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Brain Fitness

SoulPhysio Wellness is an Integrative Brain Health Clinic located in Irvine, CA. Our owner is a recovering addict who has been able to find tremendous success in his life using tools such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, exercise, and more to live a brain healthy lifestyle. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Neuropsychology, and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Ayurvedic and Integrative Medicine. On the Brain Fitness Podcast, we will be covering topics including meditation, yoga, nutrition, spirituality, mental health, and much more. The general focus will be around how we are able to build healthier brains by living a healthy life. Recent research has emerged on how the brain is able to rebuild itself through a process called Neuroplasticity. We will take time to break down this complex process and talk about how to incorporate simple tools throughout the course of the day to optimize brain function.