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For the past 20 years I have been helping Companies figure out the Best IT solutions for there Business. Everything from Website, Back Office Solutions, Phone Systems, Colocation, and More. If it is online I can help.

Hostirian has a passion to help businesses grow.

You need your company information to be consistent thought the Internet but there are over 60 Directory listing sites and they all have their own way of collecting Data. Google useses these Directories to build search results for your company. We have a solution to keep all of the Directories consistent and updated with your Company information. To schedule a Demo visit https://calendly.com/ken-cox/30min and pick what time works best for you.

If you are currently running an MSP and do not have a 24X7 staff that can answer your phone or emails to do front line tasks like password resets, Email configuration, Virus scans… Then Hostirian is an affordable solution for you. Our HelpDesk service is designed for MSPs. When we started offering Helpdesk services it was a natural fit for our MSP clients that we provided Colo or Dedicated servers to that we also handle overflow phone calls for them.

You need dependable, easy to manage hardware you can support your clients with.
Our Dedicated Servers and VPS come unmanaged so the MSP has the opportunity to add there managed services to the offering to help them grow as well.

Your client simply wants to own their own hardware but they need to move it out of the phone closet. Colo is the place for you. With state-of-the-art Cold Aisle containment colo your clients hardware is always safe, secure and running at an optimal state.

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