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About Lisa:

Lisa L. Levy is the go-to expert for companies seeking to embrace change, innovate, and lead in their industries. With over 25 years of experience spanning utilities, healthcare, finance, and more, Lisa’s insights into organizational change and strategic growth are unparalleled. Lisa is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Project Management Professional. She has three #1 best-selling titles to her name. In “Future Proofing Cubed”, she offers insights into enhancing productivity, profitability, and streamlining business processes.

As the founder of Lcubed Consulting, she’s not just redefined the consulting model; she’s crafted a legacy of transformation, empowering businesses to not only adapt but thrive in the face of change.

Keynote Topics:

  • “Embracing the Chaos: Turning Disruption into Your Competitive Advantage” Learn how to leverage disruption as a catalyst for innovation and growth.
  • “Future-Proof Your Business: Strategies for Sustainable Success” Discover the tools and tactics to ensure your business stays ahead, no matter what the future holds.
  • “The Leadership Puzzle: Assembling Your Team for Optimal Performance” Unlock the secrets to building and leading teams that drive strategic results in an ever-changing business landscape.


  • Recognized as one of the Top 10 Women Leaders by Industry Era
  • Awarded the 2020 Top Change Management Consulting/Service Company by HR TECH Outlook

Why Lisa?

  • Expertise: Decades of cross-industry experience give Lisa a unique perspective on driving change and fostering innovation.
  • Engagement: Lisa’s dynamic speaking style captivates audiences, making complex topics accessible and actionable.
  • Impact: Attendees leave with practical tools, inspired to transform their approach to leadership and business strategy.

Booking Information:

Lisa L. Levy is available for keynote speeches, workshops, panel discussions and deeper dive advisory services.