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As a Talent Development Expert, Dr Diane Brescher, who has a doctorate in Adult Education and Leadership Development has over 35 years’ experience focusing on all aspects of Leadership Development. Her livelihood is in all types of Professional skill development working with all types of leaders, ranging from individual contributors to the C- Suite.  She has worked with leaders in the following industries: financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, life sciences, medical devices, hospitals, energy, government, travel, and technology and has supported Sales, Marketing, IT, Business Development, New Product Development, Client Relationships, Human Resources, and Operations.

DB Consulting Partners, LLC  is a consultancy with three pillars:  Learning Strategy | Curriculum and Course Design; Facilitation Services in person, virtual for leadership training and other facilitation services including strategy and values facilitation; and Executive Coaching; team, individual, and assessment debriefing. She is also a DDI Licensed Consultant with the ability to sell DDI products and services.

Diane enjoys working with Mid-level to Senior Executive leaders.  Her executive coaching enables leaders to better understand themselves in terms of how they think and interact with others; helping them become more strategic and emotionally intelligent when achieving demonstrated results.  Coaching strengths include expertise in supporting her clients to get fast results. She is a certified feedback provider with certifications in various assessment tools (Hogan, Korn Ferry TalentQ Dimensions, EQi2.0, DDI L3, Leadership Mirror, DiSC, 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, etc.).  She has a high level of success in building and maintaining client |coachee relationships and in achieving business goals while developing the appropriate individual and team performance interventions.

Client Results

▪ Won a $525,000 government contract to create a Talent Management System including 2 track leadership curricula.  As project manager and lead designer, created 21 modules and workshops of learning, (200+ hours) including influencing skills, strategic thinking, creative thinking, coaching and feedback skills, communication skills, etc. All modules include  Instructor notes, participant materials, handouts, pre- and post-testing, 360° for leaders, etc. Managed staff of 4 on this project.  Includes internal certification process, a train the trainer, and coaching for leaders.

▪ Team coached 9 high potential leaders in a Fortune 10 company representing sales, new business development, client development, and marketing.  Their collaborative action learning project was successfully implemented, developing 3 new financial service product lines generating new clients in new markets.

▪ Improved staff development, efficiency, and quality for a pharmaceutical manufacturing plan by designing and delivering a virtual train the trainer series.  Designed a training program for business unit managers in quality and engineering on key topic such as adult learning, facilitation basics, dealing with challenges, resistance, and using job aid/ learner support materials.

▪ Created and implemented various functional and leadership competency models for small biotech company and incorporated company values into leadership curriculum. Matched “learning assets” to competencies and values.

▪ Supported DDI’s talent assessment process and conducted business plan reviews and competency interviews. Served as a facilitator for learning courses to enable talent selection development and provided certified feedback for several leadership assessments including Leadership Mirror.

▪Facilitated several Front-Line Leadership Development courses for a large global energy company resulting in the 2011 CLO award of the year. Included performance management, coaching and feedback, team building, motivation, inclusion, influencing others, presentation skills, leading change, etc.

SVP, Business Development


I have known Diane Brescher for over 15 years and have worked with her on specific training and development projects over the years. She is a skilled leadership development coach and consultant who seeks to understand the “root issues” first so she can develop and design effective training solutions through strong communication skills. Diane not only designs and develops tailored solutions that meets the needs of clients, but she is also a great facilitator and trainer too. These skills do not always go together. I would not hesitate to work or entrust significant leadership development with Diane.

Director of Talent Management


I’ve been working with Diane for about five years. Diane is a seasoned professional that has become fully integrated into our culture since facilitating our leadership development program. Diane has also had special projects one of which she both designed and facilitated a ½ day workshop for our senior executive team on Change Management. Diane is extremely knowledgeable, articulate, and engaging. Her life experiences in the corporate sector provides her with a deep understanding of the in’s and out’s of corporate culture. This is helpful and those experiences are what Diane brings to the table.

Human Resources Director


Dr. Diane Brescher has a wealth of experience in the areas of team collaboration, communication, and leadership. She is an expert in teambuilding, developing effective communication strategies, and creating a positive work environment. She has a passion for helping leaders and their teams to reach their goas and her enthusiasm is contagious. She is also an excellent listener and can quickly identity potential conflicts and provide solutions.

Her ability to facilitate open dialogue and foster an atmosphere of trust and collaboration has been invaluable to me. She can quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of a team and develop strategies to maximize team performance.

In addition to her expertise in her field, Diane is highly motivated and dedicated professional. She is also personable and has a great sense of humor. Diane is an outstanding professional and I am confident she will be an asset to any organization.

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