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I’m a dynamic entrepreneurial sales professional with over 30 years of experience and am passionate about helping businesses to save money while providing the best healthcare experience for their internal clients.

I’ve worked in many different industries and professions, which gives me unique insights into what makes many companies unique in a way that would not be possible without my life experience. I am also a member of the C-Suite Network’s prestigious Hero Club, the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, and am active in many local events and in giving back to the community.

At Benefixa, I help companies better manage their healthcare costs by applying NextGen strategies that look at managing healthcare benefits in a fundamentally different way. We play offense on healthcare! I also align my company’s financial interests with those of my customers, who include AT&T, American Express, the Uniform Firefighters Association, and many small businesses.

My NextGen approach helps company executives understand their healthcare benefits as a supply chain that can be managed and optimized, rather than as a single vendor, blackbox expense they cannot control. My goal is to provide customers with the best healthcare benefits at the lowest cost. To do that, I consult with them to review their healthcare needs, determine savings goals, analyze risk tolerance and company culture, and optimize as much of the healthcare supply chain as desired.

If you are interested in better managing your company’s healthcare costs while simultaneously improving your employees’ healthcare experience let’s connect.