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How to Find the Right Executive Coach for You: An Unconventional Guide

Hello, ambitious leaders! Let’s cut to the chase. Finding an executive coach isn’t just about boosting your leadership skills or expanding your network; it’s about choosing a partner in your journey toward self-mastery and professional greatness. Today, I’m diving into the crux of this challenge, mixing a dash of controversy with a spoonful of humor, all while educating you with the principles of R.A.M.S—Results, Attitude, Mastery, and Systems. Ready to pick a coach who’s not just a guide but a game changer? Buckle up!

Identify Your Goals and Needs

Start by asking the big questions—and no, I don’t mean, “What’s the meaning of life?” (We’ll save that for another day.) I’m talking about: What do you want to achieve with coaching? Better communication? Stress management? Or perhaps you want to wield the kind of charisma that could convince a cat to bark?

Knowing your goals isn’t just step one; it’s the foundation. In my R.A.M.S approach, we don’t just set goals—we chase them down, pin them to the ground, and tickle them until they give up their secrets. Only by understanding your aims can you find a coach who’s truly equipped to guide you to victory.

Look for Relevant Experience

This is where things get spicy. Don’t just look for any coach; seek out a coach who’s walked the path of fire—preferably in dragon-proof boots. You want someone who’s navigated the corporate jungles and emerged with their sense of humor intact. For example, if you’re a tech wizard, a coach who thinks Python is just a snake might not be the best fit for you.

Check for Credentials and Certifications

Sure, a coach with a wall of certifications might seem impressive, but let’s not confuse quantity with quality. Look for certifications that matter—the ones that scream “I’ve mastered this!” rather than just “I attended a seminar.” In the R.A.M.S framework, we emphasize Mastery, not just participation. Seek out coaches who are accredited by bodies like the International Coach Federation (ICF) because, let’s be honest, you want a coach who’s a black belt in leadership, not a white hat in attendance.

Look for a Good Fit

Now, for the fun part! Finding a coach isn’t like swiping right in hopes of a perfect match. This is more serious—it’s about finding someone whose vibes don’t just tickle your fancy, they light up your entire leadership circuitry. The right coach should resonate with your personality, challenge your ideas, and maybe even finish your sentences. It’s a relationship, after all, and every great relationship is built on understanding and a bit of mind-reading, right?

Ask for Referrals

Talk about controversial! Some say it’s not what you know, but who you know. I say it’s who will vouch for you when the chips are down. Tap into your network. Ask the tough questions of those who’ve walked this path before you. And listen—not just to the successes, but to the tales of woe too. They often hold the juiciest insights.

Evaluate the Coaching Process

Before you sign on the dotted line, understand the battlefield. What’s the coach’s strategy? Is there a plan, or are they just winging it? In the R.A.M.S methodology, Systems are key. Without a system, you’re just a wandering nomad. Look for a coach with a clear, structured approach that matches your style—be it weekly check-ins, action items, or spontaneous midnight motivational calls (hey, we all need them sometimes).


Choosing the right executive coach is a quest—think of it as your personal Odyssey. It’s about more than finding someone who can merely advise; it’s about finding a catalyst who will thrust you into the stratosphere of professional achievement and personal growth. Remember, the road to finding a great coach is paved with questions, and the more you ask, the clearer your path will become.

And finally, keep your humor about you. The journey might be tough, but with the right coach, you’ll not only survive—you’ll thrive, laugh, and maybe even conquer the world (or at least the boardroom). Here’s to finding your coach, your champion, and perhaps, your most formidable ally.

Are you ready to turn the page on your leadership journey? Because your coach is out there, waiting to start the next chapter with you. Let’s make it a story worth reading!

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