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Tell Your Story With an Experienced and Award-Winning Team

If you are considering bringing your business story to life in an audio theatre production, you want to make sure that you are engaging with the right team. After all, this is an investment in time and money that will provide you returns for generations.

  • You want a team that has a business background and has been through their own entrepreneurial journey so they can appreciate yours.
  • You want a team that has experience in business education so they can understand how important story is to convey business principles.
  • You want an author who can listen to your story and recreate the characters, actions, and outcomes in scripts that convey your real life events in an entertaining and informative audio play.
  • You want a production team with some of the top actors, directors, editors, sound engineers, and musical score writers in the entertainment industry.
  • You want your own executive producer to be responsible for every aspect of production.
  • And you want a team that has not only done it before, but an award-winning team, recognized by the Audiobook Publishers Association for excellence in a new form of business audiobook.

The Dream Team 

This dream team has been created, proven, and awarded. It has already produced the first example of Business Audio Theatre, The Barefoot Spirit. It’s the true story of the creation and building of the world’s #1 wine brand. Based on the New York Times Bestseller, this audiobook story was recognized as one of the top five business audiobooks of 2020 by the Audiobook Publishers Association. It was quite an honor for us to be recognized by an organization made up of and financed by the largest audiobook publishing houses in the country!


The Founders of Barefoot Wine and the creators of Business Audio Theatre, Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, will personally oversee the creation and production of your audiobook story. They have been through it before and understand the details and subtleties of the process. They are experienced executive managers in their own right, with 20 years of successful entrepreneurial experience from startup to enterprise, and 15 years in international entrepreneurial education, thought leadership, business writing, and service as advisors to companies of all sizes. They will make the team they used to do their own Business Audio Theatre, your dream team!

The Writer

The Stanford journalism alumni, New York Times bestselling business story coauthor, and award-winning audiobook playwright, Rick Kushman, will be your playwright. Rick has had a career as a newspaper columnist for the Sacramento Bee, television journalist, book writer, and producer of hundreds of business and marketing pieces for such major organizations as E&J Gallo and UC Davis Medical Center. He was the co-author of The Barefoot Spirit and the playwright for the business audiobook version.

The Producers

Sherwood Players, the multiple-award-winning Hollywood movie and production company, headed by celebrated Director Matt Weinglass, will be your director, and his incredible talent bank will play your characters with authentic and realistic role casting. His expert audio, sound, and music editors will bring your story to life in a compelling performance that will engage, entertain, and inspire your listeners.

The Manager

Through all of this, Bonnie Harvey, who oversaw production and supply chain management at Barefoot Wines and again, through the entire writing and production process of the first business audio theatre, will be your guide, production manager, executive producer, and account executive.

Find out more about the process and your Business Audio Theatre team.

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