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Susan Younger

C-Suite Leader Since:

Growth, Personal Development, Leadership


Whether working with a staff, independent contractors, and/or consultants, how leaders engage teams to produce services and products is crucial to their productivity and bottom line; especially when coordination of teams involves people working from various locations and time zones. With decades of experience in different environments and multiple industries, Susan K Younger has consistently created profitable results within timelines and budgets. Her ability to engage and empower teams to work together effectively and efficiently has been recognized and rewarded.

Working from inside a large corporation or from a design firm consulting with a corporation, the coordination of outside vendors had been integral to making success happen. Susan led teams that were building and renovating department stores including Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s.

She has worked independently as a consultant for the past 20 years with various clients including Sephora, CallisonRTKL, and GENPACT.

Her skills to deal with the diversity of people have given her a depth of experience few business leaders acquire. She uses the word simple to define how she works and lives life.

Susan K Younger became a Certified and  Licensed B.A.N.K. Trainer in 2015 and in 2020 added Certified B.A.N.K. IOS Coach to her services. By combining her diverse background in architecture, retail management, and massage therapy with B.A.N.K. methodology to give businesses the missing link. B.A.N.K. ’s  scientifically validated tools provide the secret, the science, and system to solve problems she had seen in sales conversations and communication between individuals in life and in business.

Contact Susan to discuss how simple changes in how your team is engaged can add profit to the bottom line and create a work environment of empowered participants.

Susan has been an executive member of The C-Suite Network and Lone Star Council since August 2020. She is an Esteemed Faculty Member of C-Suite Network Women’s Leadership Council and in October, 2020 she joined the Thought Council of The C-Suite Network.

Susan was given the award B.A.N.K. Nation Ambassador in January 2021 at the Codebreaker Technologies BANKICON Conference.