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Sheila Rondeau

C-Suite Leader Since:


CEO / CMO / Marketing Strategist


* Driven and experienced executive with expert proficiency in providing unsurpassed leadership and revenue growth in dynamic, fast paced, competitive business environments; fully capable of leading a full array of enterprise marketing responsibilities, as well as general business operations, building foundations enabling the company to scale for growth.

* Architected strategic partnerships with key clients such as Toyota, Budweiser, PepsiCo, Walmart, State Farm, CVS, Kellogg’s, Optimum-Nutrition, General Motors, Macy’s, Essence, GSK, Monsanto, Diageo, Colgate, Rite Aid, P&G, Corona, Pedigree, M&M Mars, Sony, Bacardi, Mike’s, Bel Brands, Activision, Ben & Jerry’s, Discover, Pfizer, Highmark Health and Clinique.

* Skilled in the successful application of innovative marketing strategies that enable sustained growth, expand revenue, elevate brand awareness, and improve customer acquisition; extensive experience working with industry leading brands on experiential marketing campaigns.

* Accomplished strategist with a history of leading initiatives that spark significant gains in efficiency, productivity, and operational effectiveness.

* Well versed in leveraging superior communications skills and interpersonal savvy to establish relationships of trust to drive sales and exceed corporate objectives.

Areas of Expertise:
* Marketing Leadership
* Fortune 500 Client Base
* Key Advisor to Stakeholders
* Team Leadership
* Marketing Collateral
* Digital/Social Media Campaigns

Career Achievements:
* MOGXP – Serves in interim CMO roles to provide a cost-effective leadership solution to small to mid-sized companies

* MOGXP – Secures clients that include major Fortune 500 brands across multiple industries, encompassing Toyota, GSK, Kellogg’s, Optimum-Nutrition, General Motors, Macy’s, Essence, CVS, Monsanto, Diageo, Walmart, Colgate and Rite Aid

* Gigunda Group – Executed mobile marketing tours, pop-up retail stores, public relations stunts, sampling programs, retail promotions, and digital and social media campaigns.