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[PUBLIC] C-Suite Network Women’s Coaching & Consulting Council Presents: “Mastering Your Mindset: Break Free from Imposter Syndrome” InterActive Livestream


Sep 07 2023


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Ever find yourself second-guessing your expertise, even with a track record of accomplishment? You’re far from alone—even the most successful coaches and consultants grapple with the doubt and uncertainty known as Imposter Syndrome.

In this Women’s Coaching & Consulting Council InterActive Livestream, our esteemed faculty members and founder, Kathleen Caldwell will share practical tools to shatter self-doubt, empower your mindset, and skyrocket your confidence.

During our interactive livestream, we will discuss:

– How to decode imposter syndrome symptoms that spark your self-doubt

– Strategies to “Flip the Script” with actionable insights and mindset techniques, like cognitive reframing and positive affirmations

– Success Stories: Hear from other successful coaches and consultants who have been in your shoes and were able to break free from Imposter Syndrome.

Register and receive the replays at: https://tinyurl.com/C-SuiteWCCCSeptember72023

Questions? Contact Kathleen Caldwell, founder, C-Suite Network Women’s Coaching & Consulting Council and Women’s Success Accelerator ™ founder through a DM on LinkedIn at https://tinyurl.com/KathleenCaldwellLinkedIn.

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