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Scott Schilling, The Authentic Connector, is a Media Host, Executive Coach, and International Trainer / Speaker, who brings a unique combination of 35+ years of life experience in coaching, sales, marketing and training to corporations, business owners, entrepreneurs, & individuals.

He has presented at over 3,000 live events sharing the stage with General Colin Powell, Suze Orman, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Steven Forbes and many more selling Millions of Dollars in products from the stage, through infomercials, and live events.

As an Internationally accomplished & entertaining presenter, Scott has spoken to hundreds of thousands of attendees across a range of industries. Scott brings a wealth of knowledge & expertise to the airwaves, stages, board rooms, podiums, & print.

Scott is a highly sought-after Executive Coach & Business Expert because of the results he produces. His training propelled one client’s business to grow from approximately $8 million annually to almost $100 million in just under six years.

Scott’s Life Purpose is: To Inspire & Empower others to serve humanity through living their life’s purpose in Spirit, Love & Joy!


James Malinchak | Business & Motivational Speaker | Marketing Consultant |


If you’re ready to take your business and life to higher levels and sustain continuous
growth and improvement, then you must work with my friend Scott. Here’s the great
thing about Scott – he focuses on getting you rapid results by getting you laser focused,
cutting you through the clutter and inspiring you to produce outcomes!

And Scott comes from the heart and truly cares about making a positive difference in the lives of
others! Do yourself a favor and work with Scott today! You’ll be so grateful you did!

Charmaine Hammond | Professional Speaker | Author | Consultant |


Inspiring! Engaging! Content Rich! and Funny! If you are looking for a speaker that
leaves the audience good gossiping long after the event ends, that would be Scott
Schilling. I recently had the opportunity to hear Scott speak at the Business
Excellence event and was beyond impressed! I highly recommend Scott to event hosts
and meeting planners looking for an exceptional speaker.

Jeff Sheehan | Speaker | Author | Connector | Digital Marketing And Sales Pro |


I’m glad that Scott’s plans for a speaking gig at another location were recently cancelled
and that he was able to speak at the book publishing seminar that I was attending. It
was great hearing him speak and meeting him. I was extremely impressed with his
speaking abilities. He was engaging, entertaining, informative, and a great storyteller.

I can understand why he is a sought-after speaker and seminar facilitator. I hope that I
have the opportunity to hear Scott speak again. I know that I will benefit from attending
and will learn a lot from a real master of the craft. I would highly suggest that if you hear
about an upcoming presentation by Scott that you make every effort to attend. You will
not be disappointed!

Victoria Trabosh | Philanthropist | Entrepreneur | Team Leader | Sales Trainer | Consultant | Speaker | Author | Radio Host |


I met Scott after interviewing him on my radio show, Smart Women Talk Radio. Though
he wasn’t a typical guest, aka a woman (!) he was excellent in both the information he
delivered as well as his delivery. As I listened to him, I realized I wanted to hire him as
my next coach.

In the months we’ve been working together the greatest value he brings me is in his
ability to distill the stories and issues in my business and life into lessons that linger long
after the story is told. Clarity, focus, faith, and trust in the process have all been
deepened through our weekly calls.

I unconditionally recommend Scott if you’re looking for a coach that will challenge you
to own your deepest held beliefs, take action on your biggest dreams, and want a
partner who believes that the best is yet to come.

L. Scott Ferguson | Podcast | Coach | Influencer |


That Sucks, Now What? Is the title of my good friend and a person I immensely respect,
Scott Schilling’s latest book. Scott is a fantastic coach, speaker and author. Scott’s
passion for helping individuals and companies Level UP is on full display daily. Scott has
personally overcome a health scare that would take the wind out of the sails of normal
people, but Scott used the experience to excel and help others.

I had the opportunity to interview Scott on my Time To Shine Today podcast (EPISODE 289)
www.TimeToShineToday.com/podcast/ScottSchilling. Scott’s energy and Knowledge
Nuggets that he provided the squad of listeners was nothing short of amazing. Scott is a
giant whose shoulders I’m currently standing upon to Level UP!

Jack Canfield | America's #1 Success Coach |


Scott Schilling’s Heart-Centered Approach to Selling is exactly what this country and the world needs right now. Coming from the heart with the intention to serve, rather than to simply get, is not only more fulfilling; it is more effective. Being a go-giver rather than a go-getter is the new paradigm for where we are. People want to be sincerely served, not sold. They want to be truly cared for, not taken advantage of.

Scott is a master at this because this is where he lives from. His ability to teach his heart-centered approach to selling and to life is inspiring. Scott has presented his heart-centered approach to enrollment and sales at several of my seminars, and the participants were thrilled and enthusiastic about what they learned. I highly recommend his books, audio-programs and seminars.”

T. Harv Eker | #1 N.Y. Times Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind |


Scott Schilling has rocked the house multiple times on my stages. He comes from the Heart, presents with passion and demonstrates the very sales skills he teaches. His “90 Second Sales Tips” detail how anyone can achieve the sales results they desire by putting these quick, easy and effective lessons into action

Keith Cunningham | Entrepreneurial Expert | Author of Keys to the Vault |


Scott is the Master in the Art and Science of selling. I have seen him in action dozens of times and I am in awe of what he does and how he does it…. and even more impressive are the consistent results he gets. Even though it looks like magic, Scott knows exactly what he is doing and now he is willing to teach you the secrets he has spent years perfecting. Ignore Scott’s wisdom and teaching at your peril.

Michael Hutchison | Founder InCruises.com |


I am honored to have known Scott Schilling since 2008. I was fortunate to attend several of Scott’s Selling Courses and I recall making the following observations:

Scott Schilling is a consummate gentleman and he prepares himself like a professional athlete. Scott is passionate about making a measurable difference in the quality of people’s lives. Scott’s energy, passion and enthusiasm are infectious and his sales business wisdom is unparalleled.

Anyone at any level will learn how to raise their sales game through Scott’s proven sales methodology and tips. Anyone seeking to become stronger sales leaders will benefit from Scott’s unique expertise in the art, craft and magic of selling.

Dr. Gilles Lamarche | Vice President of Advancement Life University |


Scott Schilling has spent decades studying and perfecting his art, and in doing so has become a true master of relationship building. In his new book Heart Centered Selling: Grounded in Purpose—Implemented with Passion!

Scott provides a strong position for how the power of the human spirit, based in service, is the way to improve the world condition. Scott is one who truly embodies the principle “Loving service – my first technique.” I have experienced personally, now it’s your turn.