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Bill Sanders

C-Suite Leader Since:

Mergers & Acquisition, Strategy, Operations

10930, 10932, 10908

Operational Strategist | Executive Advisor | Management Consultant | Fractional COO/Integrator


Bill Sanders is a seasoned leader in business transformation and process innovation. With over two decades of experience, he has propelled over 200 organizations, including global giants like Google, Microsoft, PepsiCo, and more, towards unparalleled growth and innovation. As the Principal and Managing Director at Roebling Strauss, a distinguished consultancy in the heart of the Black Hills, Bill’s expertise resonates in the precision of strategy execution.

What sets Bill apart?

Bill swiftly bridges the gap between strategy and results. His approach uncovers misalignments in strategy, goals, and execution. By tapping into the organization’s collective intelligence, he paves the way for creative solutions that drive accelerated growth, heightened profitability, and continuous innovation.

Bill’s Impact:

  • Proven Track Record: He’s steered businesses on four continents, leaving an indelible mark on diverse industries.
  • Leadership & Publications: Bill’s leadership extends beyond consultancy. As a former President of the San Francisco American Marketing Association, he has published in top-tier management journals and contributed thought leadership on cultural productivity and innovation in renowned publications like the Huffington Post.
  • Author & Collaborator: Co-authoring “From Hierarchy to High Performance” exemplifies his commitment to redefining organizational success.
  • Industry Influence: Bill’s insights frequently grace the press, addressing critical issues around organizational culture, productivity, and innovation.

How Bill Can Help:

If your business is sprinting ahead but struggling to execute, if deadlines are non-negotiable, if you crave rapid prototyping of new service offerings, or if you have clarity on what and where to innovate but need a concrete plan on how to do so, Bill Sanders is your catalyst for change.

Services Offered:

  • Fractional COO
  • Fractional Integrator (EOS)
  • M&A: Post-merger Integration
  • Process Innovation
  • Critical Project Planning & Execution

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