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The Human AI and Innovation Guide - Building Careers & Cultures for Sustainable Success!


Rebecca Murtagh is a Human AI Evangelist and futurist passionate about empowering leaders to awaken the genius within themselves and their teams to transform goals and dreams into reality and sustainable success.

“The biggest disruption in human history created by digital transformation, the Singularity, and AI, creates new challenges – and opportunities – for leaders.”
-Rebecca Murtagh

Rebecca draws from 30 years of experience working with executives managing startups and tech companies to global consumer brands. Her real-world insight from working with leaders across many industries from Silicon Valley and Fortune 500, to Main Street U.S.A., and beyond, enables her to guide innovative leaders that are serious (and excited!) about preparing for the future.

Rebecca’s fresh perspective and timely guidance is invaluable to executives seeking success and sustainability for their career and organization in an ever-changing landscape.

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What is Human AI?
Rebecca has authored two books related to the topic of Human AI:

Crowd Success®: Welcome to the Age of Human AI
This book introduces the concept of ‘Human AI’ to the world and explains how humans can leverage concepts like quantum mechanics, and laws of nature, to create a whole (artificial intelligence) completely different, and greater than the sum of its parts (people).

Success and the Genius Within: Your Guide to Human AI, the Future of Work, Innovation and Creativity Amidst the Greatest Disruption in Human History
( Video, pre-order and executive coaching packages available via crowdfunding campaign: pszr.co/kYTTG )

This book explains the mandate created by the greatest disruption in human history (digital transformation) for individuals to operate from the highest version of themselves to collaborate, innovate, and achieve sustainable success.

Her previous book:
‘Million Dollar Websites: Build a Better Website Using Best Practices of the Web Elite in E-Business, Design, SEO, Usability, Social, Mobile and Conversion”

is a non-technical business guide to the most visible asset of a brand: the website.

Based on her 20 years of experience as an internet pioneer and innovator in e-business, e-commerce, SEO and all things related to digital marketing, this book became a valuable reference for executives, business owners, marketers, a text for college students studying web design and development. and distributed by event operators to attendees at various industry events.

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