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Tawnya Landis, a seasoned business leader and entrepreneur since 2001, has been at the forefront of integrating wellness and lifestyle transformation with business success. As a certified coach specializing in lifestyle-fitness and wellness, Tawnya has dedicated her career to guiding individuals and professionals in achieving holistic success, balancing personal well-being with professional growth.

Her journey as a business owner has been marked by a commitment to fostering healthy, sustainable lifestyles. This dedication is not only reflected in her work with individual clients but also in her strategic approach to business leadership. Tawnya’s expertise lies in her ability to seamlessly blend health and wellness principles with effective business strategies, creating a unique pathway for entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve work-life harmony.

In her current role as the visionary behind the Business Freedom Forum, Tawnya leverages her extensive experience to empower busy professionals. The forum provides a platform for them to achieve professional excellence without sacrificing their personal values and priorities. It represents her commitment to redefining success, advocating for a balanced approach where business achievements and personal fulfillment coexist.

Tawnya’s professional journey is a testament to her multifaceted expertise. From pioneering wellness initiatives to steering strategic business developments, her work encompasses a broad spectrum of disciplines including health and fitness training, corporate wellness, lifestyle coaching, and women’s health. Her approach is holistic, addressing the physical, emotional, and strategic aspects of well-being and business acumen.

As an entrepreneur, wife, and mother, Tawnya embodies the balance she advocates for. She continues to inspire and guide individuals towards their best selves, both in personal health and professional achievement.

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