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Strategy + Implementation= Results

If you are ready to kick some serious butt as an entrepreneur of your expertisethis is the program you’ve been looking for.

You’re getting the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to market your business and generate MORE leads, BETTER prospects, and BIGGER sales.


Because we don’t start with tactics.

Everyone wants tactics – even you. C’mon, admit it!

Tactics without strategy is busywork.

Random activity leads to random results.

What we’ve found with our most successful clients is that they work REALLY hard on the foundational DECISIONS (strategy) in their business so that their day-to-day CHOICES (tactics) become easy.

There is NO secret sauce, silver bullet, or magic beans.

But if there were, it would consist of two simple ingredients that you need to help you create a steady stream of leads, clients, and cash…

Strategy + Implementation = Results

That is exactly why we created the Expert Profit Formula.

The real difference: we cross the chasm from information to implementation with specific assignments that move you and your business forward in tangible, specific ways.

Using these expert marketing strategies, tactics and tools (these are the same exact strategies I share with my private clients who invest $15,000 to work with me 1-on-1 for 90 days) you’ll dramatically improve your ability to:

  • Generate new and better-qualified leads
  • Close more and bigger deals faster
  • Improve the quality and quantity of your referrals
  • Boost your word of mouth marketing power
  • Charge higher fees regardless of the economy
  • Book more business over competitors who are essentially “invisible” where it counts the most – in front of prospects, clients and influencers
  • Master much smarter marketing, sales and business development tactics that work in a wide variety of businesses – including YOURS!

EPF (as the cool kids call it) is designed around the exact principles, practices, and tools to help you make a dent in the universe, recharge your batteries, and go full steam ahead into the new normal with a high-fee, high-fun expert-based business that you love — and that will refill your bank account with a steady stream of prospects, clients, and cash.

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