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Nathan Kievman

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Marketing, Sales, Strategy

10918, 10929, 10932

The Key to Executive Engagement


Nathan Kievman stands at the forefront of digital strategy as the co-founder and CEO of CLEARLIGHT Growth, where his innovative approach has helped over 300 companies generate over 100,000 executive sales meetings over the past 13 years to accelerate their growth, leading to sustainable executive sales pipelines, increased enterprise value, and exits of their businesses. Nathan is renowned for his executive copywriting skills and for connecting businesses with their top-tier decision-makers in ways that the market engages and responds to. Nathan believes you are only one key relationship away from transforming your life forever.
Nathan’s background as a former collegiate baseball player and Division 1 coach is complimented by two master’s degrees in business and sports administration, as well as an MLB scout school certificate. Although Nathan spent a great deal of time playing baseball through college, he spent as much studying the cultures and religions of the world. Accordingly, his college thesis was about mastering relationships—with God, with your neighbors, and with yourself. This internal curiosity was sourced from an out-of-body experience Nathan had at the age of 16. Today, Nathan spends his time building businesses, traveling the world, learning about cultures and people, and somehow finding the time to coach and spend time with his four children while enjoying the journey with his beautiful co-founder and wife, Leah.

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