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[MEMBERS ONLY] Turning Tensions into Triumphs: Your Roadmap to Conflict Resolution


Sep 14 2023


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

No one likes conflict, but we all face it at some point throughout our careers as well as in life. In a world where differences are inevitable, the ability to navigate conflict with grace and effectiveness is an important skill to possess. More than three-quarters (76 percent) of workers worldwide have seen a conflict lead to something positive and 41 percent of them found that it led to a better understanding of other people.

As leaders, how do we effectively turn tensions into triumphs?

On Thursday, September 14 at 12PM ET, join C-Suite Network™ CEO, Tricia Benn, for an exclusive, member-only session featuring Kathleen Seeley, founder of Massively Human Leadership. They will engage in a frank discussion about what it takes for master conflict resolution, build a culture that thrives on open and honest communication resulting in positive outcomes.

This exclusive member-only session on Thursday, September 14 at 12PM ET will address:

• How to approach a charged situation to have a positive outcome
• Addressing conflicts that stem from organizational and personal values
• Strategies to deploy that create a safe environment for open dialogue
• Actionable steps to promote a culture of open communication & collaboration
• Practical tools to de-escalate tension & communicate effectively

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