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No More Mr. Nice CEO: The Savage Rules for Absolute Power in Business

Are you ready to revolutionize your entrepreneurial journey? Are you tired of the same recycled success stories that promise overnight transformations? Let’s cut the bullshit. True success isn’t a matter of luck or magic—it’s about mastering power, strategy, and relentless execution.

Welcome to a realm where power isn’t just a concept; it’s a tangible force you can wield to crush your competition and dominate your market. Inspired by Robert Greene’s “48 Laws of Power,” this guide will arm you with five potent laws tailored specifically for entrepreneurs. We’re diving deep into the strategic moves that will elevate your business and solidify your standing as a powerhouse in your industry.

Forget the fluff. This is about actionable insights and real-world applications that will give you the upper hand. Ready to harness the laws of power and transform your business? Let’s get started.

The Myth of Entrepreneurial Success

Success isn’t a fairy tale or a stroke of luck; it’s not about waiting for the stars to align or a magic wand to transform your business overnight. Think of success as a custom-tailored ensemble that fits your unique body and style. People buy into the myth that success is about luck, being in the right place at the right time, or having some secret formula. Spoiler alert: it’s not.

Here’s the real kicker: success is about transforming your mind state and taking control of your destiny. At RAMS by Baz, we strip away the BS and dig into what makes entrepreneurs successful. It’s not about crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. It’s about strategic moves, relentless action, and a bit of controversial truth.

Success myths are comforting because they absolve you of responsibility. If it’s all about luck, you don’t have to feel bad when things go south, right? Wrong. The uncomfortable truth is that success demands more than wishful thinking. It requires a calculated approach, a readiness to seize opportunities, and the audacity to take bold risks.

Forget the overnight success stories—they’re as real as unicorns. True success stories are built on hard work, intelligent strategies, and unwavering determination. Ready to debunk the myths and get real about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur? Buckle up because we’ll dive into the laws of power that will transform your business game.

The RAMS Framework: Your Ultimate Success Toolkit

The RAMS framework is like the secret sauce on your success burger, the extra cheese on your entrepreneurial pizza. It stands for Results, Attitude, Mastery, and Systems—a powerhouse strategy that will take your business from ordinary to extraordinary. Let’s break it down:

Results Think of Results as the tangible achievements and milestones you can brag about at dinner parties. You measure results to see if all your hard work is paying off. They’re the sales figures, the market shares, the customer satisfaction scores. If success were a movie, Results would be the blockbuster hits.

Attitude Attitude isn’t just about being positive; it’s about adopting a relentless, unshakeable mind state. It’s the mental armor you wear when facing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. A great attitude turns obstacles into opportunities and setbacks into comebacks. Remember, your mind state is your most powerful asset—treat it well, and it’ll treat you even better.

Mastery Mastery is all about honing your skills and becoming the best in your field. It’s like leveling up in a video game—except this game has real-world rewards. Whether learning new technologies, improving your leadership skills, or mastering the art of negotiation, continual growth and development are essential. The day you stop learning is the day you stop winning.

Systems Systems are the well-oiled machines that keep your business running smoothly. They’re the processes, the workflows, the routines that ensure everything gets done efficiently and effectively. Think of Systems as your business’s backbone—they support everything you do and help you scale without falling apart.

Together, the RAMS framework is the ultimate toolkit for high-performance living. It’s not just about working hard; it’s about working smart and strategically. It’s about building a foundation that supports sustained success and growth. So, grab your RAMS toolkit, and let’s conquer the entrepreneurial world together!

The 5 Power Laws for Entrepreneurs

Here are five laws from Robert Greene’s “48 Laws of Power” that are crucial for entrepreneurial success:

1. So Much Depends on Reputation – Guard It With Your Life (Law 5) Your reputation is a cornerstone of power. It can protect you and enhance your influence, but if tarnished, it can make you vulnerable.

In your business: Make it a priority to build and maintain a strong reputation in your industry. Deliver on your promises, provide exceptional value, and protect your brand image. A solid reputation attracts opportunities and deters competitors, while a damaged one can lead to downfall.

2. Court Attention at All Costs (Law 6) Visibility is essential for maintaining influence. Without attention, you become irrelevant.

In your business: Ensure you stay in the spotlight via bold marketing strategies, compelling content, and engaging with your audience. This attention will ensure that your brand remains top-of-mind for customers, employees, and others in your industry, driving engagement, growth, and respect.

3. Win Through Your Actions, Never Through Argument (Law 9). Demonstrating your point through actions is more persuasive and leaves a lasting impact than arguments.

In your business, Lead by example. Show your team and customers the value of your products and services through clear results and actions. Don’t tell people how great your product or service is; show them through case studies, testimonials, and reviews. This approach builds trust and credibility more effectively than any argument could.

4. Discover Each Man’s Thumbscrew (Law 33) Everyone has a vulnerability or a point of leverage. By identifying these weaknesses, you can manipulate situations to your advantage.

In your business, Understanding your competitors and customers deeply allows you to create more irresistible offers, negotiate better deals, create products that benefit from rivals’ weaknesses, and solve problems better than anyone else.

5. Crush Your Enemy Totally (Law 15) Partial victories are dangerous because they allow your enemies to recover and retaliate. Total domination ensures they cannot rise against you again.

In your business: Use the power of funnels to increase your Average Customer Value (ACV) to the point where you can spend far more money on your business than any competitor ever could. Whether you spend it through superior innovation, better customer service, or more aggressive marketing, ensure that your competitors have no room to regain their footing. This secures your market position and deters future threats.

Real-Life Success Stories with RAMS

Let’s discuss some real people who have transformed their lives and businesses by embracing the RAMS framework. These aren’t fairy tales but real stories of grit, transformation, and triumph.

Sarah: From Burnout to Brilliance Sarah was a high-flying executive on the brink of burnout. Her career, which once seemed unstoppable, was now dragging her down. Stress and exhaustion were her constant companions. But then, Sarah discovered the RAMS framework. By focusing on Results, she started setting clear, achievable goals. She adopted a positive Attitude, shifting her mind from despair to determination. Through Mastery, she invested in personal development courses and upskilled herself. Finally, she implemented efficient Systems to manage her workload and delegate effectively.

The result? Sarah revived her career and found new fulfillment in her personal life. She became a powerhouse in her industry, known for her innovative ideas and relentless drive. The RAMS framework didn’t just save her career—it transformed her entire life.

John: From Struggling Startup to Multimillion-Dollar Enterprise John was an entrepreneur with a dream but faced constant setbacks with his startup. Financial woes, competitive pressures, and self-doubt were taking a toll. Enter the RAMS framework. John began to measure his Results meticulously, celebrating small victories and using them as stepping stones. He cultivated a resilient Attitude, viewing challenges as opportunities for growth. Through Mastery, he immersed himself in learning—attending workshops, reading extensively, and seeking mentorship. He streamlined his business with robust Systems, ensuring smooth and scalable operations.

John’s transformation was nothing short of remarkable. His startup, once teetering on the edge of failure, turned into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. John’s story is a testament to the power of RAMS—how strategic focus and unwavering commitment can turn dreams into reality.

Emily: From Self-Doubt to Self-Made Success Emily was a talented artist with big dreams but plagued by self-doubt. She couldn’t see how her passion could translate into a thriving business. The RAMS framework became her guiding light. She set clear Results by creating a business plan with achievable milestones. She fostered a positive Attitude, believing in her worth and potential. Through Mastery, she refined her craft and learned the ins and outs of marketing and sales. By establishing Systems, she organized her workflow, enabling her to balance creativity with business acumen.

Emily’s journey was transformative. She built a successful art business, gaining recognition and financial independence. Her story shows how the RAMS framework can empower even the most self-doubting individuals to achieve extraordinary success.

These stories are just a few examples of how the RAMS framework can fuel success. It’s about unlocking your potential, taking strategic action, and transforming your dreams into reality. Are you ready to be the next success story? Let’s make it happen!

The Controversial Side of High-Performance Coaching

Let’s get real: High-Performance Coaching isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s about challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries to their absolute limits. Some people think it’s too intense, radical, or “not for everyone.” And you know what? They’re right. High-Performance Coaching isn’t a cozy, feel-good experience; it’s a transformative journey that demands everything you’ve got.

Too Intense? Damn Right It Is. High-Performance Coaching isn’t about gentle nudges or soft encouragement. It’s about facing harsh truths and confronting your deepest fears. It’s a no-nonsense approach that pushes you to the brink, making you question everything you thought you knew about success and yourself. For those who can handle the heat, the rewards are immense. But it’s not for everyone, and that’s okay.

Breaking Conventional Thinking This isn’t your typical motivational spiel. High-Performance Coaching throws conventional thinking out the window. It’s about breaking free from the chains of mediocrity and daring to embrace a new, powerful way of living. It’s controversial because it disrupts the comfortable norms and challenges you to think and act differently. This kind of radical shift can be unsettling but also incredibly liberating.

The Ethical Dilemma There’s no denying it—applying high-performance strategies can sometimes feel like walking a moral tightrope, manipulating situations to your advantage, and crushing your competition. These tactics can raise ethical eyebrows. But here’s the thing: you adapt or get left behind in the cutthroat business world. High-performance coaching teaches you to navigate these murky waters with integrity, but it doesn’t shy away from the tough calls.

Not Everyone Will Understand. When you embark on this journey, be prepared for skepticism and criticism. Not everyone will understand your drive or your methods. Some might even accuse you of being ruthless or overly ambitious. But remember, greatness is often misunderstood. Those who dare to take the leap and embrace High-Performance Coaching aren’t looking for validation—they’re chasing results and legacy.

High-performance coaching is a bold, unapologetic approach to achieving extraordinary success. It’s about pushing beyond limits, breaking barriers, and redefining what’s possible. It’s not for everyone and certainly not for the faint of heart. But the rewards are beyond imagination for those who dare to take the plunge. Ready to shake up your world and embrace the power within? Let’s get to work.

Actionable Steps to Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Power

Ready to transform your business and elevate your entrepreneurial game? Here are some actionable steps to get you started on your journey to dominance:

Embrace a Growth Mind State Stop thinking you can’t change. Your mind state is like a muscle – the more you work on it, the stronger it gets. Adopt a mindset that thrives on challenges and sees failure as a stepping stone to success. Believe in your ability to grow and improve, and watch how your outlook and results change.

Set Clear Goals Define what success looks like for you. Without a destination, you’ll never know if you’ve arrived. Set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals. Break them into smaller, manageable steps to keep yourself on track and motivated.

Adopt the RAMS Framework. Start incorporating Results, Attitude, Mastery, and Systems into your daily routine.

  • Results: Focus on tangible achievements. Track your progress and celebrate your wins.
  • Attitude: Cultivate a positive, resilient mind state. Surround yourself with positivity and stay motivated.
  • Mastery: Commit to lifelong learning. Continuously develop your skills and knowledge.
  • Systems: Implement efficient processes and workflows to streamline your operations. Regularly review and optimize them.

Surround Yourself with Support Find mentors, join groups, and connect with like-minded individuals who will push you to be your best. Your environment plays a crucial role in your success. Engage with a community that shares your goals and values and leverage their experience and support.

Take Action: Stop procrastinating. The best time to start is now. Take small, consistent steps toward your goals. Action breeds momentum; even minor actions can lead to significant changes. Don’t wait for the perfect moment—create it by taking decisive action today.

By following these steps, you can harness the power within you to achieve extraordinary success. Embrace the challenge, stay committed, and watch as you transform your business and life. The journey won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Let’s get to work!


Success isn’t an accident; it’s a choice. By embracing the principles of power and the RAMS framework, you have the tools to achieve incredible things. Remember, the journey won’t be easy—nothing worth having ever is. It’s about transforming your mind state, setting clear goals, adopting strategic frameworks, and taking relentless action.

The path to entrepreneurial dominance is paved with challenges, but each obstacle is an opportunity to grow stronger and more resilient. Take control of your destiny, challenge yourself beyond your limits, and unlock your true potential. Surround yourself with a supportive network, stay committed to continuous learning, and never lose sight of your goals.

Are you ready to become the hero of your own story? The time to act is now. Harness the power within you, push boundaries, and make your mark on the world. The journey starts here. Let’s conquer it together!

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