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Heyyy, I’m Robbie Walls,  I coach female entrepreneurs to grow their business through my own mistakes and those of my greatest examples.   I get you out of second gear and help your business get to full speed.   Stop spinning tires and take control again.  Fall back in love with your business and turn that excitement into revenue.

If you feel like your business is declining and you’re not sure what to do, I’m here.   In fact, I’ve been there. I had to find my way through struggles and come back again and again, just like many of the professional women I interview on my podcast.

Together, we’ll work on bolstering you for new success.   You’ll look at your unique strengths and what you can do to be resilient in life and business.   I’ll also give you tools and strategies that can work for your business right away.

When you work with me, you’ll rediscover what’s possible and push your boundaries and your business further than you’ve imagined before.   Tackle roadblocks, change your mindset, and focus on the success you can achieve.

After working with me, you’ll have a better grasp on your business and yourself.   You will know what it feels like to be confident in the direction you’re taking and see the results that come from that confidence.

It’s time to stop focusing on what’s holding you back.

It’s time to get bold.
With my coaching, your bold life starts today!  www.BoldGirlBiz.com
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Robbie is founder of The Walls Speak, author of 180* Momentum and co-author in The Power of the Platform: Speakers On Purpose.  She hosts a weekly podcast called Bold Girl Biz where she empowers women entrepreneurs to find their place and power through failures, setbacks and disappointments in business.

Robbie spent 15 years teaching elementary school when one day, while writing on the chalkboard, she stopped mid-sentence, turned to her classroom and Said, “I’m done”!  She suddenly realized “What” she was doing was out of alignment of “Who” she wanted to become.

As a widow and mother of three, she made a drastic shift to leave the classroom to leading women to find there alignment in life, discover their inner strength and be Bold!

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