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I help men and women in leadership roles stop overwhelming stress and recover from ‘walking burnout’ so that they can stop secretly resenting their work, without having to quit their current career, give into the latest self-help hacks, or feel guilty when they take time off to relax.

Walking Burnout: Is a state of being when people are still doing their job effectively, but emotionally and mentally they have no capacity left to deal with constant change and unending pressure that comes from inside and outside of the workplace. There’s no wiggle room for life to get in the way – and eventually it will! This makes it harder to be positive, resolve conflicts, and be a supportive, engaged team member and leader.

Using my Personal Capacity Design method, Problem-Solving Framework and Stress Redesign model, leaders are inspired and have systems to achieve optimal bottom-line results while honouring their well-being.

The same-old-same-old stress management and throw-mud on the wall problem-solving for people problems are not going to cut it as the economy tightens and employees demand more supportive workplaces.

Consider me a dose of tough love wrapped in an empathetic hug. Expect inspiration and strategy with a twist on traditional advice.

⭐️NEW KEYNOTE and NEXT BOOK (2023)⭐️ The Stress Illusion: Defy the Lies That Keep You Stressed!

Watch this video to get a sense of my what drives my methodology.

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