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Jan 24 2023


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Often talented, experienced speakers want to get paid to speak, but they have no idea where to start . They know that they want to reach more people, impact more lives – and get paid what they’re worth as speaker – but they don’t know how. Join us as Brian Hilliard shares his insider secrets, gained through a 20+ year career as a top-paid speaker! Learn specific, actionable do’s and don’ts to get paid for speaking gigs.

Get real answers to questions like:

• How do you find these paid gigs?
• What groups are hiring people like me?
• How much should I charge?
• Do I need a book before I can start getting paid speaking gigs?

You’re in for a treat as popular speaker and best-selling author, Brian Hilliard, shows you what to do – and stop doing – to get paid speaking gigs…even if you’re just starting out.

LEADER: Brian Hilliard

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Password: 202429

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