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The Media Brand that Owns a Hotel Chain

Over the years, Marriott International has been operating a lot more like a media company than a hotel chain.

Here’s why…

Marriott operates as a media company to compete in a digital world

Marriott International, learned the power of content marketing after launching Marriott Traveler, a media site that attracts 3 million unique visitors (up 78 percent from the previous year).

Visits to the individual hotel landing pages via Traveler were up 80 percent and revenue from hotel bookings went up 200 percent compared to the year before.

“Those results certainly make a solid case for content marketing.” – Inc. magazine

They turned into a full media site that promotes travel, food, drinks, culture, health & fitness which entertains millions of travelers who share their love of culture and adventure through the content they share on their site.

A site by the way, where you can also book a room for your next vacation…

After launching a successful blog authored by their chairman, Marriott updated their marketing strategy to approach people based on their passion for travel and love for adventure (instead of just pitching hotel room benefits like everyone else).

In today’s digital economy Marriott attracts an audience to sell to by creating the content that their buyers love.

What content can you create to build your audience?

Want More Information Like This?

Companies like Marriott are turning their offline sales process online by using a specific content strategy.

If you want to learn how to implement a similar content strategy, we created a comprehensive overview, where we can teach you how to operate your business as a media brand in only 32 pages.

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