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Mitchell CopperStad

C-Suite Leader Since:


Director of Content for C-Suite Radio


I connect with people, understand their story, and turn those insights into a powerful, well-executed strategy that allows them to best achieve their goal.

I’m a communicator—it’s what I do.

I’ve never been afraid to step outside my comfort zone and explore a new idea or challenge, which has led me to don many hats in my life — tutor, camera operator, construction worker, bartender, trivia host, comedian, blogger, marketing associate, podcast producer, PR and social media strategist.

My experiences as a professional have taught me that I am most valuable because:

— I don’t give up. I want to win.

— If I can’t teach it, I’m going to keep researching it.

— I have BIG ideas.

— Everyone has BIG ideas, but not everyone communicates them. I communicate.

— Great communication leads to great execution.

— I’m not afraid to start the slow-clap.

— When things go bad, I’ll be the one that will put in the extra time to fix it.

Reach out if you want to talk— if I haven’t already beat you to the punch.

Specialties: Creative direction and strategy, writing and editing, communication and presentation