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#1 Digital Enablement Partner for High Growth Mid-Market Companies Helping Them Accelerate into the Age of the Automated Economy


Jim Barker leads revenue growth for Cooperative Computing in Plano, Texas helping high growth mid-market organization accelerate into the automated economy.

Jim is a driven sales and marketing leader with 25+ years experience leading organizations in the technology and communications space. Jim enjoys helping teams drive revenue with an innovative approach to providing a unique customer experience where issues are resolved and desired outcomes are achieved.

Jim works as Chief Revenue Officer at Cooperative Computing. In this role, Jim leads the teams responsible for branding, marketing, business development, sales and partner growth for Cooperative Computing’s global organization.

Jim is passionate about helping people succeed. He identifies what is most important to them, aligns purpose and values, and implements processes to achieve common goals.

Jim is a faithful servant who believes in inspiring greatness and excellence from himself, his team and his clients. He believes in high integrity and a positive attitude in every form of serving people.

Jim’s top 5 strength’s from his Strength Finder assessment are all in Executing. These include Achiever, Responsibility, Consistency, Discipline, and Focus. Jim knows how to make things happen. When you need someone to create and execute a sales and marketing strategy, Jim is the type to roll up his sleeves and work tirelessly towards the best possible results.

Jim is a Di on the DISC assessment indicating he is enthusiastic, persuasive, and focused on the big picture. It comes naturally to Jim to complete projects more quickly than others, take big risks, and feel comfortable making important decisions.

Jim is motivated by helping clients and teams achieve ambitious goals by overcoming challenges. He measures much of his success on results he can help influence and impact.

Over 100 Recommendations
Clients, Employees, and Business Partners


“Jim Barker is an amazing leader and man of faith. He is truly one of the few men who latches on to relationships and assignments and doesn't let go or back off until success happens. He's a relentless friend, loyal to his clients and their mission. Jim is also gifted as a connector; once Jim knows you, you are known by multitudes. He genuinely loves people and loves what he does. Each client at xxii Brands is treated with a level of care and compassion that is incomparable in this industry. In addition to meeting each client’s requested needs, Jim and his team use their keen insights and marketing wisdom to challenge their clients to new heights. Do not miss an opportunity to work with the tremendous team at XXIIBrands.”    Joe Petersen, Owner at C12 Group (Jim’s client), May 13, 2016   “Working with Jim and xxiibrands has been an incredible experience. Jim obviously produces excellent work and is extremely talented in what he does. What separates him from the rest is the care he provides his clients. This includes, but not limited to:-Not only listens, but remembers details and comments. I know that when I am talking to Jim, I have 110% of his attention. - Legitimately cares for the happiness and satisfaction of his clients.-Collaboration. Jim made sure we were on board every step of the way through our website creation and re-branding. It is important to him that you understand their processes and learn the why behind it all. This will be a huge benefit in our relationship moving forward. It has been and continues to be a pleasure doing business with Jim.” Joseph Pazera, Partner at Pazera Capital Management (Jim’s client), May 13, 2016   “Jim and his team at XXII Brands do what is most important for any business: increase revenue and profitability by driving target customers to their company. I personally have worked with Jim and have seen the results he has delivered.”                Kim Booker, President at Sandler Training (Jim’s referral partner), May 12, 2016   “Jim and his team at XXIIBrands worked with us to design and develop our new corporate website. They were very professional and did a great job. I'm very pleased with them and recommend them to other businesses who need their marketing expertise.” Kevin Santaularia, CEO at Bradford Commercial Real Estate (Jim’s client), May 3, 2016   “Jim's company XXiiBrands is an excellent company for anyone that is needing assistance in website design/ brand design.”                                  Joe Santaularia, VP at Bradford (Jim’s client), Apr 27, 2016   “Jim has done an excellent job helping our company. We are a young startup, and Jim's team was very thorough in guiding us through the process of how to build a quality brand and web presence that coordinates to help drive business and recognition”. Steve Barnett, EVP at Pegasus Technology Solutions (Jim’s client), Apr 26, 2016   “I found Jim to be creative and consultative and was very impressed with my interactions. Jim took the time to understand my business, what my true needs were, and developed a plan to execute. While going through the process, Jim really helped me think about how and who to communicate with using our website. He walked me through examples, of what to do and what not to do. His experience and genuine concern for my business is greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Jim and his team.” Darin Cook, CEO at StratITsphere (Jim’s client), Apr 26, 2016   “Jim is very personable and knowledgeable in marketing and when he says that he will do something, you can count on him to do it. I recommend him for your marketing needs.” Mike Carnahan, Partner at Carnahan Thomas (Jim’s client), Apr 21, 2016 “In working with Jim over the last several years, I've come to appreciate his commitment once he engages a client. Jim is considered a trusted sales and marketing advisor to many. He earns this trust by applying his talent to designing and creating sales and marketing strategies. Jim's knowledge and hard work are admirable, yet it's his heart to serve people makes him stand out from the crowd. If anyone has the opportunity to work with Jim, I would strongly recommend it.” Matt Buffington, CEO at Dynamic Global Staffing (Jim’s client), Apr 20, 2016   “Jim and his staff did an excellent job creating a rebrand and website for Paragon Payroll. There creativity and "get to know you" style provided a unique and accurate brand for us.” Steven Rose, CEO at Paragon Payroll (Jim’s client), Apr 20, 2016   “Working with Jim and his team was a positive experience and I would surely use them for another project in the future. They do a great job of translating a customer vision into marketing and taking as much work off the customer when writing collateral or copy. Jim showed himself to be of high integrity and easy to work with. He and his team are experts at what they do.”  Gene Gradick Jr., CMO at Legacy Measurement Solutions (Jim’s client), Feb 24, 2016   “Jim and his team stay abreast of current internet/social media marketing strategies, while maintaining a very professional, dependable, relatable approach.” Kerry Goad, Owner at Richardson Dental (Jim’s client), Feb 25, 2015   “One of the biggest positives about working with Jim is that he listens to what your needs are and produces a plan to reach those needs. I have found numerous marketing companies, SEO services, etc that want me to buy the package with no clue what I'm really after. If you’re looking for a partner, Jim is your man!” Colby Coward, President at Texas Best Fence (Jim’s client), Feb 23, 2015   “Jim is a great balance of entrepreneur and C-level thinker. We worked together on one of his companies and it was a delight. He and his team were my favorite clients to work with as we moved from concept to completion on several projects. Jim's very resourceful, ethical and and hard working. Would definitely work with him again whenever our business worlds have the opportunity to collide!” David Burrows, Partner at Martin Michael Agency (referral partner), Feb 3, 2015   “Jim takes a unique approach to marketing, using branding and other methods. He's an entrepreneur who understands the way sole proprietors think. Jim takes average sales organizations and creates sales leaders. He and his digital marketing agency helped our organization with content marketing, social media and web design. Business growth for a city presented Jim and his team a different challenge, which he embraced and helped us succeed. I highly recommend Jim and his team if you're looking to grow your organization.” Drew Hubbard, President of Coleman EDC (Jim’s client), Nov 14, 2014   “Jim and the guys at Social180 are a fantastic asset in all aspects of growing a business. He is dedicated to improving all areas of your business. Such as marketing, web design, company branding, and general growth of your business.”  Dallas Deaver, Owner at Circle D Industries (Jim’s client), Nov 12, 2014   “Great experience working with Jim and the team at Social 180. Jim listens well and ensures that you are getting exactly what you need for your company. Excellent web design and marketing input that launched our new company image! Jim has the vision and ideas that will enable business growth and movement into social media. Jim has earned my trust and is a partner that truly wants to learn your business and assist with moving it forward on-line. I would definitely recommend Jim and the Social 180 group to anyone!” Todd Stout, CTO at Legacy Measurement Solutions (Jim’s client), Nov 8, 2014 “Jim and the entire team at Social 180 is absolutely the best! I needed a website built and Jim went above and beyond to meet my expectations. I definitely recommend working with him if you ever need help with anything website related.” Trey Fallon, Founder at Drink Local Texas (Jim’s client), Nov 7, 2014   “Grade A plus” is how I rate Jim Barker at Social180. His approach to “Solution Selling” helps guarantee his customers that Jim understands their business and applies the specific tools to give them good “Business Growth.” Bob Williams, Owner at World Class Software (Jim’s referral partner), Nov 7, 2014   “I have known Jim for 20+ years and he is, without a doubt, my "go to guy" when it comes to Marketing, Branding, and Social Media. His penchant for entrepreneurial endeavors made it just a matter of time before his organization was born, and he and his team have really taken off!  If you are looking to grow your business, and looking to leverage social technology to make it happen, you really need to get in contact with Jim Barker.” Greg Martin, Board Member at Coleman EDC (Jim’s client), Nov 7, 2014   “With so many internet marketing companies claiming to do social media and grow your business, it's easy to get lost in the hype, jargon, and bold claims. Jim's the real deal, he and his team have the chops, wisdom, outside the box thinking, and a depth of integrity and character that is both rare and precious.” Todd Miechiels, CEO of 315Project (Jim provided pro bono consulting), Mar 15, 2014   “Working with Jim has been a pleasure. He gets great results and is timely in his responses. I would highly recommend him to anyone.” Cyndee Hopkins-Jardieu, Owner at Titan Doors & Gates (Jim’s client), Aug 21, 2013   I have known Jim for one year now and I can say that he rescued me when he found me. After losing my husband to pancreatic cancer one year ago, I was left to run his window business. His call that first day that I was in the office was a God send. Jim has gone far and beyond to help me and my son get this business off the ground. His experience in sales and marketing has definitely impacted our sales. We continue to work as a team and I am proud to call him friend first. He is a godly man who has a servant's heart and I would highly recommend him, his business partner, Marc Hernandez and Social180. First class team!” Paige Easterling, Owner at ABC Windows of DFW (Jim’s client), February 6, 2013   ”I initially met Jim last year (2012) after he started working with us on our comprehensive marketing plan and immediately recognized his marketing expertise and immeasurable value that extended far beyond Social 180’s value proposition. Jim's skill set gained from his impressive career allowed him to act more as a business consultant and partner to benefit our company in sales, lead generation, technology strategies and more. Whether you are looking to partner with a result driven company with high integrity or just want to meet a wonderful guy– I urge you to reach out to Jim.”  Jason Bailey, Sales Manager at DFW Improved (Jim’s client), February 1, 2013    “Jim has done a great job for us in Internet Lead Generation and Social Media marketing. I highly recommend him and his team”.  Brian Luker, Briggs Freeman Sotheby's Realty (Jim’s client), February 1, 2013   ”Jim is very conscientious of our needs and the direction of our company and has helped us forge a path towards the direction we need to be going. He is a great asset as another pair of eyes and ears” Gary Simms, Owner at DFW Improved (Jim’s client), February 1, 2013,   ”Jim's ability to communicate together with his expertise can help you and your business with lead generation, internet marketing, social media marketing and technology strategies to take your business to another level. We intend to continue to work with Jim to help grow our business and highly recommend him for small or big businesses”. Nanette Ecklund-Luker, Briggs Freeman Sotheby's Realty (Jim’s client), February 1, 2013   ”The man is a genius...they were able to help my company and others I know in many different areas...it is so hard to articulate all he brings to the table”. Monte Martin, Owner of Martin & Martin Designs (Jim’s client), February 1, 2013   ”Jim Barker is one of the most intelligent and passionate businessman that I have ever met. He is the kind of person and leader that I strive to be like. I admire him for many reasons including his winning attitude, his loyalty and his ability to uncover the underlining meaning and solving the problem at hand. I plan to work with Jim again in the near future and think of him often.” Jason Johnson, Software Engineer at Cisco Systems (worked for Jim), October 19, 2012 ”I first came in contact with Jim about 4 months ago during a difficult IT transition our company was undertaking at the time. Jim proved to be competent, knowledgable, and patient in bringing our company into the social media arena. Jim and his company have shown us how to open doors in the area of sales and client contact that frankly we did not know existed. I would highly recommend Jim if you want to take your company to the next step in the socail media fray.” Ralph Edge, Manager at CGreen Landscape Irrigation (Jim’s client), December 15, 2011   ”Jim has a litany of great recommendations and deservedly so. I have had the pleasure of working in the industry with Jim for many years. He is always working. Jim is a great visionary and provides a high level of customer support. I hope that he and I continue to find ways to work together.”  Mark Johns, Vice President at VAZATA (Jim’s coworker), October 13, 2011   ”I have had the pleasure of working with Jim in a few different capacities over our careers. He is an exceptional leader and one of the most motivated people that I have ever met. He has the unique skill of being able to completely understand a client's business and utilize his depth of knowledge in order to provide a truly customized business solution. Sean Lough, Sales Rep at Mercury Communications (worked for Jim), October 24, 2011  Jim is an excellent consultant in the telecommunications field. He did a fantastic job coming up with a creative idea that met our business' objectives while also providing us with substantial cost savings. I always felt he had our business' best interest in mind and would do whatever it took to make sure he exceeded our expectations.” Tim McKelvey, Robert Half Technology (Jim’s referral partner), October 24, 2011   ”Jim is a real visionary, the kind of guy that can see a system and implement it, and turn a company around. His work with sales systems and the design of products and payment systems revolutionized the Cisco phone system market in DFW, and actually took an organization from a nitch player, to one that could provide product at a level that could saturate a market, and still be trying to buy from them.”  Sunny Lowe, CEO of Blue Jean Networks (Jim’s referral partner), October 10, 2011   ”With more than a thousand partners selling our financing solutions, I worked with many fine sales and business leaders. Jim is one that stood out from the crowd as a Pro who does what it takes to ensure he gets the job done.”                                      Sean Kane, TAMCO (vendor partner at Mercury), October 9, 2011   ”I had the pleasure of working with Jim at Inter-tel and Mitel. Jim is a positive force in developing business opportunities, managing a team to do the same, and working with other departments’ organization-wide to attain broader goals. Jim is professional, has excellent interpersonal and presentation skills, is a quick study, and always positive about what needs to be done. It is a pleasure to recommend Jim.” Rich Braband, Vice President at Crexendo (worked with Jim at Mitel), July 19, 2011   ”Jim and I worked together many years ago at Inter-tel in Sales Management. Jim is a highly motivational and competitive leader that always maintained a very high achievement with his sales team in performance. Well respected, fair and well liked, Jim is a tenured telecommunications professional that thrives on personal, team and company success and growth. His positive attitude and enthusiasm are infectious and his passion for what he does well is reflected in his success and the success of others he supports.”               Craig Maffei, GM at Inter-Tel (worked with Jim at Mitel), June 15, 2011   ”Jim has been a valuable business partner for several years. He has shown a very high degree of integrity in his business dealing with us and is very knowledgeable about the communication industry. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of a communication consultant.” Darren Lee,
 Sales Manager at Qwest (referral partner with Jim), May 24, 2011   ”I worked with Jim to provide a solution to our company for our phone system and service. Jim did an outstanding job understanding our needs and providing a solution.” Jay Lopez, CEO at Estill Medical Technologies, Inc. (Jim’s client at Mitel), May 24, 2011   ”Working as a peer of Jim's for over 5 years, Jim was often the district sales manager to beat. Jim always has an upbeat and engaging presence and was always a strong influence in group collaboration/planning sessions. Jim's a strong, smart, accountable leader with high energy and a pleasant and friendly attitude. I wouldn't hesitate to endorse Jim for any leadership position.” Kerry Ivers, NW Area Director at Mitel (worked with Jim at Mitel), May 24, 2011   ”I have had the pleasure of knowing Jim professionally for over 10 years and have always admired his commitment to excellence, his personal integrity and his incredible sales and leadership skills. He is committed to forward movement in everything he does and is without a doubt an asset to any team or organization lucky enough to partner with him.” Brenda Brooks, Mitel Networks (worked with Jim), May 16, 2011   ”Jim has an in-depth working knowledge of the VoIP technology and has been instrumental in helping companies shaping the telecommunication solutions that fit the business needs with the lowest total cost of ownership possible. 

Jim has also a wealth of business connections with financing options available in the marketplace, which comes in handy to help companies spread the expenditure over several years. 

With Jim's help, you will like how you look (among your colleagues and in the industry you are in)!” Henry Wang, VP of Technology at Travel Focus (Jim’s client), May 10, 2011   ”In my 7+ years working with him at 2 separate technology companies I have came to appreciate his ability to connect with clients and take great measures to understand what real value means to that particular organization. Jim has tremendous character and integrity and goes the extra mile to make sure clients realize success, which often means something a little different for each client. As a sales leader Jim makes it a point to continue his personal and career development and encourage those who work directly, and indirectly, for him.”      Steve Griffin, Account Executive at MTM Technologies (worked for Jim), May 3, 2011       ”Jim Barker provided our company with business telephone services. Jim and his team worked most directly on the voice implementation with Stream's IT people, but the feedback I received from our team was very good. I interact with Jim most often through mutual recommendations and introductions. Jim is very good at creating a culture of customers and friends that benefit from knowing one another. He has been very helpful to our business in that regard.” Ben Sumner, CEO at Centurion Real Estate (Jim’s client), April 27, 2011   ”Jim is highly qualified in his field and I was extremely comfortable with his ability to manage my telecom account. We enjoyed several successes together - Jim is the consummate professional at all levels.” Martha Barron, Manager at Walco Intl (Jim’s client), April 27, 2011   ”I had the opportunity to work with Jim Barker over the last six years, and he was able to take a very complex issue, telecommunications, and break it down into simple terms and simple concepts, so our company truly understood our needs. After breaking this information down for us, he showed us how his expertise would benefit us. He didn't pressure us, he simply shared his knowledge with us and allowed us to make an objective decision. 

This is where Jim separates himself and his company from the others; once Jim was hired to work for us, he followed through with exactly what we discussed, there were no surprises. Jim stayed involved throughout the process and implementation, and we always knew where we stood. In my 15 years of hiring third party consulting firms, I have not found anyone else that works as hard or consistently overproduces like Jim Barker and his team. If you are looking for someone that is a true telecom expert, and you want someone who will shoot straight, and produce real results, then you owe it to yourself and your company to meet with Jim Barker and his team. I am available for any additional questions you might have regarding Jim and his exceptional service. Sincerely, Scott A. Waterbury” Scott Waterbury, President of Miramar Ventures (Jim’s client), April 26, 2011   ”Over several years working with Jim, I was always impressed by his business and technical expertise; ability to understand customer requirements and assemble solutions to meet those needs; and strengths in managing solution sales project teams with competence and finesse. I hope to have another opportunity to work closely with Jim in the future.” Dave Lowenstein, Director of Business Development (worked with Jim), April 26, 2011   " I have been fortunate to work with Jim several times over the past 7 years. Jim is always accountable, providing integrity and character as core values throughout his career. His knowledge and expertise of the industry, along with his incredible drive and work ethic, are an asset to any organization" Jack Marsh, Account Executive at Mitel (worked for Jim), April 26, 2011   ”As a communications consultant, I have recommended Jim at his previous company, Inter-Tel/Mitel, as the recommended company to more than one of my clients.” Chris BeckSr., Consultant at Ben Sanford & Associates (Jim’s client), April 26, 2011   ”Jim is one of the best business process guys in the business. He takes the time to understand what the "client" really needs and wants and figures out the best way to apply that with the resources he has available to him. He is also very good at building partnerships between resources that make a more unified solution for the client keeping those needs in mind at all times. Jim's knowledge and abilities are an asset to the industry and we always look forward to working on projects together.” Rick McFarland, CEO at Voice4Net (Mitel vendor), April 26, 2011   ”Jim is an extremely self-motivated and creative individual with a strategic focus on every sales opportunity. His approach is always to figure out how he can differentiate his organization and solution from the competition while ensuring that he meets and exceeds all of the objectives of his client. As a sales leader he always supports his sales team members in a very positive manner in conjunction with setting the proper expectations for performance and inspects them accordingly.  Gary Giddings, Director of Sales at Mitel (worked with Jim), April 26, 2011   ”Jim Barker is a leader. He has the ability to motivate his group through wisdom, enthusiasm, and an innate ability to sense what each individual needs. He sets the example by working hard AND smart himself and always looking forward. People who work for Jim would go to war with him.” Larry Pearlman, Director of Sales Training at Mitel (worked with Jim), April 26, 2011   ”Working with Jim was a great experience. Jim always showed a professional attitude when dealing with customers or co-workers. He was very knowledgeable of the products and the tasks that had to be performed. Because of his professionalism he earned great respect from co-workers, customers, and vendors. Jim is someone you always want on your staff because he is dedicated, hardworking, trustworthy, and a key player.”            Robert Botzer, Engineer at ETG (worked with Jim), October 12, 2011   ”As a direct report, I found Jim to be the consummate sales professional. Very detail oriented, with a high level of attention to customer service. Jim was an excellent team player, and helped make everyone around him better. Jim would be an great addition to any team.” Steve Barnett, Pegasus Technology Group (Jim’s client), July 28, 2011   ”I have known Jim for over 25 years and have always known him as someone who is a tire    worker, never quits, and has a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and positive energy even when "the going gets tough". I have always known him as a standup individual and would be honored to be able to work with him on a professional basis some day.”  Payton Mayes, CEO at Cephas Partners (Jim’s client), July 9, 2011   ”Jim is a dynamic leader who has always taken personal interest in the growth of his team and his business. He works constantly to be the best he can be and goes over and above for his customers, his partners and his team members. He excels at Sales Leadership and has always been dedicated to making each member his team better. He helped me grow to be a more strategic Sales Professional. We have had the opportunity to work together since.”               Leslie Whitney, Account Executive at Mitel (worked for Jim), October 19, 2011   ”I have not known Jim very long but from my first encounter with him he was clearly a person on integrity and worked to find solutions that resulted in a win win for both of our organizations. I highly recommend Jim.” Tony Chron, Regional Director of Development at Halo Corp. (Jim’s client), October 13, 2011   ”You can see from Jim's recommendations that he's excellent at what he does, has extensive knowledge, is driven and focused. In addition, I'd like to add that he has a huge heart. He cares about those around him and does everything he can to help them succeed. He's truly a people person; I can't imagine anyone not getting along with Jim! I totally loved being a part of his company” Candice Gouge, Quality Manager at Pegasus Logistics Group (Jim’s client), July 15, 2011   ”I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jim for over 20 years. Jim is a man of drive, determination and integrity. His willingness to help those around him to succeed whether in business or personal endeavors makes him a great asset to any company or organization”. Gwen Cash, MBA, Business Development Strategist (referral partner of Jim’s), July 11, 2011   ”Commitment, desire, passion and results-focused are terms I use describing Jim. Jim has a heart of gold. Although his sense of urgency to achieve results is profound, Jim's ability to connect with people on a personal level is awesome. Jim's work ethic and high expectations for success encourage he and his business associates to perform at the highest levels. Jim's business acumen and experience help lend to successful results. I truly value Jim as a colleague and appreciate the confidence he had in me to represent him”. Jason Potter, VP of Sales & Marketing at Unified360 (worked for Jim), July 7, 2011   ”Jim is extremly professional and a pleasure to work with. We had a huge project to accomplish installing our new phone system and Jim was there every step of the way. He is very knowledgeable and will achieve and accomplish any task. I hope to work with him again someday” Edie Beumer, All My Sons Moving & Storage (Jim’s client), July 7, 2011   ”Jim is a dynamic individual with a knack for creating successful solutions for any situation. He cares deeply for any person or project he associates himself with. There is not anyone I have been associated with who will go above and beyond more than Jim to help achieve success”. John Garite, Customer Service Manager at Unified360 (worked for Jim), June 16, 2011   ”Jim was able to provide a solution to a long time headache of mine. He was extremely resourceful, saving me thousands of dollars in time and fees by streamlining my IT services. He made this possible by keeping an open line of communication with me as new technology that applied to my needs was made available.  Frank Chiuppi, Sales at Mercury Communication (worked for Jim), June 8, 2011   ”I met Jim when we were faced with the task of replacing an aging phone system at our corporate office. During introductions, I expected a typical sales pitch. I didn't get one. Instead, I found myself sharing business goals and discussing technology challenges as if Jim and his team were part of our own organization. Jim builds trust because he listens, asks questions and admits when he doesn't have an immediate answer. Jim is successful because he is genuinely interested in helping others succeed. 

Jim understands technology but he also filters this knowledge with business sense. He helped us understand the capabilities of a complex communications system and how it could help us do a better job with providing good customer service. For example, our toll-free number used to be another required operating expense. Today, thanks to Jim's team and product recommendations, it helps our customers connect quickly to knowledgable salespeople who can provide answers. Seems trivial, but in this day of end    and annoying "press one for this and two for that" automated voice response systems, it makes a difference.” Jerry Spaeder, Systems Architect at Antares Homes (Jim’s client), June 6, 2011   ”What impressed me about Jim is his determination and his undeniable excitement for providing solutions to customers. His dedication to personal growth and the pursuit to help his employees achieve excellence is second to none. I have seen Jim in very stressful circumstances and while he could be tenacious in getting to the root of customer problems, he would never lose his ability to see the bigger picture therefore providing “WIN WIN” results for everyone. He would find a way to get a job done, no mater what the hurdle. I admire his hunger for success and would welcome the opportunity to work with Jim in the future.” Jessica Alterman, Project Manager at Unified360 (worked for Jim), June 2, 2011   ”PASSIONATE!!! If I did not have a really great thing going for me I would work for or along side Jim Barker in a heart beat! I have never worked for a company or person who cared more about his employees than Jim Barker. Never quit, never die attitude!! Jim is the best!” Trevor Hanna, Business Development at Unified360 (worked for Jim), June 2, 2011   ”Jim -- continues to keep in touch with us and look for solutions that best fit our needs at TravelFocus. Integrity and Loyality are the cornerstones of how Jim operates. Jim can add tremendous value to your organization.”                                                            David Gorecki, COO at TSI USA (Jim’s client), May 31, 2011   “I have had the pleasure of working with Jim at two different companies and it is easy to recognize Jim as one of the most driven and effective sales leaders I have ever met. But that sense of drive and accomplishment is not simply a part of Jim’s personal success, but it spills over into his spirit and his sense for helping others succeed. He is a fabulous mentor and coach, with a great sense for what works, taking into account different personalities and styles. His positive attitude is never-failing and leads to his unique ability to bring his team “along for the ride”. I would highly recommend Jim in any business endeavor.”  Jim Watson,Sr. Account Manager at NEC (worked for Jim at Unified360), May 27, 2011   ”Jim is a top-notch sales leader. His demeanor with customers, his staff, and clients is always the same because it is true to who he really is. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Jim in the future and proud to call him my friend.” John Hodges, Manager, Sales at BMC Software (worked for Jim at Mitel), May 27, 2011   ”We consulted with Jim and found him very knowledgeable in terms of helping us establish what our telecom needs were. We are a growing company that moved to VOIP and Jim helped us get up to speed on the technology. Jim is very personable, professional and helpful. If I have any questions regarding VOIP, he is one of my first calls!”                                           Eric Foerster, Managing Partner (Jim’s client), May 24, 2011   ”Jim's passion for Unified360 is what drew me to want to work at Unified360. Once I became a part of the team, it was obvious that Jim's passion for Unified360 not only encompassed the success of his co-workers but also the success of each client we worked with. He truly believes in partnering with clients to help them be successful and grow their business. He showed me that the first priority was to build the relationship with the client and everything would come from there. I appreciate all that Jim taught me about sales and building business relationships as I would not have had the success and experience I have today without the opportunity he provided me at Unified360.”  Amber Davis, Owner at Tagged Social Media  (worked for Jim at Unified360), May 24, 2011   ”I have purchased two phone systems from Jim. Jim is very client focused and works hard to find the best solution for the best price.” John Martin, CEO (Jim’s client), May 24, 2011   ”Jim is a professional I can count on. His expertise in the telecom field gave me a great deal of confidence that our project(s) would be a success. Jim is down to earth and easy to collaborate with. He has always impressed me with his integrity and willingness to tell the truth. David Robinson, Director of IT at St Jude Medical (Jim’s client), April 26, 2011   ”Jim was great to work with as the Sales VP at Mercury Communications. He was very progressive in his approach to raising the effectiveness of his sales people. Jim was looking for training programs that helped his team develop a consultative sales process and adjust it for working within the buyer's process. He was a great motivator and had great sales results during his time at Mercury. Scott Espy, Sales Coach at NEC (vendor partner for Jim’s at Mercury), June 2, 2011   ”Jim is an energetic and innovative leader who understands how to run a successful business. He has the ability and experience to build a highly effective team and the vision to execute on critical business initiatives.” Mark Norwood, Channel Manager at Avaya (worked with Jim at Mitel), December 23, 2011   ”A professional business etiquette is mandatory in today's competitive marketplace. It is highlighted by a trustworthy nature, a keen business insight for problem solving and an unpretentious devotion to making the solution work. It embodies commitment to the customer at every level - sales, service and consultation. It is also the most elusive of the business arts and, sadly, lacking among the majority of B2B providers. I am pleased to validate Jim as possessing each of these attributes and worthy of my recommendation as a person embodied with Professional Business Etiquette.” Eddie Entrekin, Regional Manager at CTS (vendor of Jim’s), November 24, 2011   ”Jim is a very dedicated individual that always puts his customers' needs first. As the former CEO and founder of Inter-Tel, I know Jim to be hard working, tenacious and honest. I am pleased and happy to recommend Jim for any position in sales and sales management that he may apply for. Any prospective employer will be fortunate if Jim joins their team.” Steve Mihaylo, CEO at Crexendo (CEO at Inter-Tel before Mitel acquired), October 26, 2011   ”I had the opportunity to work with Jim when I first moved to Dallas in my then sales role with Qwest. Jim's ability to be a great Channel Partner as well as a customer advocate while at the same time providing the best solution to the customer were invaluable to our success. ”Jim is a business leader, friend, family first, customer first and true professional. Without exception he is a leader and trusted advisor to any business.” Tony McGuire, Regional Vice President-Business Development at Qwest, October 22, 2011   ”I have had the pleasure of working with Jim during the last five years in various capacities. During all of my engagements with Jim, I have found him to be a true sales professsional always placing his client's needs at the forefront of any solution being provided and working with the highest level of integrity. Additionally, Jim's knowledge of what it takes to form a successful business through empowering employees could be his greatest attribute. I would highly recommend Jim as a business partner as well as, a business coach and mentor.”      Marc Hebner, Sr. Bus. Dev. Manager at NEC (vendor of Jim’s), October 11, 2011   ”I have worked with Jim two different times over a period of ten plus years. I have always found Jim to be excellent to work with, plus a great technical resource. Bill Ellis, Manager of IT at Rug Doctor (Jim’s client), October 10, 2011   ”Jim Barker is one of my most valuable mentors and one of the most influential advisers I have ever had the privilege of knowing. He is an excellent agent of change and extremely easy to understand when conveying an idea. Jim and his network of professionals have helped me further my career in the Telecommunications and Managed Services industry, and I plan to work with him in the near future. He is talented, trustworthy, and I am proud to call him one of my most influential friends.” Jason Johnson, Software Engineer at Cisco (worked for Jim at Unified360), October 10, 2011   ”Jim is an outstanding sales professional. I have networked and worked with Jim on numerous occasions and have found him to be extremely competent and effective. He is detailed orientated and customer focused.” Tom Moore, 
Sr. Account Manager at Technisource (Jim’s client), October 9, 2011   ”Jim is a true sales professional and all around great guy for speaking at the Business Owners Network of DFW meetup group last night... great insight into what it takes to build a sales team that can truly communicate the value that Unified360 can bring to its clients! Thanks again Jim! I look forward to to working with him in the future!”                             Patrick Steil,Web Architect at ChurchBuzz,  March 24, 2010   ”I evaluate PDS's suppliers on an annual basis. Jim's company is always at the top of the list and he has won more than one Vendor of the Year award. He and his team execute what they sell. I can't recommend him more highly if you need results and a sea change in your telecommunications services. I have watched with admiration as he has built Unified360 in a short time into a strong, cohesive force in the Telecom industry. He leads with vision and manages with integrity. His team loves working for him and his clients, like us, benefit from his deep experience and drive.” Steven Cash Nickerson, President at PDS Tech, Inc. (Jim’s client), January 11, 2010  I've known Jim for over 7 years. Working with him at Unified 360 has been the best experience to date. Jim has built one of the best Teams that I've had the chance to work with and it shows that they have great leadership with Jim in place. I'd recommend Jim/Unified 360 for any job that I ran across.” Brandon Smith, Senior Manager at Intelisys, March 31, 2009   ”Jim defines what a great business partner should be. He consistently delivers above and beyond expectations with great attention to detail. Jim and his team take the time to have a consultative approach to their business and provide solutions applicable to a given customers’ specific needs. I highly recommend Jim and Unified 360 to any business searching for a top notch unified communications solution from a company with integrity that will stand behind their products and services.” Randy Schwab, Regional Sales Manager at AMX (vendor of Jim’s), March 18, 2009   ” I have known Jim since his days at Inter-Tel. Recently I engaged Unified 360 to help me with my phone issues. Jim's approach is always to understand the business issues and present a value proposition that will solve your problems, save you money, and provide value-add with a leading edge solution. Jim and his team bring with them years of experience and professionalism, their solutions are state of the art, well defined, seemly implemented on-time and within budget, and they stand behind their products and solutions. Jim is a great leader and business partner with high integrity, extreme market knowledge and a polished approach.” Buck Buchanan, Client Services Manager at Cedar Crestone (Jim’s client), March 13, 2009   ”Jim and his business partners are clients of mine as I served as their Tenant Representative in locating and office in Addison, Texas. Jim was focused, determined and extremely easy to work with.”       Tyler Trahant,      Managing Director - Fort Worth at CASE Commercial Real Estate Partner, March 10, 2009   ”Jim exhibits exemplary executive skills that have driven him to the top of his career and personal life. I believe that the key areas for Jim's achievements are his keen awareness to commitment and results. Having worked at Mitel with Jim, he attained Director of Sales and propelled the Mitel Dallas branch to numerous months of $1 million or greater in sales. Been CEO of Unified360, Jim took the startup company to an amazing +$2 millions in the first year of business. For the nine years that I have known Jim, he has actively taken a leadership role in his various progressions of his career. For this, I believe that his natural excitement for the industry gives him the drive to excel in providing innovative ideas and sound business solutions for the company's partners and customers. And not to say the least, he instills this excitement on his co-workers and the business communities for the expectation that they will accomplish their careers through his business ideas. As such, I gladly recommend Jim to our business communities of any industries.” Tim Hoang, Cisco Engineer at Unified360 (worked for Jim), March 9, 2009   ”I worked with Jim in developing his startup business. He had a clear vision of his business model and specific processes to provide solutions for future clients. He showed excellent leadership and project planning skills as well as analytical forecasting insights by taking recommendations on developing a business plan and turning them into a viable company. 
His attention to detail, can-do attitude, and research have certainly contributed to the success of his company. Mike Daley, CEO at MJD Business Advice (consulted with Jim at Unified360), March 9, 2009   ”Jim was a colleague of mine over ten years ago at Inter-Tel Technologies and I enjoyed his competitive spirit and admired his work ethic and success then. He was a leader amongst his peers as a salesperson, then a sales manager; and has now propelled himself to co-owner and CEO of Unified 360. Jim and I reconnected a couple of years ago and through my recent interactions with his company and people I have been able to observe them from a unique perspective and conclude that Jim Barker embodies the qualities of leadership that are a rare find in business today. His evangelist leadership style energizes and inspires those around him to achieve things they may not have thought themselves capable of doing without his enthusiastic encouragement. Jim surrounds himself with superb people with exceptional qualities and capability that are dedicated to his vision while utilizing their individual and collective strengths to achieve and exceed the goals and objectives he has established. He empowers his people with responsibility and authority while holding them accountable and works with them consistently adhering to the golden rules of leading by example and never asking his people to do anything he is not willing to do himself. These are a few of the many reasons Unified 360 has grown exponentially from 2 business owners in an executive suite a little over a year ago, to a new state of the art North Dallas facility that just recently completed their second expansion. “Congratulations on your continued success and recent write up in the Dallas Business Journal. The sky is the limit for your people and your organization! Jim Bess, Regional Sales Manager at REI (Jim’s coworker at Mitel), March 9, 2009   ”Jim Barker is a dynamo of talent and drive. Jim has to be one of my favorite clients to work with. His passion and vision make executing on projects a delight. It is exciting to see his company grow and thrive in times like these. He is truly an inspiration and a friend.” David Burrows, VP of Marketing at Cinsay (Jim was a client of his), March 9, 2009   ”Jim is one of those disciplined and driven guys you hear about when people are talking about quality sales and sales management personnel. Jim is a self-motivated individual who will do what needs to be done to succeed in order to earn your business, and to succeed at a task. He is highly competitive, creative and works hard at what he gets involved in. Doug Wade, Director of Sales at Mitel (managed Jim at Mitel), March 7, 2009   ”I worked with Jim to implement an Inter-tel phone system when I was at Ecom. It was a 50+ unit system with VoIP and Unified Communications. He was friendly, knew his products and the technology, and helped us design the solution we needed. He definitely is a good colleague to have.” Trey Thompson, CEO at Verus Technologies (Jim’s client), August 6, 2009   ”Jim is by far one of the most talented sales professionals I have had the pleasure to work with in my career. He possesses the ability to define the needs of clients and translate those needs into productive solutions. Jim is a tremendous leader whose drive to succeed is contagious. You want to work for Jim, you want to win with Jim!” Glenn Doherty, Manager at Interactive Intelligence (worked with Jim at Mitel), April 3, 2006   ”Jim is committed to consistent excellence, and has a track record of success as a result. He operates with integrity, and has a big-picture approach to helping customers solve business problems.” Marc Hernandez, Sales Representative at Mitel (reported to Jim at Mitel), March 2, 2006   ”Jim understands the concept of solution sales, which will serve him well in listening to customer needs and earning their business. Jim is also a great manager that commands the respect of his team through strong leadership and mutual respect” Tom Urso, Senior Solution Engineer at SAP (worked with Jim at Mitel), August 30, 2006   ”Outstanding Sales Manager!”           David Richard, Sales Manager at Mitel (reported to Jim), March 17, 2005