C-Suite Network™

C-Suite Network

The C-Suite Network is a national network of business leaders dedicated to helping each other achieve business excellence. We focus on four main components: community, networking, services, and content.

  • Community – Join an established network, filled with business leaders like you. Our members are carefully vetted, helping you build new relationships with like-minded peers.
  • Networking – Value from this community comes from in-person connections at our events. We put you in the room with vetted and trusted peers and top thought leaders across industries.
  • Services – We provide services, tools, and benefits to help your business, your team, and your life.
  • Content –Access to business-centric podcasts, TV shows, books and articles with the c-suite executive in mind. This information provides you the edge to be the most strategic person in the room.

As we continue expanding the world’s most trusted network of business leaders, The C-Suite Network has developed local councils to help members optimize their local business connections.

Lone Star Council

When most people think of Texas, the Lone Star State, they conjure up pictures of cattle, oil, Tex-Mex & BBQ, Shiner Bock beer, and football. But Texas is a lot more than just sports teams, good food & drink,drilling, and longhorns. Texas boasts the 2nd largest economy in the US, and the 10th largest in the world. Those that live and do business here, recognize Texas as a pro-business state that fuels entrepreneurism, supports the small business owner, and consistently attracts large corporations with our incredible housing market, low cost of living, and no state income tax. 

 Texans support each other. There is a sense of pride that comes from being a Texan, whether you were born here, orgot here as fast as you could.   

 The C-Suite Network Lone Star Council has been created to specifically bring together the owners and executives of Texas businesses to support and promote each other utilizing the core principles of the C-Suite Network: Relevancy. Reach. Reciprocity.  

 The Lone Star Council’s primary goal is to address the needs of the Texas business community through collaboration, education, and motivation. Whether you are a Texas-based business owner or executive, or wanting to do business within the state, we invite you to join the Council.


The Council hosts monthly member-only digital (and eventually in-person) events to foster critical collaborations, offer effective strategies from highly successful business leaders in the C-Suite, and encourage trusted sharing among vetted peers. Along with the Council membership, you’ll receive C-Suite Network Executive Membership, which provides access to key resources and discounted business services that will give you a success roadmap. More than anything, we are on the front lines with strong, steady leadership so you’re not going through this time of great uncertainty alone.