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The Root of All Success with The Real Jason Duncan


The Real Jason Duncan works with entrepreneurs to help them exit their businesses without selling them to a third party.
 Through both coaching and his exclusive mastermind, The Exiter Club, Jason works with them to develop systems and processes to scale so they can exit, or at the very least, get out of the weeds to be successful and enjoy their business and the financial profits, or what he calls “Exit Without Exiting”.

Jason spent 13 years in pastoral ministry and four years as a school teacher before he became an “accidental entrepreneur”. Over the past 11 years, the businesses he launched have been featured in several publications, including the Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America and one of Enterepreneur magazine’s top entrepreneurial companies in America. He owns nine companies that are involved in everything from e-commerce to consulting services to real estate holdings. 

Jason is the host of The Root of All Success podcast, which is syndicated on the C-Suite Radio Network, where he interviews extremely successful entrepreneurs about their keys to entrepreneurial success. He has spoken at a variety of conferences and appeared on dozens of podcasts.