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Relationships for real life…


With a quarter century in the commercial real estate business and 14 years in the United States Navy working with sailors and Marines from the most junior to flag officers, fields where relationships mean the difference between success and failure, in the latter even life and death, Kevin brings his unique ability as a trainer and mentor to help you, your colleagues, and loved ones build the bonds necessary to thrive in a complex, often chaotic world.

Rooted in the science of human behavior, informed by human emotion and spirit, devoid of clichés, Kevin provides a simple process and practical tools for avoiding common misperceptions and building relationships based on reality.

Kevin will design a professional and/or interpersonal relationships program tailored to your needs and that of your organization in areas including:

  • Understanding stages of relationship
  • How to build relationships that support your mission and goals
  • Basic and advanced relationship skills
  • Creating and sustaining interpersonal relationships
  • Maintaining strong bonds during times of stress
  • One-on-one and group mentoring
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