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I help leaders achieve by teaching them how to be wiser at work. | Industrial Philosophy™ | Author: Wise Up! At Work


Cristina DiGiacomo had a successful, award-winning, twenty-year corporate and agency career in client engagement, strategy, and management roles at companies like The New York Times, Citigroup, AMC Networks, and R/GA. Her agency clients included SC Johnson, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, The Travel Channel, Rogers Communications, Essence Magazine, Sony, and L’Oreal.

She began studying Philosophy at The School of Practical Philosophy ten years ago, applying the ideas of the greatest thinkers of all time – spanning “3500 years” of knowledge and insight. She holds an M.S. in Organizational Change Management from The New School, enhancing her understanding of the impact and importance of change.

She has been featured in Global Trade Magazine, Houston Style Magazine, The Young Upstarts, and was interviewed by Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, Authority Magazine. She has upcoming features for Costco Connection, CEOWorld Magazine, and Flagstaff Business News.

Her book “Wise Up! At Work” was a #1 Best-seller on Amazon for Modern Philosophy and a #1 New Release, and a Best-seller, in Business Management Skills. She has a podcast “Wise Up! With Cristina” where she interviews leaders about the issues facing business today.

Her success is measured by the skills she provides to access the wisdom of great thinkers to benefit everyday tasks and strategic thinking.

The Age of Insight

THE AGE OF INSIGHT is a global focus toward deeper thinking, a redefining movement toward “seeing inside” on a personal, organizational, and global level. An emphasis on humanity and what that means, it is a new era post “Information Age” and an antidote to the disinformation age we are in. The Age of Insight transforms us from the false narratives that divide and weaken our collective power into a purpose-driven Truth (with a capital T).

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The Top 10 Business Documentaries to Watch and Why

The top 10 business documentaries to watch and why. This list encompasses some of the best business documentaries I’ve seen strictly because they offer so much to those who lead, who practice, and who advise. So if you’re a CEO, or consultant, coach, or advisor, I encourage you to watch these through the lens of your role and business.

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How To Transcend With The Right Resolution

Not since the last season of Game of Thrones have I seen anything as anticipated as 2021. If there is any year that warrants the usual talk about resolutions, about change, it’s this one. Everyone has made a New Year’s resolution (or two or twenty) in the past, but this year I am inspired to challenge myself and you with radical resolutions. Plato is here to help with that.

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2020 Doesn’t Have to Be an Ugly Sweater

“How to Reflect on 2020” It may be tempting to burn the 2020 calendar and never look back, but before you flick that lighter, let me propose something more productive than fire. Look back and take it in. Take it all in, the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you take the time to look backward and unsnarl the tangled knitting that became the “2020 Ugly Sweater”, you may realize that the pile of yarn can be reused for a thing of beauty. 

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What’s The Best Thing To Carve This Month?

“How to Carve Out Time to Plan for the Year Ahead.” When we look at our calendars and see November, we conjure images with gatherings of friends and family, the start of the holiday season, and the slower pace of winter. I look back at my appointment diary from November 2019, and I am overwhelmed by the contrast of November 2020. We’ve had 7 months of surfing with day-to-day waves of ‘what now?’ and what I have learned is that I can’t count on a future based on images from the past.

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To Fear or Not to Fear

With the changing leaves and days shrinking into night, collectively we celebrate fall and all things spooky. Dark forests, the space under your bed, the idea of a dark cornfield, are all tropes to incite fear. And while it’s fun to ‘escape’ into the scaries that October brings, it feels like we have already been navigating a dark corn maze for months not knowing what is around the corner.  

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