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Lori Darley

Lori has been transforming leadership teams for the past 24 years. When working with C-suite executives across industries, Lori uses proven scientific methods and somatic techniques to help leaders and intact teams tap into their latent knowledge. She helps teams and organizations actively create better futures, innovate their approaches to problem solving, and leave behind business as usual.

As founder and CEO of Conscious Leaders LLC, Lori embodies her own work at the highest level. She is the author of Dancing Naked: Claiming Your Power as a Conscious Leader, which made the Amazon Best Seller in Women in Business category and  #2 in Hottest New Releases. Lori is committed to workplace empowerment and has written dozens of articles on that topic for business leaders published in Forbes and online. Many of her articles can be found on her website at http://www.consciousleaders.us/insights/forbes.

Lori is seasoned in the needs of a full range of decision-makers and works extensively with C-suite executives in many industries. She coaches and facilitates trainings in organizations from multi-national corporations, such as the BNSF Railroad, Four Hands Furniture, and Aspen Dental, to entrepreneurial ventures and leaders in technology, manufacturing, financial services, management consulting, commercial real estate and the arts.

Lori has presented at two Conscious Capitalism national conferences and has been active in the sustainable business movement for over twenty years. Besides her long-time involvement with  Conscious Capitalism and the American Sustainable Business Network communities, Lori is also an Event Partner (along with Conscious Capitalism Dallas and ShiftCo) for the PXP, Power times Profit, Summit to be held on September 7th, 2023.

Since 2015, Lori has served as Senior Consultant with Blue Case Strategic Partners and is a Class Leader for the Integral Leadership Program at Stagen Leadership Academy.  She is currently curating a Conscious Leaders Wisdom Circle and Mastermind which launches in September. Email Lori at Lori@consciousleaders to learn more.

Chris Burrow
Senior Strategic Advisor


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    • I had the great fortune to find Lori in seeking a professional and personal coach who believes in the principals of conscious leadership. It was only after I met her that I learned that she had actually written a superb book on the subject. Lori's guidance and recommendations in the areas of corporate leadership, personal development, and navigating the highways and byways of a complex world have been invaluable to me in my business and personal life. Lori is highly intelligent, talented and a consummate professional. She has boundless, infectious energy, a great sense of humor and maintains an incredibly positive outlook on the world. Lori has developed specialized training techniques to support her clients in reaching peak performance through dynamic communication, conflict resolution and leadership skills. That experience places her in a unique position to guide business leaders and entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries who want to make a positive impact in their professional and personal lives - and in those of others. I will be forever grateful for Lori's guidance and look forward to continuing to seek her advice and counsel for years to come.
Remi Haik


Remi Haik

Our recent phone call was a game-changer for me. Lori's insightful guidance was the key that unlocked the door to clarity, allowing me to navigate business uncertainty and set clear goals for my future. Lori's ability to listen actively and ask thought-provoking questions was instrumental in helping me identify my strengths, passions, and potential areas of growth. She encouraged me to think outside the box and explore new possibilities, which ultimately led to me gaining two new clients within days of our conversation. Lori brought together a group of highly intelligent individuals who were all on a journey of self-discovery. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who were open to sharing their experiences and insights was truly inspiring and motivating. Lori's coaching has had a profound impact on my life and I'm incredibly grateful for her support and guidance.   I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to gain clarity, direction, and personal growth.