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One Personal Finance Podcast You Need to Know

One Personal Finance Podcast You Need to Know

(Your boy is this week’s featured guest on a personal finance podcast that gets millions of downloads…and I’m proud to share that my episode set a single day record for downloads – over 10,000! Read on to download and listen to said record-breaking episode below.)

Here’s a podcast you need to know: ChooseFI (FI stands for Financial Independence)

They launched only 6 months ago and they’re already getting millions of downloads.

They’re trending towards being a top-10 business podcast on iTunes.


Why Are These Guys So Popular?

The Financial Independence movement, or FI, is a small but rapidly growing community of freedom-enthusiasts who are committed to achieving financial freedom in a radically short period of time, such as 3-5 years.

Meaning, you save enough money in 3-5 years that you can leave the workforce, live off the interest income stream of your savings and live a lifestyle of your own design.
Sounds insane, unrealistic and impossible right?

Except there’s an entire movement of people already living this lifestyle.

The ChooseFI podcast is showing people how to make this Everest-type goal approachable, practical and attainable by focusing on 3 simple pillars:

  1. Reducing spending
  2. Increasing income
  3. Investing the savings to provide income stream when you leave the labor market

Every episode is packed with super actionable techniques – like how to start your journey to socking away 50-80% of your annual income, paying off debt in radically truncated periods of time, investment strategies, and travel rewards hacking.

What I love about this movement is that it addresses financial drift – and puts the tools back in your hands to design a financial future that you can’t wait to live into.


I’m Episode #33’s Featured Guest

I was their featured guest on episode #33, marking their first venture into the personal development arena.

The result?

They broke a new single-day record with over 10,000 downloads yesterday (32% over their previous record).

I’m not bragging but…

We unpack the key concepts of my book Design Your Future: Stop Drifting and Start LivingIn this episode:

  • How to know if you’re drifting in life? Is your life path based on fear?
  • Why most people feel a lack of “progress” in their lives and why this experience can feel subtly devastating
  • How to interrupt your limiting patterns of beliefs and behaviors
  • Practical steps on how to design a future you can’t wait to live into

Check out episode #33 of the ChooseFI podcast by clicking here.


PS – If you have a commute, a workout or long plane ride coming up, you definitely need to check out this ChooseFI podcast.

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