C-Suite Network™

High Intent Traffic

$7,500.00 / month



The High Intent Traffic program is an amazing way to optimize your marketing budget, and it is available as a service from our technical team leveraging big-date, predictive analytics, AI and more!

Designed to test and validate!

We can help you create and manage very complex marketing programs designed with your KPI in-mind. This is a full managed program, and may require additional spend to maximize opportunity. The $7500/mo fee includes the plan, service fees and access to the technology as well as $4000 in paid spending. ON SUCCESS you will probably want to spend more and we manage that up to $30k a month.(10% Agency Fee Applies over the base monthly fee as needed).


SAMPLE #1: Health Care has a unique challenge if you are marketing to doctors, providers or HCP’s we have developed a HIT that allows us to identify HCP’s and push paid marketing to their access points, creating efficiency in marketing unlike any other.

SAMPLE #2: If you have a competitor or an event that you want to tag potential clients and retarget to those that were tagged for years to come we have tech to do that also.

The goal of this program is to help you make more out of the budget you already spend, creating savings and allowing for more spending and profit to follow.

If you are ready to take your marketing spend to the next level and are already spending $25,000/ a month or more in advertising this might be perfect for you.

Includes very detailed reporting, along with analysis and monthly strategy sessions for long-term success.


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