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Sam Winkles

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"Harmony in Partnership, Triumph in Dreams"


Sam Winkles, a Navy Veteran with years of management experience with Verizon, experienced a serendipitous reunion with his high school sweetheart, Anita, after 17 years apart. This rekindled connection ignited a shared ambition to build their dreams together, redirecting their focus from working on someone else’s aspirations. Venturing into Real Estate investing, they skillfully employed Other People’s Money (OPM), liberating themselves from the conventional rat race.

Their journey culminated in a significant accolade, as Sam and Anita were recognized as Hall of Fame investors in 2019. This prestigious acknowledgment highlighted their exceptional achievements in the realm of Real Estate investing, further solidifying their position as industry leaders. Transitioning into coaching and mentoring, they became passionate advocates for empowering new investors on their financial journeys.

Elevating their expertise, Sam and Anita expanded into commercial finance, now proud owners of a commercial finance company. Their lending services span over 30 diverse categories, supported by a robust network of over a hundred funding sources. This venture stands as a testament to their strategic financial acumen and unwavering commitment to facilitating diverse and impactful real estate investments. Sam and Anita’s story serves as an inspiring narrative, illustrating the transformative power of deliberate financial decisions and the pursuit of shared dreams.

Sam has become known as a go-to resource for real estate investing, business lending and an esteemed mentor and trainer.