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Tamien Dysart

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Tamien Dysart, a seasoned professional with over 16 years in the financial industry, stands as the co-founder and CEO of Think 3D Solutions. Renowned for his prowess in cultivating and sustaining high-performing cultures, Tamien embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship by launching Think 3D in 2016.

Throughout his extensive career, Tamien earned a distinguished reputation for elevating team performance and engagement while simultaneously curbing attrition and mitigating the negative impacts of poor organizational culture. Drawing upon the wealth of experience garnered from shaping multiple high-performing and sustainable cultures, Tamien, in collaboration with a longtime friend and partner, established Think 3D Solutions.

At the helm of Think 3D Solutions, Tamien leads a dynamic team committed to providing organizational coaching, leadership development, and training to businesses and organizations of all sizes. The primary mission of Think 3D Solutions is to construct intentional and sustainable cultures that drive optimal performance.

Tamien is a firm believer in the philosophy that personal growth benefits not only the individual but also the broader community. In addition to his role as CEO, he dedicates his time to mentoring and accountability small groups, as well as facilitating small executive coaching groups. Here, he imparts his proven methods for achieving both personal and professional success to emerging leaders and young professionals.

Beyond his professional commitments, Tamien is an active leader and spokesperson in the community. Currently, he serves on the Sioux Empire Leadership Council and holds an executive board position with the Greater Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce. Through his multifaceted contributions, Tamien Dysart continues to exemplify a commitment to excellence, leadership, and the betterment of both individuals and communities.