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What’s the revolutionary way to develop your intuition to become rich and powerful?

“How do I develop my intuition?” is the question I’m asked the most during interviews and TV appearances when I introduce myself as an Intuitive Business Strategist and Master Astrologer and talk about my client’s success stories. My response is always the same.

Everyone is intuitive. Period.




So now that we’ve established you’re intuitive, let’s talk about developing your intuition.

Develop Your Intuition

First, you want to say YES to your intuition. Seriously, say it right now, “I am intuitive”. Take a deep breath and say it again, “I am intuitive”.

Second, you want to be able to hear your intuition and the most common approach is to meditate. I know meditating isn’t easy for a lot of people as life is too busy, your mind is too active or you’ve had failed experiments with meditating. I had the same problem, so I’ve come up with another way.

Third, you want to realize your intuition is your most valuable tool in life and business. Your intuition is your best advisor, your effortless jet pack and your most efficient team member helping you get things done.

Next, you want to use your intuition to help you propel your life and business. Your intuition helps you make better decisions, improve your relationships and create satisfying success.

Your intuition is your most powerful tool. Yet, if the only way to develop your intuition is to meditate and you can’t quite do that, what do you do?

I can’t meditate, now what?

I’ve come up with a revolutionary method to develop your intuition for the those who can’t meditate. The good news, my revolutionary method is familiar for business leaders.  It’s all about the know-like-trust (KLT) factor.

Anyone in marketing and sales knows the KLT factor, as your customers need to know, like and trust you before they work with you as it’s been around for decades.

I learned about it while getting my MBA and have worked with it since my days at Oracle. Being a $MM intuitive business strategist, it was easy to use with all of my clients to get them from where they were income-wise to where they wanted to be.

The better news, my revolutionary Do You Know, Like and Trust Yourself™ method is wildly effective. In fact, I used it in my own journey when my corporate career was catapulting into the stratosphere and my son was born with significant issues. When the doctors said he wouldn’t be able to walk up the stairs naturally, throw and catch a ball or have a normal social life – I said absolutely not.

I realized how powerful my intuitive gifts were, but I had been too busy checking off all of the boxes for my next promotion, so I had forgotten about them. Things were so fraught, I wasn’t able to meditate to access my intuitive guidance. Instead, I had to know myself to follow my own inclinations, instead of following the doctor’s predictions.

I had to like myself enough to listen to my own council, ask for support and coordinate all of this support to heal my son’s brain-body connection.  I had to trust myself enough to follow my own strategies for 8+ years for complete transformation. The results were so successful, I realized turning the KLT factor inside out would work in my business too.

The best news, my revolutionary Do You Know, Like and Trust Yourself™ method works for my clients. I have countless stories and here’s one you may relate to as one of my clients had 3 businesses and wasn’t making any real money. She was constantly chasing the marketplace for the next trend. She didn’t know herself to follow her own path. Once I helped her see her unique gifts and the best business approach for her, we crafted her business based on who she is at the core.

Now, she’s running ONE successful business, making high-6 figures, has 40K+ followers and is a magnet in the marketplace.

Do You Know, Like and Trust Yourself ®

Answering this question isn’t an easy one, however, I have recommendations on stepping into it.

Know yourself to discover your purpose:

  • Follow your gut instinct
  • Start a conversation with your intuition by asking questioning
  • Go within to follow your heart instead of paying attention to other’s success
  • Give more credence to your inner voice than the voices around you

Like yourself to feel your power:

  • Choose to be center stage in your life
  • Be aware of your energy and the energy of others
  • Stay in your own energy
  • Ask for support and receive it when it comes

Trust yourself to manifest prosperity:

  • Commit to yourself – your own needs and desires
  • Leverage opportunities by saying Yes – strategically and with discretion
  • Open your ability to receive – OFTEN and in BIG WAYS
  • Let go of attachment to outcome

When you do follow Do You Know, Like and Trust Yourself®, you stop second guessing yourself and start making strong decisions; you stop ineffectively delegating to others and start becoming a great leader and you stop distrusting your value and start increasing your top and bottom lines.

If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, take my FREE quiz to receive valuable insights and tips that can help you leverage your success.

As always, wishing you satisfying success,


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