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Gloria St. Martin-Lowry

C-Suite Leader Since:

Growth, Operations

10911, 10907, 10916

President, HPWP Group


Gloria is the President of HPWP Group, a company dedicated to revolutionizing workplaces through practical strategies that slash turnover and challenge the status quo. Passionate about fostering high-performance work environments, Gloria collaborates with bold leaders who recognize the need to adapt as the world changes.

She has extensive expertise as a leadership advisor and is a driving force behind creating sustainable cultures that elevate employee productivity.  With a rich background encompassing 25 years of hands-on experience, she stands uniquely qualified to tackle the crucial workplace challenges today.

Having personally trained hundreds of executives, managers and front-line leaders, she is a seasoned Trainer/Facilitator with a stellar track record of delivering tangible results.

Specializing in culture change, organizational effectiveness, leadership development, change management, employee engagement, and creating commitment, Gloria is a catalyst for transformative business outcomes. Her multifaceted skills include advising businesses on driving bottom-line results, facilitating intensive week-long training workshops on creating High Performance Workplaces that change the hearts and minds of leaders, providing ongoing consulting services.

Gloria has been published in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Inc Magazine, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, CEO World, Chief Executive,Success Magazine, Quartz at Work, HR Daily Advisor, Talent Culture, Smart Brief and Entrepreneur’s Organization

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