc88/id3/db5c47f811e81be425377e6f1145e627.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 400273 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=136345 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Mr. Dean Grey has over 20 years of experience in...
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    Ryan Preisner is the co-founder and CEO of boldSOCKS. In his current role, Ryan oversees all of the backend business processes and operations needed to run and grow the company.

    After graduating college, Ryan found a job in a corporate environment working for a large food service distributor as a Marketing Analyst. He found his interests and skills leading him towards opportunities to build efficiencies in business through systems and data. This prompted Ryan to go back to college to continue studies in Computer Information Systems. Ryan was promoted to become the Product Data Supervisor and was able to use his skills to help the organization solve complex data challenges. This included building systems used to create new product data for over 35,000 items by large teams requiring coordinated approvals and hand-offs. Although Ryan found success in his role, he lacked contentment and began dreaming of entrepreneurial ideas.

    Using the skills obtained on the job and in school, Ryan began experimenting with starting his own venture on the side. This included buying and selling snowboards on eBay, buying pallets of returned electronics, building a snowboarding app, and eventually boldSOCKS.com. boldSOCKS was born out of Ryan’s desire to have fun with his work apparel and identifying an opportunity for a sock retailer to carry the best brands and patterns of socks. From the beginning, Ryan had a desire to use boldSOCKS for good and have a mission beyond simply selling socks. This originally started with what they called Bold Contributions, but has evolved into strategically supporting clean water initiatives with the Statement Sockwear brand, ensuring ethical production of their products, and developing a company culture that cares for all it impacts.

    Ryan was born, raised and still resides in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area with his wife Sarah. They have three children (Breckin, Greydin, and Emberlynn). In his free time, Ryan enjoys playing hockey, hiking, helping his wife in their garden, and spending weekly one-on-one time with their kids.

    Ryan Roff

    Ryan Roff is a social entrepreneur with a passion for using business to create measurable change and social justice. He is an owner of boldSOCKS in Grand Rapids, MI and the co-founder of Statement Sockwear (a sock brand with a social enterprise model). Ryan represents the creative and marketing side of boldSOCKS. He currently oversees the strategic and creative development of the brands under the boldENDEAVORS umbrella (boldSOCKS.com, boldSOCKS, boldSOCKS Retail and Statement Sockwear) and casts the long-term vision for the company.

    Before boldSOCKS, Ryan worked as a the packaging coordinator at a major foodservice distributor where he was able to blend strategic brand decisions, art direction, and project management while coordinating the creative development of over 1,000 pieces of packaging artwork and the redesign of four private brands.

    He then moved to a mid-sized agency where he managed the strategic development and implementation of integrated marketing campaigns across various channels and tactics that included apps, web, print, trade shows, social media and videos.

    Ryan now lives on the Northside of Grand Rapids with his wife Brooke and one-year son. Together, they enjoy biking, hiking, camping, climbing, cookouts and being outside. While on the Northside, Ryan and his wife enjoy connecting neighbors through social gatherings and recently developed the Northside Happy Hour—a group of more than 30 people that get together from the neighborhood to enjoy a cocktail every month.

    Here are our social channels:





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  • Bio: Ryan Preisner is the co-founder and CEO of boldSOCKS....
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    Oscar Macia, Cofounder & CEO, ForceManager

    Oscar Macia holds a nuclear engineering degree from the Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona (UPC) and an Executive MBA from IESE Business School. Oscar has more than 20 years’ experience in sales management. He founded ForceManager, the personal sales assistant app, in 2011 with the mission to transform the way field sales teams sell on the road - making the process leaner and easier for the sales rep, while providing greater visibility and real-time data to their managers. Today, he leads ForceManager, a company with 150 employees and clients in 36 countries.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e16f6d40-aee9-11e9-9b92-e795e0bca493/stripped_7607267001f14d48ae4ef1eee48cdcf1.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5611134223.mp3 [size] => 11679451 [duration] => 729.97 [uid] => CSN5611134223 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/03/2019/f1b001cede53284dfc0f5882d3ac900a.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e16f6d40-aee9-11e9-9b92-e795e0bca493/id3/8e2d41abed816349902fe483b1b44c70.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 397599 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/forcemanager/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Oscar Macia, Cofounder & CEO, ForceManager Oscar Macia holds a...
  • Array ( [id] => e20482c2-aee9-11e9-9b92-83f0a398e587 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T09:38:35.394-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-28T14:01:22.208-05:00 [title] => PopCom [pubdate] => 2019-03-13T12:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/e20482c2-aee9-11e9-9b92-83f0a398e587/image/AKS_Podcast_Feat_DawnDickson.png?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => With Dawn Dickson [summary] =>

    Dawn W. Dickson is CEO of PopCom, an automated retail company that uses facial recognition, A.I, and blackchain technology to help retailers collect valuable customer insights. The first CRM, data, and analytics software provider for unattended retail, PopCom has developed technology to make kiosks and vending machines intelligent through data and analytics at the point of purchase. As a serial entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience in marketing and business development, Dawn launched four successful cash flow positive companies since 2002. Her most recent ventures include Flat Out of Heels (rollable flats for women to get relief from painful hears, and PopCom, after identifying a need to make vending machines more intelligent.

    Dawn has received numerous awards and accolades for her business savvy and pitching skills, and has been invited to speak on numerous panels and workshops and featured in countless media outlets including the cover of the June 2018 issue of Black Enteprise, Forbes, Fortune, Venture Beat, Huffington Post, Essence Magazine, The Miami Herald, CNBC/Yahoo series 'The Biz Fix' with Marcus Lemonis, and MSNBC 'Your Biz' Elevator Pitch.

    A recognized leader in entrepreneurship and digital marketing, Dawn is featured in Who's Who in Black Columbus, Who Who's in Black Atlanta, honored as one of Legacy Miami's Top 40 Under 40 Leaders in South Florida, listed among the '50 Young Visionary Women Leaders to Watch' by Innov8tiv Magazine, and named as one of INC Magazine's 100 top female founders for 2018.

    Dawn received her B.A. in Journalism from The Ohio State University. Additionally, Dawn was selected to participate in some of the nation's top accelerator programs for entrepreneurs including the NewME (San Francisco), Canopy Boulder (Boulder, Colorado), Techstars (Los Angeles), Brinc (Hong Kong) and is recognized as one of the nation's top entrepreneurs on the rise.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e20482c2-aee9-11e9-9b92-83f0a398e587/stripped_6ad58e5aff12a5a3330a61c71f969a33.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9287118595.mp3 [size] => 16221988 [duration] => 1158.71 [uid] => CSN9287118595 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/03/2019/3fe5937961871ec73fcdd1335cc0634b.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e20482c2-aee9-11e9-9b92-83f0a398e587/id3/b5c2bf4c809ab1060aa1fbe7c60375cd.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 400271 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/popcom/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Dawn W. Dickson is CEO of PopCom, an automated retail...
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    Misha Kaura, PhD is a 26-year old, award-winning designer who creates made-to-measure and ready-to-wear apparel and accessories for women who know their worth. A pure bloodline descendent of the Kauravas, one of the two Indian founding families who later ruled over Punjab as royals until the Amritsar invasion, she is proud of her heritage. She is also a Chopra, of the cotton business and Indian politics, on her mother’s side. Misha’s design aesthetic is informed by her unique upbringing at the intersection of color, country, and culture. In addition to her training in law, management, and industrial engineering, she is a design specialist who apprenticed at Christian Dior Couture and studied the full spectrum of sculpture, fine arts, fashion, textile, embroidery, handbags, and fine jewelry. Her visual-spatial abilities help her to create from the big picture viewpoint of form, texture, geometry, and symmetry, and her quantitative insights allow her to merchandize, categorize, and customize colors, styles, and silhouettes onto individual clients. Her expertise is in dressing the over 35-year old woman in a flattering manner and her business objective is to level the playing field for older women.

    Misha strives to translate her artistic creativity into commercial and cultural relevance, focusing on permanent designs that appreciate in value over time. To this end, hour-by-hour valuations of her Level 1 to 4 Swarovski crystal covered evening handbags may be tracked via The Handbag Stock on Instagram at @thehandbagstock. Level 5 and 6 handbags are restricted to made to measure clients only. All collaboration handbags with other designers and organizations are placed outside of the Level system and are sold exclusively via external websites and retail partners. In order to best serve clients and to protect their privacy, the Misha Kaura Club is an invite-only, exclusive shopping experience offered online and in person.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e29869a6-aee9-11e9-9b92-03863fda20e2/stripped_9895695bf6e4f1f8e6ef067c249d2691.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7710450588.mp3 [size] => 22663680 [duration] => 1618.83 [uid] => CSN7710450588 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/02/2019/896feade93034bf5d8c7e4991a4e19a3.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e29869a6-aee9-11e9-9b92-03863fda20e2/id3/53b2ed57b0a44701b9e795406a70691b.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 400341 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=134467 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Misha Kaura, PhD is a 26-year old, award-winning designer who...
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    Andres Lares is the Managing Partner/CEO at Shapiro Negotiations Institute. While successful, SNI’s leadership understood it needed some radical changes to meet the evolving demands of the marketplace and bring innovation into the equation. Today, new technology is the firm’s biggest driver of growth with products such as virtual reality negotiation simulations that utilize AI and measure physiological reactions via biometric monitors to deliver effective training results. Lares also shares his personal journey (he hails from Venezuela) to leading a multi-national organization and what he feels are key negation techniques that every entrepreneur and business leader should use. You can contact Lares at https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreslares/ or find his company at www.shapironegotiations.com.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e31eb164-aee9-11e9-9b92-af2f14d94f42/stripped_2820907e1e2fd12a0f176c576201ffe5.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7500006483.mp3 [size] => 15925028 [duration] => 1137.5 [uid] => CSN7500006483 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/02/2019/6161ab1c3a58da35079824a5d49558ed.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e31eb164-aee9-11e9-9b92-af2f14d94f42/id3/b8e6cf02bb6a049b6619d580381aa3d6.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 398013 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/shapiro-negotiations-institute/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Andres Lares is the Managing Partner/CEO at Shapiro Negotiations Institute....
  • Array ( [id] => e3a7f1b8-aee9-11e9-9b92-a70374ceea53 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T09:38:38.143-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-28T14:01:23.668-05:00 [title] => A Founder’s Journey [pubdate] => 2019-02-20T11:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/e3a7f1b8-aee9-11e9-9b92-a70374ceea53/image/AKS-Podcast-SM-Syed-Irfan-Ajmal.png?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => With Syed Irfan Ajmal [summary] =>

    Syed Irfan Ajmal is a digital marketing consultant working at the intersection of Content Marketing, SEO,and Digital PR. He and his boutique marketing agency has generated up to 7 figure annual revenues (in terms of USD) for various American and British e-commerce and SaaS startups. Passionate about paving the way for others to achieve success, Syed is a prolific speaker and writer whose articles have been published in Forbes ME, the World Bank, HuffPost, Business.com, SEMrush, TechWyse, Aurora, and several others.

    In this episode, Syed shares his founder's journey which included breaking free of traditions and cultural mindsets, leaving his home country for an education and business experience in Europe, and then to returning to Pakistan and founding profitable companies. He also provides insights into what companies should think about when it comes to leverage content and campaigns. To learn more about his corporate services visit: www.syedirfanajmal.com. Syed welcomes new connections - find him on Twitter @SyedIrfanAjmal and LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/syedirfanajmal/

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e3a7f1b8-aee9-11e9-9b92-a70374ceea53/stripped_17e97f295e4f0ba507c13dec392528b5.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3053655127.mp3 [size] => 20444525 [duration] => 1460.32 [uid] => CSN3053655127 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/02/2019/6d151311d07f058de9fa8422a93f8bd5.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e3a7f1b8-aee9-11e9-9b92-a70374ceea53/id3/d7d7bc6828259d285fccbeeb40eb6d3b.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 398609 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/a-founders-journey/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Syed Irfan Ajmal is a digital marketing consultant working at...
  • Array ( [id] => e432bb4a-aee9-11e9-9b92-a3ea1d267442 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T09:38:39.051-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-28T14:01:24.157-05:00 [title] => Less Doing [pubdate] => 2019-02-13T11:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/e432bb4a-aee9-11e9-9b92-a3ea1d267442/image/Ari-Meisel-Disruptive-CEO-Nation.png?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => With Ari Meisel [summary] =>

    Ari Meisel is a self-described, “Overhwhelmologist” who helps entrepreneurs who have opportunity in excess of what their infrastructure can handle, to optimize, automate, and outsource everything in their business, so they can make themselves replaceable and scale their business.

    Ari is the Founder of Less Doing, and author of the best-selling books, “The Art of Less Doing” and “The Replaceable Founder”. He is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business, an Ironman, and a devoted husband to Anna and father to four children, Ben, 6, Sebastien and Lucas, 4 and Chloe, 2.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e432bb4a-aee9-11e9-9b92-a3ea1d267442/stripped_aa90c1880648105b6a99140bb0cef41b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5717956465.mp3 [size] => 12816457 [duration] => 915.46 [uid] => CSN5717956465 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/02/2019/33d01457fbf7620e29907074dc2baa51.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e432bb4a-aee9-11e9-9b92-a3ea1d267442/id3/c6a9591145867f683bf5770360b22052.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 397523 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=133794 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Ari Meisel is a self-described, “Overhwhelmologist” who helps entrepreneurs who...
  • Array ( [id] => e4b23cf8-aee9-11e9-9b92-f7f041f01839 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T09:38:39.884-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-28T14:01:24.606-05:00 [title] => Pursuit [pubdate] => 2019-02-06T11:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/e4b23cf8-aee9-11e9-9b92-f7f041f01839/image/AKS-Podcast-SM-Gautam-Rao.png?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => WIth Gautam Rao [summary] =>

    Gautam Rao is currently co-founder and CTO at Pursuit, a technology startup enabling skilled workers to access global opportunities and fulfill their potential. Before this, he was co-founder and Head of Product at Finvoice, where he helped create a first of it's kind software for the small business lending industry, and helped steer the company towards profitability. At Pursuit, he's raised money from investors such as Sequoia, Angellist Spearhead and an early investor in Dropbox. He is a Stanford graduate and has lived and worked in 4 different countries on 3 different continents before moving to the US.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e4b23cf8-aee9-11e9-9b92-f7f041f01839/stripped_c2cc5b32d284fc2cca64384c246a853f.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7883264810.mp3 [size] => 16087405 [duration] => 1149.1 [uid] => CSN7883264810 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/02/2019/2899257401c7cf006d56f6e485f3f807.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e4b23cf8-aee9-11e9-9b92-f7f041f01839/id3/376596ae4cbacff38f0734c66a2a0a2d.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 397579 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=133176 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Gautam Rao is currently co-founder and CTO at Pursuit, a...
  • Array ( [id] => e5294e10-aee9-11e9-9b92-a3e272eb60b8 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T09:38:40.666-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-28T14:01:25.122-05:00 [title] => Roomrs [pubdate] => 2019-01-30T11:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/e5294e10-aee9-11e9-9b92-a3e272eb60b8/image/AKS-Podcast-SM-Or-Goldschmidt.png?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => With Or Goldschmidt [summary] =>

    Or grew up in a humble Israeli family. His mother was an elementary school science teacher, and his father a travel agent. At the age of 21, Or found himself at a crossroads, either pursue a degree or find a job. He knew that attending college would be a financial strain on his family and felt that the employment opportunities available to him were disappointing, so he took a leap of faith and decided to move to NY to follow his dream of becoming a real estate mogul.

    Or began his career working for a small boutique rental agency. His job was to lease apartments to young professionals and students. Being a quick learner, it took him merely a year of working in the field to confidently start his own business. He began leveraging residential properties and offering them as alternative accommodations for tourists. This way lodgers could avoid steep hotel bills and save money when they travel. While business was booming, and his company was growing fast, Or, still eager to learn more about real estate, took the next logical step in his career and joined GFI, a commercial real estate brokerage.

    Not long after joining GFI, he had an idea he believed would fundamentally change the way people live. In his own life, he had moved between 7 apartments in just 6 years and describes the experience as needlessly stressful and expensive. Or's vision was to provide end-users with turn-key apartments, and to constantly improve the user experience by integrating user information. This way, renters would save both money and time while enjoying a more flexible, user-friendly, living environment.

    Or believed so strongly in the success of this venture, that in April 2017 he decided to invest all his life savings into it. He worked on improving the concept for almost 6 months before embarking on his first Friends & Family investment round. Following his best friend's advice, he named the company Roomrs.

    Today, Roomrs is a well-known real estate co-living operator which manages more than 400 rooms across 40 buildings. The team quickly grew from 3 people into a 25 people operation. Recently, it secured a seed round of 2.5M.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e5294e10-aee9-11e9-9b92-a3e272eb60b8/stripped_55d04a4aacb3b4958329918cbe0e9617.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9782978632.mp3 [size] => 15760457 [duration] => 1125.75 [uid] => CSN9782978632 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/02/2019/1cfbdd663d3d6d4059b5eb8aafeb87ee.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e5294e10-aee9-11e9-9b92-a3e272eb60b8/id3/b609a67555564c3b367350827908db2c.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 400741 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/roomrs/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Or grew up in a humble Israeli family. His mother...
  • Array ( [id] => e5a68574-aee9-11e9-9b92-df5c0fb7a14b [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T09:38:41.488-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-28T14:01:25.608-05:00 [title] => Phello [pubdate] => 2019-01-23T11:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/e5a68574-aee9-11e9-9b92-df5c0fb7a14b/image/rhKurt-Phelps.png?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => With Kurt Phelps [summary] =>

    Kurt Phelps, CEO of GNR, one of the nation's most successful high tech recruiting firms, has over 20 years experience working with executives to build some of the most powerful corporate teams in the industry. Over the last 2 decades, Kurt found that executives rarely put the same time and effort into networking, developing their digital presence, and establishing their own personal brand as they did for the companies they work for. To solve this problem, Kurt created Phello, the world's first SaaS platform, which allows professionals to organize their years of contacts, communicate with their network on a regular basis, and develop their personal brand and digital presence—laying the groundwork to be top of mind when new opportunities arise.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e5a68574-aee9-11e9-9b92-df5c0fb7a14b/stripped_9b7a396ad17c790a30a0f38980f09f7a.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4281766048.mp3 [size] => 21868983 [duration] => 1562.07 [uid] => CSN4281766048 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/01/2019/45ea4b265633bc40732e058f99d3506e.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e5a68574-aee9-11e9-9b92-df5c0fb7a14b/id3/1b706012a0d2ac18f1755d0949f3f821.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 397857 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=129632 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Kurt Phelps, CEO of GNR, one of the nation's most...
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    Impish Lee is NY-made custom apparel brand that enables shoppers to design their own intimates and loungewear online. Sisters Noelle and Kali are the designers and owners of Impish Lee. With a love for innovative fashion, the pair set out to build a company that would reflect their artistic spirit and interest in co-creation.Impish Lee has been handcrafting custom lingerie and lounge apparel for years and, in 2015, it launched the online design tool that makes the process of customization simple, exciting, and interactive. Impish Lee seeks to empower women by mainstreaming inclusivity and individuality in the fashion industry.

    Kali Ventresca is the CCO and Co-Owner of Impish Lee, a customizable intimate apparel brand that enables women to design their own lingerie and loungewear online. Kali, along with her sister and business partner, Noelle, launched the Impish Lee design tool in November of 2015 after successfully funding their Kickstarter project. Kali received her BFA from SUNY New Paltz and has been working as a designer and a photographer since graduating in 2011. When Kali is not in her studio making lingerie, she can be found behind the camera at fashion shoots and weddings. Kali has applied her skills in photography and graphic design to create the Impish Lee brand, mainstreaming inclusivity and individuality in the fashion industry.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e625a746-aee9-11e9-9b92-43d6e066c898/stripped_bca36250b2f27976078e507a7e5fc7d4.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4866181706.mp3 [size] => 16919405 [duration] => 1208.53 [uid] => CSN4866181706 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/07/2018/f52793104669d3a5e73337b152dbb930.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e625a746-aee9-11e9-9b92-43d6e066c898/id3/3c6d77f9a02d5838b739ed1187d5b60e.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 399123 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=47429 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Impish Lee is NY-made custom apparel brand that enables shoppers...
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    Eric Brown, Founder and CEO of Aliant Payment Systems (http://aliantpayments.com)Founded in 2003, Aliant is a leading payment processing company that processes credit card, debit card, cryptocurrency, and automated clearing house transactions for over 7,500 merchants, with annual card volume totaling $800 million. Aliant was one of the first payment processing companies to offer merchants the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments, with its solution available to over 137,000 merchants worldwide. Aliant is currently developing its own domestic, fully compliant solution that processes crypto payments, converts cryptocurrency to USD, and offers merchants next day payouts. For the last 15 years Eric has served as the CEO of Aliant, and he has been a guest speaker and on panels at multiple finance conferences, with the most recent being Litecoin Summit. He has also been featured in Business Insider, Digital Transactions, and dozens of industry sites. You can also check out this blog, which explains a little more about the Aliant story:https://www.aliantpayments.com/aliant-payment-systems-celebrates-15-years

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e6c76ec8-aee9-11e9-9b92-4f7baa71c5c7/stripped_7a7f5e65055da3cda6bb0b0ed2cb85dc.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN7580045121.mp3 [size] => 16626834 [duration] => 1187.63 [uid] => CSN7580045121 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/01/2019/4aefb57cd946e6ea6f19083688240d21%20%281%29.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e6c76ec8-aee9-11e9-9b92-4f7baa71c5c7/id3/f6156fad7721f3848689a9499a00269a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 398595 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=129631 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Eric Brown, Founder and CEO of Aliant Payment Systems (http://aliantpayments.com)Founded...
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    Elyse Petersen is an advocate for transparency in the global food system and currently works with tea farmers to improve the quality of their products and access market opportunities. As the Founder of Tealet, she has made direct trade available to small-scale farmers, businesses, and consumers around the world. She is a food scientist and returned Peace Corps volunteer that is committed to building a sustainable future for agriculture and communities. She has a B.S. in Food Science and Technology from Cal Poly Pomona and a Japanese-MBA from the Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e75508be-aee9-11e9-9b92-d33c386171bb/stripped_614f24e09e8cbbd2f6d2b0cc4411e5b5.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8230692339.mp3 [size] => 27357936 [duration] => 1709.87 [uid] => CSN8230692339 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/01/2019/fdcfc4fa02ae295c20211e85b1e39140.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e75508be-aee9-11e9-9b92-d33c386171bb/id3/6141747d0ec735a2f6e544f3ee4d97fb.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 397563 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=128461 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Elyse Petersen is an advocate for transparency in the global...
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    Connor Gillivan is the CMO of FreeeUp.com. He has sold over $30 million online, has hired hundreds of freelancers to build his companies, is a published author, and is the owner of ConnorGillivan.com. He currently lives in Denver, CO.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e7e695f4-aee9-11e9-9b92-9f0a36a0534a/stripped_b709fc0ee2f0e7e13e983c9daceafe2b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9717739307.mp3 [size] => 15680156 [duration] => 980.01 [uid] => CSN9717739307 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/12/2018/71123ed78cd6be005080601c16f684f1.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e7e695f4-aee9-11e9-9b92-9f0a36a0534a/id3/fa12075d6c9826925f29b9976f940a1d.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 396831 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=127912 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Connor Gillivan is the CMO of FreeeUp.com. He has sold...
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    One of the co-founders of Eat Your Coffee – creators of the original, naturally caffeinated snack bar. Founded as coffee-deprived college students rushing to our 8am classes, we were looking for a better way to stay energized throughout the day. We joked about eating our coffee, started developing some recipes in our dorm, and sold them in the library for a semester. About three years later now, we've officially graduated from Northeastern University, sold our bars into over 600 retail stores and 700 offices around the country, raised nearly $3M, and sold over 1 million bars and counting. It would be great to learn more about the book you're working on and if there's a fit for our story

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e8509a8a-aee9-11e9-9b92-d3947b903c15/stripped_8b22ab0b0c2010199bbe8ef941661a5a.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3854487232.mp3 [size] => 22510445 [duration] => 1607.89 [uid] => CSN3854487232 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/12/2018/ee340c986b85302107e5ea03eccad025.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e8509a8a-aee9-11e9-9b92-d3947b903c15/id3/af48fd466a17ecb95b305702b4a6a3d4.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 397767 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=127757 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • One of the co-founders of Eat Your Coffee – creators...
  • Array ( [id] => e8d9c364-aee9-11e9-9b92-1fdc6873c4f9 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T09:38:46.858-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-28T14:01:28.498-05:00 [title] => GOKONG [pubdate] => 2018-12-19T11:00:00.000-06:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/e8d9c364-aee9-11e9-9b92-1fdc6873c4f9/image/oxRahul-Kaushik-Disruptive-CEO-Nation.png?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => With Rahul Kaushik [summary] =>

    Rahul is an entrepreneur, investor and mentor based out of Zürich Switzerland. He is currently building a corporate venture, GOKONG, of one of the largest private banks here in Switzerland. Prior to co-founding GOKONG, he invested in impact ventures in Asia, gaming ventures in Europe and advised academics out of University of Zurich building the next gen measurement metrics platform - FINEXUS within the sustainable finance space.

    Rahul actively mentors entrepreneurs and investors on business models, strategy, scaling and operational excellence.

    Rahul holds a Bachelors degree in pure mathematics and a Masters in mathematical finance and has been a high impact researcher focused on financial systemic risk. His research has not only been covered by popular news papers like the Boston Globe but has also found applications across many central banks across the world.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e8d9c364-aee9-11e9-9b92-1fdc6873c4f9/stripped_c2adfdebfd93f8b9f6a5127039c06c2d.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2295914465.mp3 [size] => 17320646 [duration] => 1082.54 [uid] => CSN2295914465 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/12/2018/67d1484ebc5c8237cf2d59aefde052fa.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e8d9c364-aee9-11e9-9b92-1fdc6873c4f9/id3/dfbe21dedca77225f61815e0f7618a86.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 398165 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/gokong/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Rahul is an entrepreneur, investor and mentor based out of...
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    Tatsuya Nakagawa is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and expert on innovation & marketing.

    He is the co-founder of Castagra Products. Castagra develops, proves and delivers, game changing innovations for the building materials and coatings industry.





    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e94c759e-aee9-11e9-9b92-eb1c69055a6b/stripped_d29ec6cbfeb4b5e7f992f11a7a51655b.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9800736386.mp3 [size] => 21281645 [duration] => 1520.12 [uid] => CSN9800736386 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/12/2018/9695486f21d4f92ad92a3e176c7efc10.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e94c759e-aee9-11e9-9b92-eb1c69055a6b/id3/a2ac04dcb040ce8c526c997027a3577a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 397183 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/castagra/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Tatsuya Nakagawa is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and expert on...
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    Kari DePhillips is a digital marketing expert and the owner of The Content Factory, as well as co-founder of Workationing. She's been called a "limit-breaking female founder" by Thrive, and NBCNews has referred to her as a "CEO who takes job perks to the max" for her approach to managing her companies. All employees of TCF and Workationing work from home – or wherever – and Kari lives as a digital nomad traveling the world while working on her businesses.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e9d0bb24-aee9-11e9-9b92-4be12b8d2bb4/stripped_ba444d13eba9f3127f854222fd3221d3.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9257979191.mp3 [size] => 19627520 [duration] => 1401.97 [uid] => CSN9257979191 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/12/2018/189bc886977a1c3a348504795fd6c05a.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/e9d0bb24-aee9-11e9-9b92-4be12b8d2bb4/id3/07bcf0b74886daffeb75067f5dd4133e.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 397305 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/the-content-factory/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Kari DePhillips is a digital marketing expert and the owner...
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    Annie Eaton is the CEO of Atlanta-based future technologies company Futurus, where she creates immersive, engaging and interactive experiences in virtual reality, augmented reality and 360° capture. Annie earned her degree from The Georgia Institute of Technology in 2010. In 2014, she created XR Atlanta, which now boasts over 1,100 active members. Annie is involved with GeorgiaVR, Women in XR Atlanta, and is a re:imagine/ATL Alliance member. She currently serves as an advisor to the TAG Digital Media and Entertainment society and is a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Council. Earlier this year, Annie received the Women in IT Rising Star award and was named the Technology Association of Georgia Young Professionals’ 2017 Technologist of the Year. Annie has vast public speaking experience, having been invited as a speaker to engagements including General Assembly, Georgia State University, Hospitality Executive Exchange, Talk NYC, Federal Reserve, OrlandoiX, FutureX Live and Atlanta Tech Edge.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/ea5bb760-aee9-11e9-9b92-cf1d8da57d70/stripped_5592a16d2dd8ceaed44faa549278908a.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN1060369588.mp3 [size] => 22840215 [duration] => 1427.51 [uid] => CSN1060369588 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/11/2018/432f9619e9cc7360146ee73877cd4604.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/ea5bb760-aee9-11e9-9b92-cf1d8da57d70/id3/4b6eaa2fd95ee97a730b4401fedd8c00.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 398367 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/futurus/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Annie Eaton is the CEO of Atlanta-based future technologies company...
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    Davis holds a bachelor’s degree in International Marketing, a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Huntington University and a credential in Executive Coaching. She holds a certificate from the National Institution of Health in Protecting Human Research and was named to The Wall Street Journal’s Women of Note database as an innovative woman who shares her expertise and inspiration. In 2015, she was featured by American Express’s Thinking Outside the Box Forum.

    But it isn’t just her education and credentials that qualify her to do what she does for others. Davis is a self-starter and has always been her own boss. At 18 she became a licensed realtor for the state of New York and sold real estate for 3 years. She later became a contractor for Mazda USA and traveled the country for six years as an automotive product specialist and speaker. Simultaneously, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to create Hoo-Kong in 2013, a jewelry line designed to empower its buyers to be the unique, world-changing individuals that they were born to be. While designing jewelry and managing her small business, Davis sought to fill a void in the fulfillment of her passions and launched the Never, Never Give Up campaign as a social responsibility endeavor under the HK umbrella. The campaign quickly gained traction and eventually overtook the jewelry line as the centerpiece of Davis’s business. Hoo-Kong organically evolved into the digital media platform it is today.

    Hoo-Kong now provides tools, resources, and services to help individuals help themselves; discover, learn and grow. This fall Hoo-Kong will be expanding to offer Online Leadership Consultations anytime, anyplace, from any device. By developing this online tool and app it’s aim is to provide confidential support to executives, entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders so that may effectively perform within their organizations.

    Fueled by the desire to instill confidence in others, especially women and girls, Davis spends her spare time volunteering and donating her energy and resources to different causes. In 2015 she sponsored the suicide prevention stage play To Die Alone. She has also led pro-bono workshops on personal and professional development for disadvantaged youth in New York City and volunteers as an English conversation tutor at AAFSC, empowering women through literacy and language development. Davis believes education is a powerful tool and volunteers with GED preparation at Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow where she assists adults in acquiring the academic skills necessary to lift themselves out of poverty and create a better life for themselves and their families.

    Davis makes a concerted effort for her team to discover and share free business and tech courses to bridge gaps between readers and opportunities for growth.

    When asked her favorite quote Davis sites Itochu, “I am one with infinite missions, my workplace is the entire world.”

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/ead91610-aee9-11e9-9b92-b302e6001931/stripped_c6823859afa378b78635af49b73c695a.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN9573530481.mp3 [size] => 12339409 [duration] => 771.21 [uid] => CSN9573530481 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/11/2018/33b9d8df275090a3fd338ec32354a158%20%281%29.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/ead91610-aee9-11e9-9b92-b302e6001931/id3/6ec280ff6ce939619ba7015a73b1e00f.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 402457 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/my-workplace-is-the-entire-world/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Davis holds a bachelor’s degree in International Marketing, a master’s...
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    Octavia Conner is a financial management strategist, speaker, author, and accountant. Her movement, mission, company, and superpower – is helping businesses Say Yes To Profits. Here is where she strategically combines financial consulting, with proven money management and business growth strategies.

    After spending 10 plus years in corporate America, helping to build the dreams of multimillion-dollar businesses as their “go-to numbers girl”, Octavia decided to ditch the 9 to 5 in 2011 and build her dream business instead.

    Recently awarded one of the Top 50 Cloud Accountants in North America, her bold and fearless decision to launch Say Yes To Profits has allowed her to help hundreds of businesses around the global align their business dreams with a financial strategy that enabled them to achieve financial abundance and accelerate business growth. She specializes in closing the financial gaps and located hidden money leaks in order to significantly increase cash flow and profit margins. . As a typical result, clients increase cash flow, boost profit margins and grow their business by 50% or more in six months.

    There is no denying - Octavia Conner is America’s leading expert on profit maximizing for small businesses. Are you ready to Say YES To Profits? Then connect with Octavia Conner today!

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/eb7a2cd0-aee9-11e9-9b92-6baa494feda2/stripped_7cd9a96c61bba906f211599a17fc0538.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5582675828.mp3 [size] => 9589028 [duration] => 684.93 [uid] => CSN5582675828 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/10/2018/6a0151b8f9c3cb047981ca0b20c8132c.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/eb7a2cd0-aee9-11e9-9b92-6baa494feda2/id3/fe77e2f209ee0289e1e95e82380f4eb4.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 399091 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/say-yes-to-profits/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Octavia Conner is a financial management strategist, speaker, author, and...
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    Rita Kakati Shah started her career at Goldman Sachs in London, where she has been a dedicated advocate for diversity and equality issues in the workplace. She was awarded the prestigious Excellence in Citizenship and Diversity Award for her outstanding contributions during her 10-year career at the firm. After a segue into the healthcare industry, Rita moved to New York City, took a career break to raise her children and now helms Uma, a company whose mission is empowering women to succeed at life and work after a career break or transition. Uma holds networking events that allow attendees to share valuable stories, lessons and contacts, and be part of a supportive community. Uma Academy workshops help polish skills in a constantly changing work environment, providing practical tools, clear career direction and emotional support. Finally, Umaships are curated job experiences with select companies across diverse fields, that help bridge the gap between current lifestyles and return to work. With offices in New York, London, and San Francisco, the community continues to grow every day. Rita has created an international movement by identifying pain points and challenging the status quo. From income disparity to paid family leave, she is not afraid of asking tough questions and making bold suggestions to help women succeed in life every day. Rita also advises companies on diversity, inclusion and retention strategy, and is a regular speaker at global events.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/ec1b85e4-aee9-11e9-9b92-1f0e80ac55a1/stripped_8f4fcdf52d8063e5814856789bb0ca0f.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3555635962.mp3 [size] => 15955173 [duration] => 997.2 [uid] => CSN3555635962 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/10/2018/4ffa0d4b2ee90a0105786f86e94c3104.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/ec1b85e4-aee9-11e9-9b92-1f0e80ac55a1/id3/7953ffc4ed99a888bc00c2ca79dbdbcf.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 399315 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/with-rita-kakati-shah/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Rita Kakati Shah started her career at Goldman Sachs in...
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    As co-founder and CEO, Natalie leads the direction, culture, and team happiness for Wildbit, makers of Beanstalk, Postmark and Conveyor. With 28 team members across 5 countries (15 cities) working on multi-million dollar products for developers, she’s proving that you can grow an extremely profitable business while focusing on shorter work days, an enjoyable work-from-anywhere environment, and staying small.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/ecae91f4-aee9-11e9-9b92-bb6103ad7ccb/stripped_d65439708c19dc3ca0d55133b719dc26.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2780350275.mp3 [size] => 14428160 [duration] => 1030.58 [uid] => CSN2780350275 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/10/2018/fb6919fb9032828c9036e5073af26e2c.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/ecae91f4-aee9-11e9-9b92-bb6103ad7ccb/id3/38a4a1425a533e4afb956f585b8cd077.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 397183 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/wildbit/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • As co-founder and CEO, Natalie leads the direction, culture, and...
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    Michele is a Colorado native and 2x entrepreneur with unyielding ambition and a strong drive for success. She is the co-founder and COO of RevoKind (Revolutionary Humankind) which is an intelligent internet infrastructure that uniquely combines blockchain and artificial intelligence into a spatially-mapped platform called the RevoVerse. Michele is passionate about social impact and the potential for blockchain to empower the individual. Recently named one of Colorado’s Top 20 Female Founders to Watch in 2018, she brings energy and enthusiasm to everything she does.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/ed386410-aee9-11e9-9b92-bbe144001929/stripped_e7e2526b080a3b56bcbf6c8ee4e07953.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN4793838528.mp3 [size] => 13818984 [duration] => 863.69 [uid] => CSN4793838528 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/10/2018/0e75ed238d12d9d07f9a94ba185df250.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/ed386410-aee9-11e9-9b92-bbe144001929/id3/6c97208cccd9c098137ee9c46ae68d1a.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 397515 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/blockchain/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Michele is a Colorado native and 2x entrepreneur with unyielding...
  • Array ( [id] => edbd7542-aee9-11e9-9b92-530e309d98ec [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T09:38:55.060-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-28T14:01:33.022-05:00 [title] => Argo Collective [pubdate] => 2018-09-28T12:22:03.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/edbd7542-aee9-11e9-9b92-530e309d98ec/image/SIMax-Masure-Disruptive-CEO-Nation.png?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => With Max Masure [summary] =>

    Max Masure (they/them) is a gender inclusion strategist and co-founder of Argo Collective. They train organizations to use creativity, empathy and collaboration to tackle gender inclusion challenges by helping them find actionable solutions for their own issues, combining the power of Design Thinking Methodology and their lived experience as a transgender nonbinary person.

    They started their career working as a User Experience and Design lead, guiding Design Thinking workshops for an array of organizations, from startups to Fortune 50 companies. They led Design Thinking workshops for the innovation departments of Essilor and Johnson & Johnson, worked with Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse on award-winning mobile banking tools and co-created the first online therapy app, Talkspace, which has successfully helped thousands of individuals connect with an online support system.

    At the time, they were perceived as a woman.

    When they started to live their life authentically as a transgender nonbinary person, it shifted their entire world. They realized that they could be the change and solve gender inclusion issues using their very unique perspective in the society. That’s how they co-founded Argo Collective.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/edbd7542-aee9-11e9-9b92-530e309d98ec/stripped_49db602759df0e0234f5f84786822fd7.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN3419926677.mp3 [size] => 21629387 [duration] => 1351.84 [uid] => CSN3419926677 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/09/2018/c251c76fdc2d4c23813a6da1305ddda3.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/edbd7542-aee9-11e9-9b92-530e309d98ec/id3/3d94bca7f9f5b1697157f8735b2fe6db.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 398889 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/argo-collective/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Max Masure (they/them) is a gender inclusion strategist and co-founder...
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    Kerstin Oberprieler is an entrepreneur, gamification expert, PhD students, and martial artist. She is Co-Founder of PentaQuest, a company that uses gamification to help clients improve productivity, staff engagement, and build positive culture. Kerstin is a sought-after expert in using gamification to motivate and nudge behavior, having spoken in various countries and even having spoken on the TEDx stage. Kerstin is also a black belt in 3 martial arts (and studying 2 more).

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/ee4cfc4e-aee9-11e9-9b92-379419e3edef/stripped_65de346065324693053127bcf08e81dc.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN8406838920.mp3 [size] => 15069936 [duration] => 941.87 [uid] => CSN8406838920 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/09/2018/507f1f591c39dff09d49b2492e2171bf.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/ee4cfc4e-aee9-11e9-9b92-379419e3edef/id3/5771c2cc5f27c03c9daa3ba170bd87c8.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 397333 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/pentaquest/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Kerstin Oberprieler is an entrepreneur, gamification expert, PhD students, and...
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    Colette Nataf is the CEO and Co-Founder at Lightning AI. Previously, Colette was a User Acquisition Manager at MileIQ. After the company was acquired by Microsoft, she managed the Demand Generation team at Intercom. Colette is now helping marketers scale their businesses through Facebook, Google AdWords, and other channels.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/ef1250c0-aee9-11e9-9b92-5347a3180505/stripped_4538d4f49136a9253c78e527a498f26c.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6559873724.mp3 [size] => 12555493 [duration] => 784.72 [uid] => CSN6559873724 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/09/2018/6c68946bb0149844535926e26bfce918.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/ef1250c0-aee9-11e9-9b92-5347a3180505/id3/085c96b2fb16f04ec283d013cee20eac.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 397019 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/lightning-ai/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Colette Nataf is the CEO and Co-Founder at Lightning AI....
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    Founder & CEO Gnatta

    Founder & Chairman FM Outsource

    Founded his first company in 2012, now runs two successful, profitable businesses with a combined turnover of £5m. Both have been built entirely self-financed, taking on no debt or external investment.

    He founded his first business due to the belief that the way customers and organizations communicate was broken – this has turned into a passion of his and he now runs a successful digital outsourcing firm and a successful technology business producing superior call center technology.

    Jack is a thought leader, regularly sharing his views on customer communication, and the customer service industry in general.

    A large part of Jack’s success so far has come from his focus on hiring the right talent (especially developers, initially a challenge for someone with no coding background) and creating the right culture for each business: one a 400 strong outsource operation and one a 30-strong tech team. His success in doing so has taken both companies to where they are today and his honest, engaging style has played a massive part in this.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/efb942c2-aee9-11e9-9b92-33ec9e756fd7/stripped_b3132f70d1df0e4d9b1961a73bf02ec5.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6579845189.mp3 [size] => 26158811 [duration] => 1634.93 [uid] => CSN6579845189 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/08/2018/a4bb1bc6e933b0e36cb34b80fb54a8d4.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/efb942c2-aee9-11e9-9b92-33ec9e756fd7/id3/847a84558767f31a4a8a894f5fad3109.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 398667 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/gnatta/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Founder & CEO Gnatta Founder & Chairman FM Outsource Founded...
  • Array ( [id] => f037dbb4-aee9-11e9-9b92-93c280307170 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T09:38:59.217-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-28T14:01:35.068-05:00 [title] => Success By Design [pubdate] => 2018-07-18T01:44:11.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/f037dbb4-aee9-11e9-9b92-93c280307170/image/vfJohn-Thompson-Disruptive-CEO-Nation.png?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => With John Thompson [summary] =>

    Success By Design: Designer Water “Embodies Alkaline Water Benefits”, Experts Say

    CENTURION, SOUTH AFRICA, May 7th, 2018 – While high PH alkaline water has long been regarded as a “miracle of nature” by those well-versed in holistic medicine, it’s been only recently that it’s become the subject of extensive scientific research. One prime example that is packed with “vitamins, bio-available minerals, antioxidants, and incredible healing properties” is Designer Water, the high alkaline pH bottled water produced using the best available filtering methods in Centurion, South Africa.

    “Water is the essence of life – but I dare say that this phrase should be more specific. High pH alkaline water is what provides the full spectrum of water’s life-enhancing qualities. Our micro-clustering technology ensures that each and every bottle we produce contains the highest quality high pH alkaline water, meaning its nutritional profile and amazing properties remain intact” said Mr. John Thompson, Founder and Managing Director, Designer Water.

    High pH alkaline water benefits have not gone unnoticed by celebrities, either. Mark Wahlberg, Hollywood’s highest paid actor, sat down with Mr. Thompson in December 2017 to discuss how alkaline water changed his life, and how he decided to make selling it one of his many business ventures.

    However, Mr. Thompson was quick to note that high pH alkaline water’s popularity has transcended the realm of exclusivity, seeing as people of all walks of life have come to embrace it as an inextricable part of their lifestyle.

    “We’ve received emails and video testimonials from people from all around the world who rave about the transformative ways with which high pH alkaline water has improved their health and overall well being. Whether they were looking to increase their mental clarity and focus or address the symptoms of various health conditions impacting their quality of life, our customers have stated, time and again, that they will be consuming Designer Water for life.”

    In addition to bottled high pH alkaline water, Designer Water further offers alkaline water products, alkaline water machines and water ionizers through its e-Shop.

    Those wishing to find out more about Designer Water products and its franchise opportunities can do so by visiting the company’s website or by calling 087-550-1231.

    To learn more about Designer Water, please visit: www.designerwater.co.za

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/f037dbb4-aee9-11e9-9b92-93c280307170/stripped_b4cb51c784b2bdf3fc9c64a2c2020e56.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN2938639241.mp3 [size] => 19899245 [duration] => 1421.37 [uid] => CSN2938639241 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/07/2018/7269f4eb37f7ff88280ff128fc19badd.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/f037dbb4-aee9-11e9-9b92-93c280307170/id3/d2db15f0b3759219f1f80ddcfc86e953.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 401443 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/success-by-design/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Success By Design: Designer Water “Embodies Alkaline Water Benefits”, Experts...
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    Brendan Ciecko is the founder and CEO of Cuseum.

    Ciecko founded Cuseum in 2014 with the mission of helping museums, public attractions, and nonprofits engage their visitors and members using the power of digital. Today, Cuseum works with over 100 cultural institutions around the globe, has raised over $1.4M in funding, and is backed by Techstars, one of the world's top startup accelerators.

    Prior to Cuseum, Ciecko started Ten Minute Media, an agency that specializes in digital media and creative services for the music entertainment industry. Since its official establishment in 2003, Ten Minute Media has acquired a flourishing list of clients including some of the biggest names in entertainment.

    Ciecko’s entrepreneurial career and projects have gained the attention of the national press. In October of 2008, Ciecko appeared on the cover of Inc. Magazine in the feature article, Cool, Determined, Under 30: Meet the brains behind America's smartest new companies. He has also appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, New York Times, The Guardian, BMW Magazine, Boston Globe, PC Magazine and was a national finalist of the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards. He holds two patents in the area of mobile technology.

    He currently sits on the Steering Committee of the Museum Council at Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Digital Advisory Board at the Neue Galerie New York, and Community Advisory Board for the Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts. Ciecko has also served on the Massachusetts "It's All Here" Advisory Board, Board of Washington Gateway Main Streets, Boston’s ONEin3 Council, and Regional Leadership Team of Technology for Obama.

    Ciecko's work has been exhibited at the Commonweath Museum in Boston, MA and is in the digital archives of the Klingspor Museum in Germany.

    Brendan currently lives in Boston, MA with his wife Elizabeth and their little dog Misiu.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/f0beecb2-aee9-11e9-9b92-078182b0700c/stripped_ca062e814480adbf0f402297768589f4.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6692613728.mp3 [size] => 22225815 [duration] => 1389.11 [uid] => CSN6692613728 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/07/2018/609fa9b8d1b587d02c2881a71269c5ad.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/f0beecb2-aee9-11e9-9b92-078182b0700c/id3/4aae6b0d66441517df8b4a8e2e1722e5.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 400309 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=46855 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Brendan Ciecko is the founder and CEO of Cuseum. Ciecko...
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    Amanda Curtis is the Co-founder and CEO of Nineteenth Amendment. As a fashion designer she went from New York Fashion Week designing for Richie Rich, DVF, and A-list celebrities to bringing a solo designed collection all the way at London Fashion Week in her first season.

    Nineteenth Amendment is the result of the collision of the fashion and tech worlds; a platform & business model that gives brands a smart way break into the fashion industry with the least amount of time, effort, and money (what she calls Stiletto-Strapping), while growing domestic manufacturing and bringing amazing, undiscovered fashion from the runway to closets of fashion lovers. This 'fashion-as-experience' has led to partnerships with over 500 fashion brands across 30 countries, and global companies like Disney, Macy's, Microsoft, and Dell.

    Amanda is Forbes' 30 Under 30 2016 for Retail & E-commerce, Apparel Magazine's 30 Under 30 2016, and the National Retail Federation's Person Changing Retail's Future 2018. She is a mentor with Techstars and AOL's Built by Girls.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/f1447184-aee9-11e9-9b92-1f5c1865624b/stripped_6265ea7676a5bfa4ef5714ec4da3291e.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN6550784800.mp3 [size] => 19917165 [duration] => 1422.65 [uid] => CSN6550784800 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/07/2018/b5b274d2a06793460ad2b09b1103d438.mp3 [bitrate] => 112 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/f1447184-aee9-11e9-9b92-1f5c1865624b/id3/a813c03711147674b03b83587f39a6b2.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 398549 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/nineteenth-admentment/ [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Amanda Curtis is the Co-founder and CEO of Nineteenth Amendment....
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    Expert in PR. Public Relations and Growth Hacking. Founder of several multi-million dollar Internet 1000 retailers, including CanvasPop.com. Also launched top 1% iOS app PopKey. 500 Startups mentor. I can help you get massive exposure and launch your product right. I’ve been featured dozens of times in Techcrunch, Mashable, CNN, The Verge, WIRED and my products have appeared on CSI:NY, Today Show, Good Morning America, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and many more. I've helped my companies generate 100's of millions of free media impressions. I know how to help you get in front of the right journalists, at the right time with the right angle. I also will help you get traction quickly and generate revenue. I love working with and helping entrepreneurs like you kick ass.

    [audioFile] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/f1c39d9c-aee9-11e9-9b92-4f0de887b3b4/stripped_8222a88bccd5b6d830aa44d2b0796613.mp3 [downloadUrl] => http://traffic.megaphone.fm/CSN5417231776.mp3 [size] => 22319020 [duration] => 1394.94 [uid] => CSN5417231776 [originalUrl] => https://www.podetize.com/statsapi/www.podetize.com/wp-content/uploads/fileuploads/10-acd3f501b55d8a1eca54de5027f540dd/06/2018/a9bd854ea1ea40571107376f68842b03.mp3 [bitrate] => 128 [samplerate] => 44100 [channelMode] => stereo [vbr] => [audioFileProcessing] => [podcastId] => db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd [preCount] => 1 [postCount] => 1 [insertionPoints] => Array ( ) [id3File] => https://megaphone-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/podcasts/db966f68-aee9-11e9-9dea-bb4214dba2fd/episodes/f1c39d9c-aee9-11e9-9b92-4f0de887b3b4/id3/8f9c0e0f06aa05de9da92ae75ce138e9.mp3 [id3FileProcessing] => [id3FileSize] => 397941 [parentId] => [guid] => https://www.podetize.com/?p=46352 [pubdateTimezone] => [originalFilename] => [preOffset] => 0.0 [postOffset] => 0.0 [spotifyIdentifier] => [expectedAdhash] => [audioFileUpdatedAt] => [draft] => [externalId] => [customFields] => )
  • Expert in PR. Public Relations and Growth Hacking. Founder of...
  • Array ( [id] => f2379094-aee9-11e9-9b92-131c029d84a6 [createdAt] => 2019-07-25T09:39:02.571-05:00 [updatedAt] => 2019-08-28T14:01:36.890-05:00 [title] => Growth Catalyst [pubdate] => 2018-06-13T02:00:00.000-05:00 [author] => [imageFile] => https://megaphone.imgix.net/podcasts/f2379094-aee9-11e9-9b92-131c029d84a6/image/SWKurt-Uhlir-Disruptive-CEO-Nation.png?ixlib=rails-2.1.2 [explicit] => [episodeType] => full [seasonNumber] => [episodeNumber] => [subtitle] => With Kurt Uhlir [summary] =>

    Kurt Uhlir is a growth catalyst - generating over $10 billion in value for investors and clients, with a personal mission to help grow the new generation of passionate leaders.

    Kurt's recognized track record as a successful serial (and parallel) entrepreneur, investor and strategic advisor allows him to help spectacular companies reach their next stage of growth. He is known for building and operating businesses from start-up to over $500M annual revenue, building teams across six continents, an IPO ($880M) and multiple acquisitions.

    Kurt has particular expertise in driving product experience and technology vision, increasing the customer base while lowering acquisition cost, reducing monthly churn, and increasing ARPU and lifetime value. He is the lead inventor of disruptive technologies in 4 industries, including being recognized by leading publications such as TechCrunch for three foundational patents covering Waze, check-in/location services (e.g. Foursquare, Facebook, etc.), and location-based advertising. In addition, Kurt co-founded Sideqik - one of the first influencer marketing platforms.

    As a Keynote Speaker, Kurt has spoken to thousands of people at both private and public events. He speaks all over the world at conferences, corporate retreats, and professional associations on topics such as "Thriving in the Age of Industry Disruption and Technology", "Increasing Your Cadence as an Entrepreneur", "Thriving in the Influence Economy", Influencer Marketing, Autonomous Vehicles and more. Conferences consistently rank him in the top 10% of all speakers.

    Toss in a history of dozens of outside and internal startups/skunkworks, some fun outside hobbies and a strong bent for serving to know more of why he jumps out of bed every morning.

    After taking 18 months on sabbatical, Kurt is actively working with a number of high-growth companies and organizations. You can read more about his journey at kurtuhlir.com

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  • Kurt Uhlir is a growth catalyst - generating over $10...

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EXECUTIVE COACH + GLOBAL BUSINESS LEADER ADVISOR. SPEAKER. AUTHOR. GUIDING SMART PEOPLE TO GROW INFLUENCE & CREATE OPPORTUNITIES Over 30 years, I have had the opportunity to work with fantastic organizations, impressive individuals and key industry leaders across six continents. Sitting in the corner office in both corporate and non-profit environments, I’ve attained, delivered and coached success in both the C-Suite and international board rooms. My diverse experience has provided cross-cultural insights into the talents, skills and measures required by individuals not only to get to the top, but to THRIVE at the pinnacle of business… And now I am happy to share that knowledge and support you in your quest for influence, empowerment, and ultimately success.

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