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Drew Allen

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Drew Allen is the President and CEO of Grace Technologies, Inc. In addition to his role at Grace, Allen led the acquisition of IIoT technology in 2018, forming the partner company Percēv to develop and expand this technology into new markets and applications.

Allen also sits on the advisory board for Atom Power, Inc. which is revolutionizing the power industry with the first solid-state circuit breakers, adding intelligence, automation, and safety to what has been a standard in power distribution for decades. He is a recipient of the National Association of Manufacturers’ 2020 Next-Generation Leadership Award and holds Bachelor Degrees in International Business and Marketing from Augustana College, Rock Island, IL and Lingnan University, Hong Kong.

As Host of the Factory Futurist Podcast, Allen interviews and explores the thought leaders, technologies and companies revolutionizing high-tech manufacturing. The podcast aims to learn from the best about how they sustain high performance leadership in technology, their personal lives, and their companies.

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