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Is your company still hiring employees using the same process it did five years ago? Think carefully about the question for a moment. Is the company recruiting, screening, interviewing, and verifying using the same techniques and procedures as in the past?

Most companies want predictable hiring for predictable performance. Dana Borowka and his team at Lighthouse Consulting Services, LLC works with companies that want to improve hiring and talent development through in-depth work style and personality assessment tests.

Next question. Do you wonder why so many of your new hires don’t remain in their jobs over six months, or why other companies seem to attract and keep solid employees, but not your company?

It is time for every company to re-examine their hiring practices, or risk falling behind in the race to win great talent.

Employee engagement begins with predictable hiring, and that is the key to predictable performance.

He also offers business consulting for higher productivity. His team of inter-disciplinary specialists are ready to help raise the effectiveness of critical functions in your organization such as sales, customer service, operations, and IT.

Dana Borowka, CEO, has over 25 years of experience in business consulting. He has an undergraduate degree in Human Behavior and a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. An active member of Vistage for over 20 years, Dana is a frequent speaker to Vistage groups across the country.

Dana is coauthor of the books, “Cracking the Personality Code”“Cracking the Business Code”and Cracking the Team Building Code”.

Dana is also a nationally recognized expert in the field of talent development for high-performance teams. He has appeared on television and radio and has been published in various national and international publications.

Dana and his team offer in-depth work style and personality assessments for both new hires and staff development, a variety of workshops on team building, interpersonal communication, stress and time management to boost individual performance and reduce employee turnover as well as sales and customer service training, market research and much more.