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Who We Are

The Hero Club membership is by invitation only for Founders, CEOs, and Investors with the vision and drive to take our companies to the next level. Our expanding network if made up of like-minded entrepreneurs and leaders who give as much as we take. We are a community of learners and strivers, and only invite those with this kind of grit and determination to join.

The Hero Club enjoys a variety of retreats and educational summits. We have gain access to member-only advice, communications, and proven business methodologies that help to ensure their companies are targeted for success. We also benefit from a number of services exclusive to Hero Club members, all with the intention of growing our businesses faster and better.

Our Story

Rob Ryan, Founder of Ascend Communications, oversaw the sale of the company for over $20 billion in 1999.  Rob became the first “Hero” based on the wealth he created for his employees who benefited from shareholdings in the sale.

The Hero Club was launched, combining the resources of Rob Ryan’s Entrepreneur America, Hyde-Norton Group and finally the Bennet Group. In 2016, after many years of discussion and alignment on values, C-Suite Network, led by Chairman Jeffrey Hayzlett, acquired The Hero Club. In its first year within C-Suite Network, The Hero Club grew by more than 400% and continues to support membership growth by creating the connections, education, opportunities, and balance that our CEOs, Founders, and Investors need to live their Hero story.


The Hero Club is constantly working to expand the exclusive benefits and opportunities offered to our members. Currently, those benefits include:

  • Hero Club Events
  • C-Suite Network Events
  • Private Retreat Events
  • VIP CEO and Founder Meetings
  • Exclusive Hero Club Member Benefits and Opportunities
  • Proprietary Hero Content and Tools
  • Networking and Collaboration
  • Executive Level Mentoring
  • C-Suite Network Membership Benefits

Our Goals

To help our members grow to reflect the true tenants of being a hero business.

A Hero Leader must:

  • Communicate a clear vision of where we want to go
  • Have the ability to implement ideas and drive change
  • Commit on values to all stakeholders
  • Embrace sharing credit with teammates
  • Be relentless. When knocked down, we get back up!
  • Be willing to do any job required to succeed
  • Be guided by a servant mentality to people, causes, organizations
  • Own a driving belief in sharing success and wealth

A Hero Business must:

  • Exemplify results that are outside the industry norm
  • Bottom-up organizations: engage all business units in building and making the organization more efficient
  • Root success in values to their community, stakeholders, or common good
  • Recognize strengths and weaknesses and strive for continual improvement
  • Perform work or build products that inspire or disrupt the norm
  • Exhibit transparency with clear vision and values practiced throughout the organization
  • Value the brand, and be sure it is reflective of the promises delivered

Become A Hero Club Member

We are currently accepting applications to join the C-Suite Network Hero Club. If you think you exemplify the qualities of a Hero Leader and could benefit from our exclusive services, apply today.

$1,000 / Month
Pay monthly
No cancellation within contract term
Council Hero
$10,000 / Year
15% discount off Monthly rate
No cancellation within contract term.
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