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Mona Vogele is a classically trained musician, former radio DJ, and veteran leader and trainer from Southwest Airlines with 20+ years of leadership and training experience. She understands the art of building an epic leadership team and what it takes behind the curtain to retain that top talent year after year. Mona’s speaking engagements and teachings ring with the fervent message that success isn’t just about spearheading an operation – it’s about a genuine connection with your people.

Relationship – to our work and each other – is the ultimate fundamental. To neglect its importance implies a strange expectation that you can pack the house and then bring it down with an incredible performance without rehearsal, sound check, and knowing your band. Everything I compose is poised on the subject of leadership because whether stellar or shoddy, leadership has a reverb effect that impacts everything from personal wellbeing to office culture to the bottom line.

It’s no small task to be in charge of the vocals and the beat… and that’s what I help leaders do – find their voice, and lay down their rhythm… but make it so others can hear the music.

And in doing so, they don’t just create harmony, they completely rewrite the score!