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Rhett Ullmann

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CMO of MELT Music & Media Agency. Co-Founder, HYPED Coin & BlockPerks NFT Marketplace


Rhett is an entrepreneur and marketeer who focuses on influencer marketing and NFT licensing. He has managed the social media channels for influencers across a number of industries, such as hip-hop, thought leadership, E-Sports, and cryptocurrency. He is the CMO of his family’s Web3 marketing & IP licensing agency, MELT Music & Media Agency, which fuses tech and strategy to generate wealth & celebrity. MELT is the first company to do an artist ICO, NFT drop, and fundraiser all in one and is one of the leading names in NFT licensing and influencer marketing.

Rhett is Co-Founder of BlockPerks NFT, a creator first marketplace on Harmony and the first HRC20 to do a KYC compliant IDO. BlockPerks caters towards influencers and fans alike by allowing creators to capture the value they generate via creator NFTs.

Rhett Ullmann is also a Co-Founder of HYPED Coin, the first ever social token ticketing company run on a blockchain. HYPED corners the phygital event market by implementing digital experiences and token gated streaming into IRL events.

Having gotten his start in apparel, Rhett was introduced to the world of influencer marketing through his start ups, where he worked with celebrity influencers, like Waka Flocka and Mark Healey, at just 16 years old. Rhett was also the co-host of the Reel Heroes Mentorship series, where he spoke with industry leaders like Tommy Hilfiger, Daymond John, and Steve Forbes. Now, he is the host of C-Suite Radio’s Do More, Be Better podcast, where he interviews industry leaders, influencers, and disruptors across a plethora of fields, and talks about business strategies and opportunities for maximizing revenue.

If you’re looking for help monetizing your personal brand or you want to enter the NFT space and want to discuss strategy, contact him through LinkedIn and schedule a consultation.

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