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Peggy ONeill

C-Suite Leader Since:

Growth, Personal Development, Management, Human Resources

Inclusion and Empowerment Strategist


Meet Peggy O’Neill standing 3′ 8″,  a keynote speaker, corporate diversity trainer, coach and author of 5 books. With a presence the size of a redwood tree, Peggy is quite a striking juxtaposition.

 Overcoming adversity is no stranger to Peggy. She’s had a lifetime of grappling with continual teasing, bias, rejection, physical limitations and more. Now, she offers her expertise in “triumphing over”, in this time of COVID and the ensuing devastating difficulties. Inspired by another “mighty” character in a small package, Peggy boldly states, “Here I am to save the day!”

Becoming a master of resiliency, optimism, empathy, bridging differences, and speaking up, Peggy has achieved both outer success and inner peace. She has found her way … living an impactful, amazing, and fulfilling life.

Peggy’s aim is to support you, your team or your entire organization in strengthening abilities that enhance courage, confidence, heart, innovation and camaraderie- all of which increase productivity and profits!