C-Suite Network™

Authority Builder Program

$12,500.00 / month



Long gone are the days of “BUILD IT THEY WILL COME”! Today’s Digital Environment requires a ton of work, represented by all the energy, time, and effort most businesses. have put into their digital presence. Unfortunately, that will only get you so far. In fact, our data shows that less than 60% of the algorithm is responding to things you can control on your website, and the rest are signals, triggers, and other off-site assets that make up the rest.

The landscape has changed, and we have had to change with it. Fortunately, we have a program that can assist you with your goals.

This requires a ton of creativity and leverages our team’s decades of successful businesses to meet the needs of this ever-changing landscape.


  • Business Review
  • Optimization Session with our CIO
  • 3rd Party Niche Delivery Systems
  • On-Page Optimization guidance (2 hours a month)
  • Creation of required assets optimized for High Intent Targets

We have the ability to leverage your current content as well, but if new content is required that would be an additional expense.

If your are interested in this service we require you to purchase a KEY WORD ROAD MAP, which will allow us to review where you and and make sure this service is right for you! IF NOT you only pay for the Road Map that will allow you to plan your future growth, if we engage the fee for the road map is deducted from the first months AUTHORITY fee.

First Month will be $10,000 each additional month will be the full $12,500 (if you purchase the KeyWord Roadmap)