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Road Trips Are Back! Take Audio Theatre Along for the Ride!

When we started Barefoot Wine, we spent a lot of time in our car. We live north of San Francisco but had customers all over the country. We would often drive south to Los Angeles, San Diego, north to Portland and Seattle, and east to Reno, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. We couldn’t afford to fly due to extremely tight funds and we couldn’t take the 10 cases of wine samples we needed on board. So we would spend 7-19 hours in the car! What to do?

Turning Miles into Stories

In those days, audiobooks and courses were on cassette tapes, and every dashboard had a slot that would play them over the car’s sound system. We would entertain and educate ourselves with stories of the great entrepreneurs of the last century. And we’d listen to the latest tips from Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and Tony Robbins, hoping to remember them and use them at our next presentation down the road.

We liked the stories the best because they were theme centric and lasted for 5-10 hours, perfect for a road trip.

Pandemic Brings Back the Road Trip!

Fast forward 30 years and we are in the clutches of a pandemic. Folks don’t want to expose themselves in airports or be trapped on a plane for hours. The big cruise liners are also perceived as somewhat of a risk. So how do folks get away in the age of the Corona Virus? Road Trip!

But these are long travel times, 7-19 hours like we used to drive on a regular basis. Once again, your car is your classroom and audio theatre. This is the perfect time and place to discover or rediscover pre-recorded audio productions.

Old Time Radio to Pass the Miles

When we created our audiobook, The Barefoot Spirit, we were inspired by NPR’s Theatre of the Mind and A Prairie Home Companion with its 1940’s-style audio skits like Guy Noir Private Eye. In fact, it was on one of those long road trips across Arizona that we got the idea for Business Audio Theatre.

We love the way the actors brought the characters to life, the way the scenes unfolded in our minds, and the way sound effects and music gave an entertaining and cinematic quality to the stories. The miles flew by! The long journey became fun!

Have a Test Drive on Us!

Won’t you try out this “new” fun format and take us along with you and your family this summer? Our audio play, The Barefoot Spirit, has received multiple 5-Star reviews and was selected as one of the Top Five business books of 2020 by the Audiobook Publisher’s Association. It’s conveniently broken down into ten episodes of 30-40 minutes each, comprised of 2-3 minute scenes.  The audiobook totals just over 7 hours. Totally segmentable or binge-able.

We want you to have the opportunity to “test drive” The Barefoot Spirit on your next trip. So here is the 1st episodic chapter for FREE! If you like it, you can get the rest on any audiobook platform you favor.  Happy trails! And enjoy the ride!

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