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Kimberly A. Cline Chief Financial Officer at 1-800-MEDIGAP Agency Inc, bringing over 20 years of extensive experience in the insurance sector. Specializing in high-level negotiations, captives, and leading dynamic sales organizations, Kim Cline has been pivotal in steering 1-800-MEDIGAP towards unprecedented growth and market leadership.

Beginning over 20 years ago career in Colorado, Kim quickly rose through the ranks, demonstrating a keen aptitude for strategic planning and team leadership. Under her guidance, Company’s Sales Department has consistently exceeded targets, setting new industry benchmarks.

A firm believer in the power of relationship-building and ethical business practices, Kim has nurtured a culture of excellence and integrity within the organization. She] holds a MA from University of Colorado and various industry certifications.

Among her notable achievements are Top Leadership Awards. Outside the office, Kim enjoys Family, which she believes play a vital role in maintaining a balanced life, married to our in house geek Jeff CLine

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Specializing in: Insurance | AI for Insurance | Executive Comp & Retention Plans | AFLAC & CANCER INSURANCE

Product Specialities include: Life Insurance | Executive Compensation Plan | Personal & Group Insurance | Crypto Insurance

Profit & Non-Profit Boards: Cuurio | Clearbridge BioTech| Net Patient Foundation

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