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How Mind, Body, and Spirit Are All Connected


To be connected with others and the world, we must be connected with ourselves. It’s been said that body sensations come before the mind finds words to name them. If you notice that you are confused, upset, distressed, annoyed or any of a hundred different emotions, tune into your body. What are you feeling and where are you feeling it?

We spend so much time in our own heads managing, directing, pondering, considering. All the fancy words for “thinking.” We forget our bodies, but it is all connected.

Is there a knot in your stomach? Focus on it (rather than avoiding the sensation)—and notice that your mind may calm down as well. Most of us who work in an office have spent our lives training our brains…and have ignored the role our bodies play in the process. Start paying attention to that Mind-Body Connection. If you start to tune into your bodily sensations, they will provide a wealth of information for your mind.

Mind Body Spirit

It is all connected. I do not mean that in any kind of “California woo-woo” sense. People who are truly successful and accomplished; people who are loved and respected by their peers and their teammates; these are people who have nurtured all three aspects of their well-being. 

It is interesting to note how different “experts” or “masters” come at it from different directions. Yoga instructors will tell you it is all connected and to work on the body in order to heal the mind and the spirit. Some therapists will tell you it is all connected and to work on your mind to heal your body and your spirits. Spiritualists will say that if you understand your “being,” it will heal your body and mind.

I prefer the advice a friend was given when he first entered therapy. After the doctor did the intake form, he turned to my friend and asked, “How may I help you?” My friend replied, “I don’t know where to begin.” And the doctor wisely said, “Pull any loose thread—it’s all one knot.”


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