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Alex Love Li, a native of Taiwan but a New Jerseyan by upbringing, discovered his passion for real estate amidst the vibrant academic and social life at Rutgers University, where he was a proud member of the TKE fraternity. His early fascination with the psychology of motivation and impact led him down the path of marketing and personal development. Through Gratitude Training, Alex honed his skills in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching, laying a solid foundation for his real estate journey. Deeply influenced by “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “A Course in Miracles,” he perceives real estate as more than mere property; it’s a tool to seed global abundance. 


With 18 years in the real estate realm, beginning with a spark ignited by “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and culminating in a rich portfolio of over 800 units across multifamily, hotels, and storage deals, Alex has explored every strategy in the residential space—from wholesaling to ground-up constructions. His ventures have attracted over $10 million in funding, underscoring the trust and confidence vested in him by investors and partners alike.


Central to Alex’s real estate practice is a philosophy of creating win-win scenarios. The core of his vision materializes through Legends Equity Group, an organization committed to making real estate accessible for all and promoting collective prosperity. Inspired by luminaries like Jim Rohn, Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki, and spiritual mentors like Marianne Williamson, Chris Desanti and Jo Englesson, his leadership in the real estate sector is firm and unwavering.


Alex’s approach, often lauded for its patience and positive energy, has created a ripple effect of goodwill and trust among clients and partners, echoing his belief in real estate as a vehicle for broader societal impact.

**Community Engagement:**

As the catalyst and founder behind Legends Mastermind Community, Alex mentors aspiring real estate moguls on multifamily investments, aiming for a ripple effect of positive change. His community involvement extends to organizing meet-ups that foster networking and growth within the real estate and tech venture arenas.

**Personal Interests:**

Away from the hustle of real estate, Alex cherishes the company of his wife, the strum of his guitar, the camaraderie of a basketball game, and the joy of nurturing new business and community-building ideas.

**Future Aspirations:**

In the near term, revitalizing the downtown Fremont area of Las Vegas stands as a tribute to the late Tony Hsieh’s legacy. Long-term, the ambitious goal of nurturing Legends Equity Group to a thriving community of 360,000 members is more than a dream—it’s a journey of transformation that every new member propels forward.

Monica Gallegos


Alex is beyond compassionate with all those he serves. He is very helpful and committed to making sure you are doing your best at all times. He sees the light in you when you don't see it yourself! He is a great positive energy to have on your team and is a great visionary of all good things. I'm so honored to be part of his Legend's Equity team and all that he does for the group. May he continue to shine in all of his endeavors and I highly recommend Alex to those wanting to learn more about commercial real estate and to go beyond themselves!
Kris (Kraze) Mullins


Alex is an incredible person, both on the professional and the personal side, in which I have the honor of knowing and experiencing both. Extremely caring, selfless, and focused on helping others in any way he can. The saying “rising tide raises all ships” fits Alex well as this is a modo I use but holds true to how Alex operates. His dedication to providing resources by means of live trainings, knowledge, calls, and other methods ultimately shows his level of care as this is his time dedicated to those offerings, day in and day out, which is ultimately most sacred to any entrepreneur and business owner. As a partner I couldn’t ask for better. As a friend, ditto!
Allison (Ally) Fitzmaurice


Alex and his weekly calls have had such a significant impact in my life over the past 5 months. Alex is someone who has a deep passion for community and is on a mission to build something so much bigger than himself. He is extremely transparent and honest, and continuously shares what he has learned in his own personal experience and from others, there is no end to his generosity. It is not often you come by people like Alex. He is one of those special people who gives more than he takes. He is someone who wants to see others win and he is willing to do whatever he can to help them get there. I highly recommend connecting with Alex, for his weekly calls, his Legends mastermind group, his summits, and his future in-person meet-ups!!
Zeeny Shah


When I first met Alex, I saw he was a man with a great mission. He wanted to bridge the gap between spiritualism and materialism. Though I felt it may be difficult, I find it truly amazing how he is doing it. When he speaks, you can hear his passion for his work. His knowledge in Real Estate is vast, and he is one to share everything he knows with the world. He is all about “Give, Give, Give.” It’s very rare to find people like Alex. With his 10X mindset he is able to think outside the box and do everything in his power to help others succeed. If it’s Real Estate you want, Alex is your guy. Connect with him, join his Mastermind, watch him LIVE on LinkedIn every week. You will be blown away. I highly recommend you speak with him.
Faisal Shah


I was looking for Real Estate investment opportunities in the US, and I needed to find someone I can trust, who’s been there and can navigate me through the traps while understanding how to maximise profitability After meeting Alex at Grant Cardone’s Growth Con 2023, I instantly knew that he was with the right person. Not only does he have a vast amount of knowledge in the field - he is a 10X’er so I know he’s going to overcommit and over deliver. To Alex, Real Estate is more than just money, it’s way to connect things he is really passionate about. I have had the honour of being a guest on his Legend’s Mastermind, where he dropped bombs. If you want to learn more about Real Estate, I suggest you begin with a conversation with Alex.
Karina (Real Estate Chica) Cassell


Alex, thank you for being a humble & kind mentor. I have learned a lot from you as an investor. You give me confidence to continue to buy more property & set myself financially free. I highly recommend Alex to be your Mentor & help guide you through wealth buillding for your family
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