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CEO & Founder, Ullmann Miami


Visionary brand strategist Rhett Ullmann founded and leads the full-service advertising agency, Ullmann Miami, which specializes in licensing, IP monetization, influencer marketing, brand development, and partnerships. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, Ullmann Miami assists their clients to excel in the digital world.

Rhett has generated millions in sales and attributions during his time as CMO of MELT Music & Media Agency. His expertise in talent management and marketing allowed him to work with high-profile clients like Nic Roldan (#1 polo player in the U.S.) and the multi award winning music sensations, Echosmith, among a plethora of others. His expertise has also allowed him to partake in a number of high profile digital asset campaigns, such as the Banksy “Spy Booth” and McLaren NFT launches.

At TokenGate, Rhett partnered with Playboy models and 8-figure CEOs to pioneer token gated access to the entertainment industry via blockchain. As VP of Business Development & Partnerships, he led the rebrand from HYPED to TokenGate, guided the shift from DAO model to company model, and procured talent with followings in the multi-millions for various events and promotions.

During his time at MELT and BlockPerks (the NFT marketplace he co-founded and helped raise a quarter million dollars for) Rhett was awarded Top 100 Marketing Influencer in 2021. He has been featured in Thrive Global, Yahoo! Finance, & countless podcasts for his innovative work in Web3, social media marketing, and brand strategy.

As a former World Championship sailor for Team USA, Rhett knows what superior performance looks like. If you’re looking for a digital marketing expert who can bridge the gap between your brand and the world of emerging technology, you’ve come to the right place. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Rhett and his dedicated team at Ullmann Miami are more than ready to take your brand to the next level. Let them help you make your digital dreams a reality.

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