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Thom Singer

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CEO at the Austin Technology Council. Working with the best thought leaders and visionary entrepreneurs to promote and support the Austin Tech Community.

My life’s work is to share the power in business relationships, trust, and accountability. I have spent 15 years speaking to corporate and association audiences about how to cultivate meaningful connections.

As a speaker, I help people make REAL connections and find more success. Business friendships (inside you company and outside your company) are the path to more opportunities. Organizations that care about employee retention should rethink how they look at the relationships that exist between employees, clients, vendors, and others in their industries.

It was 1991 when I moved to Austin for a job. The intention was to remain in Texas for for three years. But soon after my wife and I arrived in the state Capital, we realized the growth oriented attitude and entrepreneurial spirit of the city made it a great place to live and raise a family.

After a successful career in business development for law firms, banks, and consulting firms I started my own business as a keynote speaker and trainer for corporate and association meetings in 2009.

During the pandemic I joined the team at Stanton Chase International, a leading executive search firm assisting companies to grow their senior executive teams.

In everything I do, I am passionate about the power of community and collaboration. I believe that adding one person to your inner circle is more powerful than adding 1000 people to social media.

My first job was working as a busboy at “The Big Yellow House Restaurant” in Monrovia, CA. It was in this early employment that I learned the importance of customizing my work for whomever I had the honor to serve. Between the vast number of customers dining in the restaurant, to the three or four wait-staff I assisted each night, it became clear that making personal connections and being engaged with other people leads to more success.

My wife, Sara, and I are proud Austinites and are the parents of two highly-spirited adult daughters (and soon one math genius son-in-law).

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