C-Suite Network™

C-Suite Best Seller List

Criteria for the C-Suite Best Seller List: 

  1. Sell a minimum of 3,000 book sales on 2 or more publishing platforms; i.e., Amazon, Barnes & Noble. 
  2. Sales must be in a consecutive 7 day period.
  3.  Ranking on both platforms will be taken into consideration. 
  4. C-Suite Network™ panel will decide the final list each week.

The January 1st 2024 C-Suite Network™ Book Review, is the iteration of the Best Sellers report that encapsulates the sales landscape for the week concluding on December 31, 2024. The rankings meticulously embody unit sales disclosed confidentially by a myriad of vendors offering a diverse array of general interest titles published across the United States. Fifteen (15) books are selected weekly to be part of the C-Suite Best Seller List.


Weekly, a multitude of selling locations, spanning various sizes and demographics, diligently report their actual sales on hundreds of thousands of individual titles. The comprehensive panel of reporting retailers’ mirrors sales in an extensive network of stores, including national, regional, and local chains, numerous independent book retailers, online and multimedia entertainment outlets, supermarkets, university and gift stores, big-box department stores, as well as newsstands.


Encompassing both established and emerging vendors, the book selling universe encompasses a broad spectrum of sales venues for print books. These include tens of thousands of storefronts represented by national, regional, and local chains, numerous independent book retailers, online and multimedia entertainment outlets, supermarkets, university and gift stores, big-box department stores, and newsstands.


E-book rankings provide insight into sales from leading online vendors of e-books across various popular e-reader formats. These rankings are integrated into combined lists for nonfiction monthly releases. Titles are considered, irrespective of whether they are published in both print and electronic formats or exclusively in one. Generally, publisher credits for e-books are attributed to the corporate publishing name, unless specified otherwise. To be considered a minimum 3,000 books sales must be completed over a 7-day period. Sales must be from 2 or more sales channels and sales ranking calculations are taken into consideration when selecting books to be highlighted on the C-Suite Best Seller List. Other items for consideration will be the authors online presence.


The presence of a ranked title signifies that sales data from reporting vendors has been relayed to the C-Suite Network™ and adheres to universally accepted industry standards, such as ISBN13 and EISBN13 codes. Ranking calculator tools are used to validate the information to the best of our ability along with the retail sales of any title, along with overall sales data, is treated confidentially, protected by Non-Disclosure Agreements.


Sales are defined as completed transactions by vendors and individual end users during the period on or after the official publication date of a title. Inclusion of institutional, special interest, group, or bulk purchases is subject to the discretion of the C-Suite Best Seller List desk editors, guided by standards for inclusion that involve proprietary vetting, audit protocols, corroborative reporting, and statistical determinations as well as factors pertaining to the content, cover design, topic of reference and other editorial criteria set forth by the the C-Suite Best Seller editors.


Publishers and vendors of ranked titles must promptly adhere to the C-Suite Best Seller List’s requirements for scrutiny and independent corroboration of reported sales for the week. Sales are statistically weighted to accurately represent all outlets proportionally nationwide.


Categories currently not actively tracked include perennial sellers, required classroom reading, textbooks, reference and test preparation guides, journals, workbooks, calorie counters, shopping guides, periodicals, and crossword puzzles, and for the time being books of fiction.


Compiled and archived by The Best Seller Lists desk of the C-Suite Network™ News Department, the C-Suite Best Sellers stand independently from all other Business divisions of the C-Suite Network™ Company.


For book retailers interested in reporting weekly sales to the C-Suite Best Seller List, please submit a request here.


All other inquiries and feedback can be directed to BestSellerEditor@c-suitenetwork.com.